By Daniel Jacob

In their transmission entitled "Families of the Heart," the Recons mentioned that people all over the world are soon to begin librating themselves from the density and duty that has seems to accompany being in marriage relationships that have run their course.  Now is a time when people are beginning to enact what was spoken about last August, when the energy was beginning to percolate on the planet and new activations were in the wind.  They said to us:  

"The nuclear family continues to explode.  We do not mean to sound facetious here, but a little humor often serves to soften a blow.  We speak, of course, about your definition of "family" that derives itself from connection through marriage, bloodline, political or religious tradition, and ancestry.  

In truth, these elements do have power, and will continue to hold power.  But their value exists primarily within the implicate order that they have provided for your life in 3D.  You might think of them as givens or starting equations that make up the "rules" for your Grand Game.  As such, they have served you well.  But, by no means, were they meant to dictate your entire physical journey.  

For every implicate order there must also be a voluntary commitment to nourish and support it.  Where there is no conscious choice, there is no genuine love.  There is only a sense of obligation and heaviness.  Though these qualities do provide a rudimentary sense of security and grounding, they often stand directly in the way of a person moving beyond his heritage into a whole new area of achievement and personal realization.   

It does take a village to raise a child.  And it does take a village to meet the emotional and sociological needs of those who live in society.  Humanity is getting to the place where you can no longer pretend otherwise." 


The first thing we (The Reconnections and myself) would want to say to you is.............

We're not suggesting that your relationships are over.  Rather, we are sensing that, for many of you,  the MARRIAGE DEFINITION has completed its purpose for now.  The whole institution known as "marriage," in most cases, hangs around the necks of humanity like an anvil........keeping a multitude of beings from expanding their wings and flying, the way they need to be able to do.  Institutions are generally created to incarcerate criminals or crazy people.  And many people enter into marriage because, on some level, they don't trust themselves or each other to make free-will choices.  They feel "crazy" at times, and they long for someone to "hold them."   
This is not true of all, but many.  Multidimensional living involves living in the moment.  It also involves seeing everything and everyone as an aspect of you.  Each moment becomes a gateway into a multitude of possible realities.............on many levels of experience.  Attach two or more moments together, and it slows a person down incredibly.  It causes you to become bogged down in "past" and "future" consciousness........rather than being fully present in the NOW.  And then, to say to one other person.........."I will be with you for my whole life, and no other".........dips the whole thing in concrete and sinks it to the bottom of the ocean.  And really, it's kind of ridiculous, because no one can say for sure where he or she will be from one week to another........let alone your whole life.  

And so........little by little, the institution of "marriage" is staging a BREAKOUT.  The inmates are escaping!  And, what's more.........many of them are escaping TOGETHER.................letting go of old "ties," so that new connections can be designed and implemented.  For many people, the idea of "divorce" could be a gateway into a whole new connection to the same person.  But then again, it might not.  That is not for us to say.  It really is not for anyone to say!  The future belongs to the future.      

This "breakup to wake up" situation will be happening, more and more, all over the planet in the next 3-5 years.  We are moving from a 3D way of living and thinking to a multidimensional one. People need to be free to create a space of expansion and growth that doesn't tie them to each other's process and bog them down.   

For example, a husband may be experiencing a sense of resistance to working in a particular environment.  He can't quite "get it together"........but he doesn't know what else to do, because the family needs money and his position as "breadwinner" requires him to do what his energy can't quite do.   What liberates energy is being near people and things that stir up excitement and reconnect us to the issues and themes our souls have been working on for many lifetimes.  When we're near that kind of stimulation, we begin to "buzz"..........and the cells in our bodies begin to vibrate.  The physical body is a wondrous thing.  It's like a geiger counter.  When we get near things that connect us to the BIG PICTURE--our cells in the body start to percolate, like a coffee pot.  When we stay embedded in mundane crap, and cling to each other for security and "support," the Geiger counter goes silent............and we clearly see that we have lost our way. 

The presence of children in two people's lives still perpetuates the idea of "commitment."  This situation will eventually change as well.  There will come a time when the actual "commitment" will be minimal (till the kids get weened)...........and then both sides of the interaction will be freed up to go where they wish and do what they choose.  

If the reader wishes to imagine into what that kind of society will be like, he or she may want to take a look at "The Imagine Nation" series...........which is just our way of sketching through what society might be like if kids were treated like equals right from the start.  For this period of history, kids still serve as "seat belts" for people who are going through energy acceleration.  Without them, some people would simply choose to die.  Many are not prepared to let go of their "security blankets" and reach for the stars.  And so.......everything is perfect, as the layers of fear are peeled away.  The kids require 3D stability to some degree, and that keeps our feet on the ground, even as our minds and hearts begin to vibrate furiously with excitement. 

At one point in time, two people may have promised (before God and witnesses) that they will stay together for their whole lives.  This promise was said to be "sacred," but how can it be?  How could something that pulls you away from full contact with yourself and your energy be sacred?  How can someone say TODAY what he or she will be doing TOMORROW?  

If two people find that they need to separate, in order to "pull themselves together" can be a relatively painless proposition.  All you need to do is let go of the "promises" and begin re-decorating the premises. 

Over the course of three months...........two people can begin by laying out a program for sensibly and responsibly taking care of their children.  They can design a program of time schedules and financial support that fills the gaps and meets the needs.  If the wife is going to temporarily return to work, the husband will need to make some time to be present with the kids while she is away.  Or, another person could be brought in to help out if both decide to work. You can contact a local college and post a notice to make this offer.  A young (or even an older) person could help out in exchange for room and board.  The times are hard, and living situations can be difficult. 
When going through this shift, most people find that physically separating their residences re-enforces the message that "we are free from our marriage vows"........and injects new energy into the situation.  In the beginning, that energy may come in the form of FEAR, as one or both partners begin to imagine all sorts of things about what may come next.  Both of them may need to begin separating their finances............and deciding how much each needs to contribute to the KIDDIE FUND............(in time and money) to care for the children. 

The rest of the money is theirs to use as they will.  One may need to help the other as he/she begins to get on his/her feet.  If you are creative and in joy...........your incomes should immediately begin to expand.  That's what happens when you're in joy.  If not, your environment and resources will accurately reflect your consciousness (or lack thereof).........without also inhibiting your partner's life and opportunities.  This would also include social involvements, sexual expression, and any other needs that have hitherto been stifled. 

Let yourselves breathe!   Be single and young again...............and reach out to each other--for love, togetherness, fun--as often as you feel the urge.  This way, your relationship will be more VOLUNTARY and GENUINE.................instead of COMPULSORY and DUTY-FILLED.


Most programs of "marriage counseling" still operate in a capacity of loyalty and dedication to the marriage concept.  In truth, the institution of marriage is more for the benefit of society than most people.  It provides a means of assigning responsibility and duty to the care of children, while incarcerating them, and tying them to parents that may not even come close to matching their IQ and their sense of living.  This will eventually change. 

The Reconnections have some specific thoughts about what is underneath this: 

"Any successful "marriage"--whether it be a merge of business partners, living partners, project participants, players of team sports, or whatever--needs to be built upon common goals, common circumstance, and a common perspective.  When your sense of commonality departs, the marriage is over--whether or not the official partnership has been dissolved.  In some cases today, what is being called a "marriage union" in your society energetically bears resemblance to a person who has died, but has refused to fall down.     

There is a reason that "God and Government" need to be separate in society.  For the last 2000 years, religion has largely been a divider of peoples, not a unifier of them.  That is because your relationship to God/Goddess/All That Is was designed to be a personal connection, not a corporate one. This has always been true of marriage as well.  In fact, successful marriages--ones that are kept vital and current--will eventually become the only government you will ever need.

Soon, humanity will understand that "monogamy" or "long-term commitment" is not something that can be decided in advance. Neither does it have anything to do with sexual exclusivity.  Genuine "commitment" is a spontaneous perpetuation of comfort and peace that two (or more) individuals grow into, almost without knowing it is happening.               

Having freed yourselves from religious constraints and "till death do us part" promises, humans will recognize that all time is NOW, and all worthy connections and collaborations must have in-the-moment tonal resonance in order to do you any good.  You can't decide to do things just because you "should."  That no longer works.  In truth, it never did. 

The heart is no longer just a storehouse for sentiment and fond memory.  It has become a cauldron, wherein powerful mixtures of  Multiversal Mind and Personal Passion are blended and refined to produce the necessary transmutation that will enable you all to make the leap to 4D." 

What are your ideas about this?   What objections to this process would you imagine, and how would you meet them if you let go of the "shoulds" and reached forward to receive the good?   I'd be quite interested to hear.  Write us!


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