The Republican VP Nominee, and 17 yr old Bristol Palin

"Casting the Last Stone"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


This "Labor Day" has been especially birth-filled and healing, has it not?  First, we see George Bush in his shirtsleeves, rambling through the Command Center for Hurricane Gustav, New Orleans--- instead of preparing for his keynote speech at the Republican Convention.  Then, we get the announcement that a notoriously Pro-Life, Abstinence Preaching Politician has a 17-year-old daughter who is preggers, out of wedlock.  Once again......the "tides" are turning, and I'm not just talking about a Category 3 Hurricane that decided to become a Category 1. 

The Reconnections have said it, and I'll say it again.  When humans begin acknowledging their foibles, confessing and forgiving their secret "stuff"....when they go about helping brothers and sisters in pain, and welcoming compassion for all......our "winds" of adversity often find a way to quiet themselves, so everyone can win.  

Obama:  "I'll say it again.  Families are off-limits in politics!"  So be it!

With the inclusion of Sara Palin in the race for Vice President of the U.S., the issue of "experience" is now off the table.  That whole issue was a pain anyway!  When a nation is in as much trouble as America is right now, it just might be that "lack of experience" at Washingtonian Politics is a plus, not a minus.  What this nation needs most now is HEART, and leaders who can rally the masses towards restoring America's sagging morale, while activating our signature ability to turn glaring mistakes into awe-inspiring triumphs.  The winning "recipe," it seems is:  two parts honesty plus one part humility.  Oh, and throwing in a double measure of FAITH doesn't hurt, either.            

With Palin's open admission of a "less than perfect" home life, maybe the Republicans will finally climb down off their "Moral High Horse" and join the "seething masses" who LONG to breathe free....most especially from inappropriate religious influence and unconstitutional intervention in the affairs of private families across the land.   

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, in my article "Regarding Abortion," families absolutely NEED TO BE "off limits" in politics.  That goes as much for everyday Americans as it goes for American Politicians.  The old adage "Keep Your Laws Off My Body" now extends to everything that goes on behind closed doors, unless it involves proven aggression against a family member.  We are free to BELIEVE that "abortion is murder" if we want to.  But taking steps to FORCE THAT BELIEF on someone who believes differently does not make us "Pro-Life."  It makes us PRO-INTERFERENCE"...and that is a slippery slope to travel, as all can now see.     

Jesus once said:  "Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone."  What we're ALL looking for right now is someone..........ANYONE........who is prepared to help us declare this "stone" to be our last.  


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