B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B  


The more intense this planet's energies become, the more our minds and hearts are stirred to dream about what comes next.   And I'm not just speaking about Earthly agendas either.  I'm talking about a realm of existence we call "Meta"........the Great Beyond.  How does what's going on there impact what's happening here?  One answer to that question might be:  "Meta" simply IS.  And our expanding knowledge of that fact becomes a springboard for the Imagination.....an impetus for us to keep moving through whatever muck and mire we encounter along the way, so we can eventually arrive at that Next Level of Our Collective Being.


Long before we arrive at "Meta," we begin opening gateways of awareness so Meta can come and visit US. You might think of them as BILLBOARDS, advertising what's up ahead.  Or salt, placed on a horse's tongue, so he will drink long and deep when he arrives at an oasis.   




Hybridism.  The Wave of the Future.  It was once written:  "No man can serve two masters.  He will either love the one and hate the other......or he will love the other and hate the one."  But nowhere in that writing does it say that two masters cannot serve that one man!  What if all the polarities in the world decided to LEAN INWARD.......focusing the best of their best elements and gifts into the heart of ONE COLLECTIVE BEING........manifest as an Amazing Planetary Oneself? 


Would that be great or what?  In regards to Angels and Demons, one might call such a universe as "The Beast of the Blessed" and the "Best of the Beast." 



"We have emphasized, in days past, that the most effective way to gain useful interpretation of a dream is to view each of the objects and characters in the dream as an aspect (fragment) of yourself.   Indeed, there are great minds in history who have taught that all of life is a kind of "waking dream."  And, in order to function in 3D, a person has to allow himself to be TAKEN UNDER--captured within a spell or mindset that would induce belief in certain rules or guiding principles about one's reality....beliefs that generate emotional, spiritual, and even physical effects.  

It's an interesting thought, is it not?  Let us run with it a bit.  Further, let us speak about WAKING from your dream into the realization of your full status within All That Is...a  place of consciousness that both includes and even transcends this minor story plot, allowing you to realize the REST of who you are.  This is a journey that will take you, ultimately, into direct interface with a glorious, infinite Multiverse!   

But before we take a look at the Multiverse that exists outside of your physical form, let us take a moment to focus upon the Multiplicity of Selves that are already functioning within it, and within your 3D personality.  After all, why go looking outside yourself for variance, when there are so many opportunities to study it within?  

In our transmission about "Compilation Entities," we said that any 3D form that is represented within the Reconnection Universe is like a tapestry, woven of soul essences, taken from many lifetimes.  If this be true, then many of the "voices" that speak within the walls of your mind are reflective of those other lives, even though they sound like you, and seem to be concerned about the same things you are.  As you will soon see, these soul fragments may not even be fully in touch with the world that you know.  They may simply be sleepers, tossing and turning in some dream state, which is rooted and grounded in another reality altogether.  

But pay this no mind.  It does not matter.  Because you, the grounded and essential YOU, have the ability to take those sleepy mutterings, and use them to expand and energize your HERE and NOW, and to make it all come together into one, congruous whole.  

We speak now in reference to what is called your "Awakened" or "Aware" Self--that Lucid Dreamer who is fully tuned-in to the fact that he is dreaming--that what is being seen and felt, in any physical context, is but illusion.  We qualify that statement by adding that its illusory nature does not exist in the implication that what is seen is unreal.  Rather, it's illusion exists in the belief that what is seen in any physical context represents EVERYTHING in that space.  It does not.  You are so much more than you think you are.  This is also true of your entire world. 

When the Dreamer finally awakens, a portion of him or her will be made to stand aside (dissociate) just enough from the dream, so that the weaving of these many strands of reality may take place, there inside his or her consciousness.  And this Aware Self, we have previously said, is WHO YOU NOW ARE.  You are but a VIEWPOINT, that has stepped offstage, outside of the "action sequence," so that he or she can be made privy to the root dynamics that have come together to make the play happen in the first place."  (end transmission)


TUG-O-WAR:  Mind and Matter

The Empaths are of highest value these days.  People often ask the question today: "What has happened to humanity?"  As changes keep occurring---in the physical Earth, in society, and in our genetic streams.........Empaths continue to hold the tone for MERCY........for heart and mind and soul.  A tone that says:  "Forget the money, forget the business, forget wars and separations.  Let's just LOVE each other." 
And so, we have a tug of war going on within our Mass Consciousness.  One one side, humanity is reaching towards the stars---into greater knowledge, expanded consciousness, and infinite connection.  Time Travel, Teleportation, Telepathy, and Immortality.  We're opening up black holes (Cern, Switzerland), and not thinking a thing about it.  That sort of resolve tends to take people away from peace, sensorial connection, caution and mercy.  If we were to keep going, we would become like those dispassionate aliens that are pictured in Sci-Fi movies.  They observe, they consume knowledge, but they cannot feel.  They are a HIVE Mentality.  This is one of the primary messages of the Mini-Series "Taken"........produced by Steven Spielberg.  If the reader hasn't seen this series yet, I heartily recommend it! 
On the other side of the "tug-o-war" are these Empaths..........ever-reminding us of our humanity, our connection to the planet, our orientation in time, and our relationships with each other.  They keep PULLING US BACK, reconnecting us, binding us together........so we don't "lose it" too quickly. 


The "big three" grounding elements now are:  health, finances, and relationships.  Whenever folks are in danger of going too "far out"........in our quest for expansion.......these three elements rear their head.  And what's happening in the big picture right now?   Financial Meltdowns, Swine Flu, and Political and Racial Tension throughout the world.  As we get closer and closer to 2012, more and more INTENSITY will occur.  

Our New Kids come here to HOLD THE TONE for humanity............a mixing and mingling tone.  On one side of their Inner Self, they hold great wisdom and power........which they share with folks in the ethers, in the form of little "energy bundles" they can deliver.  On the other side, they hold (in their bodies) a great sensitivity and concern for the preservation of human joy and connection.  It is Christ-Like, in many ways, because it takes on the form of protracted suffering and body disharmony.  The disharmony, of course, is being created by variable mixed frequencies which call out:  "Do we wish to stay or do we wish to go?"   This is a question being held by ALL OF HUMANITY during these troubled times:  TO BE, OR NOT TO BE?

"I'm not frightened.  I'm not frightened of anything. The more I suffer, the more I love. Danger will only increase my love. It will sharpen it. It will give it spice.  I'll be the only angel you need. You will leave life even more beautiful than you entered it. Heaven will take you back.... and look at you and say: Only one thing can make a soul complete; and that thing is love."

~Frederich Von Schiller, "Love and Intrigue"



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