"Changing the Channel"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

Last December, I had a Radio Talk Show host comment to me, during our interview:  "You're one of the only Channels I know who openly admits that he's actually channeling HIMSELF when he writes or speaks."  It was something I hadn't really considered---even though I knew she was right.  The New Paradigm of Universal Oneness makes it clear that each of us is a universe unto him or herself.  Uni = One.  In each universe......every person, place, object, or situation seen there is actually a FRAGMENT of the creator who formed it. 

The Reconnections put it this way: 

"A universe is not something you live within.  A universe is really something you ARE.  It has been revealed that the Eternal Creator has fashioned the work of His hands "in His own Image."   Realize now that the universe of your perception: the people, places, objects, and interactive processes once thought of as "containing you--but still essentially separate" is nothing more than a gigantic self-portrait, painted in continually expanding, repetitive patterns in every direction into infinity. This is so because, in order to perceive something, a person has to interpret the images that are being fed to his brain. With that interpretation, the observer becomes the creator of his personal reality.  The grid through which all images and information passes is made entirely of each individual's  unique vibratory essence.  Therefore, his reality always "looks like him."

It has always been useful for me to use the term "Channel" when speaking what I do. Even though I know INTELLECTUALLY that everything and everyone is ME, it nurtures my EMOTIONAL SELF to experience that Oneness as a Multiplicity....... him, her, the guy next door, President Obama,  Napolean, Jesus, Hitler, Jackie Kennedy, Count Dracula and on it goes.  I/We exist at many Levels---each one with its own distinctive purpose and usefulness.  

And this Oneness......made up of Dark, Light, and everything in between...... is NOT just Daniel Jacob.  It is EVERYONE who believes (even intellectually, at first) that he/she is a Citizen of the Multiverse.........PLUS.........it is also made up of (ssssssh, don't tell!) all  who insist they DON'T BELIEVE, either.  As was quoted in the movie "City of Angels"........"Some things are TRUE whether you believe in them or not!"


The Reconnections describe this form of Channeling as "Spiritual Translation".......bringing EXPANDED TONES  through the Veil, then down-stepping them into 3D parlance.  It's exactly like transferring ideas from one physical language to another.  

Apparently.........a belief in "Oneness" does not automatically do away with the belief that humans are also separate by nature.  Nor does it imply that there aren't Channels out there who believe the entities speaking through them are totally different Beings than they.   

Some folks prefer to use the term "Trance Channel," while others feel more at home with "Conscious Channel."  I have often compared these two states with "Dial-Up" and "DSL."  When I write or speak from the Reconnections, Daniel doesn't "go away."  And when I stop writing or verbally channeling, the Reconnections do not "go away" either.  We are manifest aspects of ONE BEING, vibrating at many different "stations" on the radio dial of life. 


The Soul Group known as The Reconnections describe themselves as "all those parts of your Expanded Self you had to forget about in order to become human."  And the "your" in that sentence refers to ANYONE who is willing to own it or adopt it.  In essence, the Reconnections are "the rest of us"...... memories, abilities, physical beingness, and personality essence which we chose to set aside when we became physical.  In the "Danielverse," I speak of them as "Spiritual Guides."  In the Universes of THEIR Perception (those who are choosing to experience 3D lives), we exist as fragments of THEM.   

When I verbally channel, my voice has a slight affect to it---similar to the way I experience each Recon personality inside myself.  Beltshazzar sounds like a diplomat.  Carion sounds like a wild-eyed human Blackbird.  And Li Chang comes through with a soft, feminine, Asian type of cadence when she talks.  There have been many, over the years.  In this way, I am reminded of those places inside myself where the energies enter.  Some Channels place lots of emphasis on vocal and/or behavioral affects.  Others change very little from their everyday voices. My greatest focus, at this point in my journey, is KNOWLEDGE.......the gaining of new information.  I've already been convinced that beings in other dimensions exist, and they often have very distinctive personalities. 

It isn't hard to understand how readers can get confused, listening to various teachings about Unity, Diversity, and Multidimensionality.  We are ONE, but we are also MANY.  What's a soul do with THAT?  To make matters worse, there are a host of people who DON'T BUY the idea of Oneness at all.  For them, we are each separate individuals........always have been, always will be..........end of story.   

"That's his stuff, not mine" is a common phrase spoken by those who reject Oneness as a viable State of Being.  "This is MY space, and that's HIS" is also a popular Separatist phrase. 

When the Reconnections first entered my life, there were times when I felt terrified.  When "new" energy comes in, it can feel as though we're being electrified, and infused with some kind of "foreign" power.  The energies approach people in a variety of ways.  Some hear them as voices.  Others encounter them in visions (either in dreams or waking apparitions).  Still others experience internal guidance as STRONG FEELING, which can really send a mind spinning. 

In my own Channeling Journey, I've had the privilege of experiencing the Recons through ALL these modalities at one time or another.  I found that helpful, because it assures me that various modalities are genuine and those who use them are sincere in their desire to bring light and wisdom to humanity.  My own primary method for receiving knowledge is called Claircognizance---"Clear Knowing."  I know what I know simply because I KNOW it.

It's as if Spirit by-passes my need for "proof" when it comes to receiving certain types of knowledge. In the early days, people who questioned the Reconnections:  "How do I know that what you're telling us is true?"  And the Guides would respond:  "You're asking the question backwards.  FIRST you know.  THEN you know HOW you know."  When it comes to contact with other dimensions, one's sense of PURE KNOWING operates faster than the speed of reason. 


In one of their transmissions, the Recons had this to say about "Faith:"

"People don’t believe things based on the evidence.  They believe things based on their own personal NEED in the moment.  Somehow, it just FITS their program to believe something, so they do………….    

In the Multiverse, everything imaginable has a universe which honors and explores it.  When a soul moves in that direction, all the necessary components are present so he (or she) can BELIEVE the premises upon that universe is built.  It’s like falling under a spell………except it affects an entire universe.  We call this “consensus reality”………because everyone comes under the same spell at the same time.

Beliefs (and the memories that go along with them) are like arms and legs on someone’s body.  They can be cut off (dis-membered), so there is nothing left but a VOID, or blank space.  They can also be sewn back on (re-membered), as if nothing had ever been gone. 

The process of dis-membering (forgetting) and re-membering is the basis of our life in physical form.  The torso of each body symbolizes the core of who you believe you are.  But even torsos can be born without certain parts, if that is written into a Life Program."

I was participating once in a highly-intellectual online forum dealing with topics such as "the Existence of God."  In one written assignment, the group was asked to extrapolate on the topic "Do you believe in God?  And if so, WHY?" 

When it got to be my turn, I asked the Group:  "Before I give you my answer, I need to ask EACH OF YOU two questions."  They agreed. 

  1. "First.........I said........If I could prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt that there WAS a God, would it change the way you live your life?"  (One by one, we went around the Group......and pretty much ALL of them said "Yes, it would.)

  2. "Second.......I asked.........Are you ready to change your life right now?" 

It's a lot harder to answer the second question than the first.  In fact, a couple of the guys felt like I was simply screwing with their minds.  They felt I should simply give my answer and SHUT UP, or leave!  (Not an unusual response when the Danimal begins his unique ways of exploring ideas).

The fact is........people believe what they believe because they WANT TO believe it.  And if they DON'T want to believe something---they'll find a reason to deny it no matter HOW STRONG the evidence seems to be. When I was 20 years old, and in the process of "finding God," I can remember walking the streets at night, looking up at the sky and saying:  "God, you HAVE to exist........because I couldn't stand it if you don't!!!!"   And for me, in that moment, He became real. And since that time....... He, She, They, or We.........GOD/GODDESS/ALL THAT IS........remains REAL to me today.   


This is a question that I often get when I give a Workshop or Conclave.  When the "Q's" and "A's" are flying, and a group is deep in discussion, sometimes I bypass going into "Formal Channeling Mode" before I answer someone's question.  Remember, when you're a Conscious Channel, you don't always need to "Dial Up" in order to be connected.  And there are those who find this curious.

In one Workshop I facilitated in 2004, several members wondered........at various points....... whether I was even "channeling" at all.  After all, they didn't FEEL anything special, and I didn't LOOK much different when I spoke than when we were talking at lunch. Remember what I said earlier about the criteria people use to determine TRUTH in their lives?  Some people are what we call "Experientials."  They judge truth by the EXPERIENCE they have inside when they are being exposed to certain knowledge.  Other people we call "Conceptuals."  They place a lot of importance on the congruity of ideas as they're presented, and the resonance of those ideas to their innate frame of reference. 

Personally, I like what was shared recently by Wayne Dyer in one of his Public Broadcasting Presentations.  He told his listening audience:  "Never complain about anything and never explain anything."  Either people "get" what you're saying or they don't.  Either way, it's all good.    

One writer put it even more succinctly.  He said:  "For those who see, no explanation is necessary.  For those who don't see, no explanation will suffice." 

Does that mean I'm more "enlightened" than someone who disagrees with me?  Heavens, no. The polarity of "more or less" is beginning to go by the wayside, very much like the polarities of "right and wrong" or "good and evil."  If we're all parts of the SAME ONE BEING, there is nothing to compare, and nothing to argue. Nevertheless, arguing is so damn much fun these days, and so profitable....... I doubt we'll see the end of it anytime soon. 

There are times when I've channeled, where seasoned Yogis have fallen down on their faces before the energy that was coming through me.  There have also been times when incredible spiritual energy comes through and hardly anyone in the room notices.  We each experience "truth" from our own unique perspective.  What one person finds fearful and dark might send another person into gales of laughter.   

There have also been times.........yes indeedy (!!!!).........when the "juice" in me runs completely dry, and words of wisdom seem nowhere to be found!  Does that mean the Reconnections have left me?  Not on your life.  They were here with me in the beginning, and they'll be here with me 'til the end.......except, really...........there is no "end".........regardless of how things appear in 3D.  We are ETERNAL, and we are INFINITE.  That includes "good" stuff as well as "bad"...........in whatever ways we classify and compartmentalize that truth.   

In days to come, I have no doubt these questions will continue.  Some folks absolutely LOVE what they read here, instantly.  Some folks "pooh pooh" it the minute they drop by.  Is it DANIEL, speaking AS the Reconnections?  Or it it THE RECONNECTIONS, speaking through Daniel?  Why can't it be both? 

And, true to form..........when someone comes at me, during a sharing session..........verbalizing that same tedious question:  "Is Daniel speaking now, or is it the Reconnections?"   I just might shake my head, and spend a little time screwing with theirs.  Perhaps I'll say:  "Neither.  This is YOUR universe, isn't it?  If so........then who could be speaking except YOU?"  

Today, one of my clients said to me:  "My husband and I haven't seen "Avatar" yet.  I think we'll go see it tonight."  Immediately, I felt envious. These folks are about to experience something WONDERFUL---and, for them, it will be NEW and FRESH.........tonight! 

The Reconnections once ended a transmission with these words:  "Why would an All-Knowing God FRAGMENT Himself into an infinite number of pieces?"  And they answered:  "To create a 'version' of SELF who doesn't yet know how the story plot ends."  It is the EGO ASPECT of us that gets to be surprised and delighted by life.

As some of you know by now, my dear friend Shirley Simon passed away a couple of weeks ago.  If you check out "Life in the Danielverse" Section for March, 2010, you'll see some wonderful pictures of her---and hear the story of how we met and loved each other for 20+ years.  The Shirley I once knew has now become the Shirley I AM."  Do you see?  I AM is the name of that One Being who created, rules over, and eternally, fully EMBRACES this wondrous Third Dimension.

The Ego isn't built to fully DEAL with this type of truth.  The MIND doesn't fit around it, the EMOTIONS virtually MELT in its presence, and a PHYSICAL BODY turns to ASH before the fullness of this truth can be integrated.  And now...... our dear Shirley knows.  The Reconnections know.  And Daniel TRIES to know, a little bit every day---bringing through as many symbols and concepts as I can---as humanity turns steadily inward---towards an ever-brightening Cinder Box of Eternal Knowledge and Remembrance.

The ALL-IN-ONE.  The ONE-IN-ALL.  And by the way..........  Does this mean that all my Copyrights don't mean anything?  Hell, no!  Now we're talking MONEY, honey.  THAT may be "his" stuff, but this here stuff is MINE!   (Actually, it's part of Life's "Game" to own things and be responsible. It helps us stay grounded)

In any event.........this Channel is CHANGING, my friends!  I feel myself becoming different with each passing day.  A kind of peace has settled over me...........a feeling of SURRENDERING to life's seasons and processes.  Anything that's not done out of pure love and child-like joy is on it's way out.  If not now........it will surely be gone soon.  I can feel that, too.  The party's about to begin.  And several of us have gone on "ahead," to make sure BOTH SIDES of the Veil are ready for this Grand Reunion that is underway.  What will YOUR PART be in the festivities that lie ahead?  Drop me a line.  I'd love to hear where you're at with all this. 



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