A Child Friendly Society

(an updated Commentary on "The Imagine Nation" Series)

by Daniel Jacob

A few years after completing the original chapters of "The Star Children," (which has since been compiled into a 2 Part CD Presentation), I was inspired to create a model of what society would look like if it was designed and administrated by Indigos, Crystals, or Star Kids. That series, which was called "The Imagine Nation," was quite ground-breaking for me. It put my consciousness into a whole new place. At this time, I find myself wanting to go further down that path, with another series of articles that would lay out even clearer methodologies for bringing about such a radical change in the world as we know it today. If you like, you can review the above link to that series, and follow along with me as we take these concepts to the next level.

As I began sketching in those first articles, I was very careful to caution the reader that it is best to consider the concepts, initially, without asking the question: "How do we get there from here?" I was, of course, assuming that the reader would even want to get there, which may have been a huge leap in and of itself. But since the time of its publication, The Imagine Nation has sparked some enthusiastic discussion - leaving me with a strong feeling that further development of these ideas would not only be welcome, but they could be vital, if humanity is to effectively deal with the challenges that lie ahead of us.

The Reconnections, in their teachings, are very careful to caution humanity that real changes in society do NOT usually come about through political means. In "The Politics of Oneness," and "The World of Time/No-Time," they make the following statements, and they urge us to take them to heart:

"The shifts and changes we are describing here cannot be enacted through political action or deliberate intent. They are born of a higher vibration, and can only begin manifesting when humankind lets go of its addiction to ego-centered control, and simply begins to flow with the river of life that has always been within you. The struggle and hardship of your Limitation Journey are just about complete! Your hearts are opening, and becoming knit-together through communication, and your growing realization of who you really are.”

When we change, we need to change from the inside out. Everything else we try just takes us in circles. This is not a new message really - but, judging from the amount of effort, resources, and time still being poured into political negotiation and manipulation - it's a message that is having trouble getting through to our Mass Mind. Our planet may just need a little help to get it done. This is where our Indigo/Crystal or Star Kids and their Elders enter the scene. Many of us are being called to be "scouts," running ahead of the pack, laying out new templates for living.

Most of us have heard the story of "The Hundredth Monkey." Whether you believe in it or not, you must admit that it carries power to stir hearts and challenge minds. For a few months, I'd like us to think of CNE as "Sweet Potato Central," ok? We'll be washing, washing, washing our societal potatoes, so those who encounter us can bear witness to the fact that it can be done. And so, Let us begin again. Let us pay yet another visit to The Imagine Nation.

Shared Authority
In order to receive the gifts our Next Generations are bringing to us, we need to listen to them, and share some of our authority. In this way, they become empowered to help us. As long as adults hold to the premise: "Children should be seen and not heard," there can be no real progress toward integrating the New Paradigm into our Old World Ways. And we need that energy upgrade, so that humanity can make our collective leap through the Fourth Dimension and beyond. As Master Jesus put it: "Suffer the little children, and forbid them not. For of such is the Kingdom of God."

We are Holographic Beings. What happens to one of us immediately affects us all. The changes may be subtle, but they are there. In physics, this is known as "The Butterfly Effect." If one of us gets suppressed in society, all are suppressed. And if one of us finds a way to break free of fear, prejudice, and limitation - all of us can follow along in his wake.

Our huge base of CONTROL in society has to diminish. Control is highly over-rated, and it has become a source of considerable pain and consternation in the world. Obviously, we need to maintain some structure - but the amount of structure we truly need is definitely up for revision at this time. The word that Star Kids use to describe our modern, capitalistic society is "Babylon." Many of them do their utmost to steer clear of becoming too involved with it. They want to be near us, so they can help, but they're not interested in controlling or being controlled.

As Indigo Healer Jason Andrews puts it:

"Star Kids or Indigos are here to teach, not to save. I am not here to change the course of your history but purely to help, and only if that help is asked for. The Star Kids are a reality. Get used to it. Yet you still judge them by your standards. You don't understand yet that just because some of them are extremely young - like three or four of your years - and have no schooling and can't read or write, they can still teach you. They are not coming from the standpoint of a mere child. They are much more.”

Children are not the PROPERTY of their parents. Kahlil Gibran said it well: "They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you." No one wants to be treated like chattel. Personal Sovereignty and Freedom is the birthright of every individual, providing that said freedom does not interfere with the life flow of those around us. Long before the 10 Commandments were written, another societal design rested firmly upon two primary concepts: "Harm no one. Do as thou wilt." Those who hold to the Bible as a template for living would do well to notice that the "New Testament" (the new contract God has with His people) is founded upon grace, not law. Why, then, do we find so many reasons to create more laws?

Shared Responsibility
If children are not our property, then we can't really be held responsible for what they do. That's an interesting concept, isn't it? If the weight of life gets placed upon us the moment we begin moving about in our world, there will be no illusions about what it takes to survive here. We have choices, we make decisions, we experience consequences. This isn't so difficult for a person to comprehend if the reality of it becomes evident, right from the beginning. However, if we build a tightly-structured, bubble-like existence for a person, until age 18, we risk blocking his comprehension of these simple facts of life forever.

In the Imagine Nation... from the moment a child is able to communicate personal preferences - his choices would be honored, provided that he can enlist the necessary support and resources to make those things happen. Remember, his parents are not obligated to serve him, or even help him, after the initial vulnerability of his infancy has passed. And, even before that, they could place him in the care of another, if that is what best meets the needs of those all around. There is more to that concept, and I will cover it later.

In the beginning of life, certain vulnerabilities make it necessary for infants to depend heavily upon others for grounding and care. But many of those dependencies dissolve quite quickly, if society is set up to grant powers to children as soon as they feel ready to have them. And society, as a whole, would concern itself with the safety of infants. The infant of today becomes the building block of tomorrow's world, unless he (or she) is neglected. If neglect happens, a building block can easily become a stumbling stone. And that situation levies a heavy fine on all of us, doesn't it? Look at our jails and prisons. All of them... ALL OF THEM... are filled with kids who were neglected in the early years. Either they were neglected, or they became so tightly controlled that they could scarcely breathe. And so, in a moment of time, they began to strike back, at the very society that turned their backs on them when they needed us the most.

What is it that
Gibran said about the ownership of our children? He said: "They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself." They belong to everything and everyone that equates itself with life.

Any adult who can pass a child in need, and not stoop down to assist him in some small way, has already been wounded or neglected in his own inner child. And his callousness is a direct product of a societal system that states: "This child is theirs, and that child is yours." Balderdash. In the Imagine Nation, ANY child, ANYwhere is immediately honored and cherished by all. They are unabashed, constant reflections of our own heart's need to be seen, heard, loved, and empowered to be who we truly are.

Child-Friendly Living
If a child gets to enjoy the privileges of being an adult, right from the beginning—then it would also follow that adults get to enjoy the freedom of being children for as long as they live. The dividing line goes away. After all, the fruit of their loins no longer feel like millstones, hung around their necks. Those who love to be with children will be with them. Those with other things to do will go and do those other things.

Our world today is NOT over-populated. Its population is simply crammed into uncomfortable and unworkable lifestyles and spaces. The rich resources of our planet are being hoarded by a few, while the needs of the many cry out in despair. The dichotomy of “haves” and “have nots” is not the result of an all-powerful work ethic, or the virtues of free enterprise. It comes from a separation mindset, on both sides of the issue.

Those who have, and do not share, have forgotten about the Butterfly Effect. They forget that “what goes around, comes around.” Most of all, they have forgotten about that magical child, who lives inside. Those who have not, and do not try, are troubled by the very same dynamic. I mean, if they really had a child inside them - .an honest-to-goodness KID - would they be able to sit still long enough to vegetate into oblivion?

The idea of creating a “Child-Friendly Society” springs from a realization that, at our core, we are all CHILDREN. All of us, regardless of age. We all need love, and we all deserve it.

In the segments to come, I plan to plumb the depths of that concept. I ask for your help and your commentary on how that could be done. I’m going to throw out a few ideas, and I sincerely hope that you’ll run with them a bit, and let me know what you notice. As I close this segment, my mind is ringing with words to a song I heard recently, during the Celtic Woman Concert I attended, here in Seattle. The refrain of the song went:

“We’re all a part of One World. We all can share the same dream. And if you just reach out to me - then you will find, deep down inside, I’m just like you........"


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