By Angela S. Pelzer



December, 2005.  The City



there are no birds

no dogs barking

no footprints in the morning dew

a stillness….


feels like the calm

before the storm

the homes are gone

the old, the weak and the strong


tombs outnumber them

no one is exempt

a stillness……


"once the storm passes, we are safe!"

then the floods come

a breach in trust


we thirst in contaminated waters

there is no news, no electricity

no one is spared from the stench

a stillness……


what is next is uncertain

we are one with this community

what is there is here

and is within us all


a stillness………


find the light

pour the coffee

fry the beignets

bake the bread

play the jazz


heal the stillness.




Copyright, 2005, by Angela Pelzer.  All Rights Reserved.