Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Civil Unrest"

Now comes a time in human history which can either make or break the world as you know it.  The People, as a Singular Mass Consciousness, are beginning to awaken once again.  There is tremendous symbolism in this, and we have come forward this day to present this unfolding story from a Oneness perspective, instead of the Separation mindset which has been so prevalent in your 3D world through the ages.  

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you.......just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all the necessary "Bridge Concepts" which will connect you with what is known as The Multiverse, a compilation of alternative, possible/probable universes ALL OF WHICH represent levels of YOU.         

The Oneself Consciousness of Planet Earth has its own "circadian rhythm" .....very similar to cycles of rest and productivity that are experienced in the life of a single individual.  It sleeps, it dreams.........and, when timing and external circumstance unfold in a particular wakes.  

In the 1960s, your Collective Awakening was personal, individual..........though projections of responsibility for the world's problems were plentiful and quite pointed.  At that time, your internal mechanism was so tender and new that it would have been quite impossible to attain Collective Oneness Perspective.......even though there were individuals present who were beginning to get in touch with that vibration.  This current period of human history is unfolding differently than the 60s, because people of Earth are far better equipped to deal with the integration of Oneness Technology. 

This is a time of EVOLUTION, not revolution.  And even though you feel deeply hurt by the events that have transpired in these last few years (not to mention the tragedies which occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech this very day!) will learn to take these energies to a completely different place.........a sacred place.......where the appearance of evil and frustration is transmuted, in the blink of an eye, to something healing and wise.  Do not despair!  You will see how quickly this can come to pass, if you only dare to believe.    

"Shadow Dance, Planet Earth"

The Shadow Dance, which has been going on across these last few generations, has been an important safety valve for handling the enormous surges of power that become available when folks begin tapping into the core of who they truly are, as creators of their reality. 

That luminance comes in stages---unfolding through all the various levels of self---beginning at the outermost reaches of Collective Unconsciousness (Gods, Goddesses, and the like), then moving on to the Subconscious, where it takes the form of localized authority figures:  Governors, Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers and so on.  There it stays, for quite some time---being held firm by your earnest desire to sidestep the responsibility which accompanies taking down that last Veil........that final division between your First Person Self and the rest of creation.

This tendency to sidestep manifests in one of two forms:  Transcendent trust in human leadership, or bitter distrust.  They are really two sides of the same coin, do you see?  Both positions are founded upon fundamental denial of one simple truth:  "My world is my mirror.  I create what happens in my life."  

Is it any wonder that the American People are split, right down the middle?  One group of deniers leans this way, and the other group leans that way.  Each "side" gets to taste of the righteousness that goes along with projecting Shadow outward, away from what they like to think of as themselves. 

"Don't look at me,"........ they (each) tell you............"THEY are the ones responsible for this  mess!!!!"

And who, may we ask, are THEY reflecting?   In each of your perceptual realities, WHO ELSE is there.....besides you and your mirrors? 

<end transmission>


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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