By Daniel Jacob


This is all so exciting!  Since the posting of the first segment of this series, the response of the readership has been intense and passionate.  We Recon folk are beginning to GET this concept, big time! 

Someone once wrote:  "Nothing can get in the way of an idea whose time has come."  I believe that Clans and Tribes is such an idea.  And another indicator for this is the fact that many online channels are dealing with this subject now, in their writings.  We're all using the terms "Clans and Tribes."  There are differing emphases with each writer, and even different definitions for the terms--but the underlying energy and enthusiasm feels to be the same.  It was as though a common stream of wisdom began flowing, within that "well" from which we are all drawing our energy.  And we all agree with the fact that NOW IS THE TIME.    

As was mentioned in the first article, a Reconnection "Clan" is synonymous with a person's "Family of the Heart."   We're simply taking the term to a new place, that's all.  Whereas its previous usage was rife with emphasis on blood lines, ancestry, and geographical borderlines--a Recon "Clan" is nicely seasoned with a solid emphasis on JOY as the binding force which holds the group together, not responsibility.  A person's Clan can extend all around the world.  Though it may include blood relatives, it does not necessarily have to. 

In the above-mentioned transmission, the Recons make a powerful point about the difference between CHOICE and RESPONSIBILITY: 

"For every implicate order there must also be a voluntary commitment to nourish and support it.  Where there is no conscious choice, there is no genuine love.  There is only a sense of obligation and heaviness.  Though these qualities do provide a rudimentary sense of security and grounding, they often stand directly in the way of a person moving beyond his heritage into a whole new area of achievement and personal realization."

This emphasis on JOY, rather than OBLIGATION is the keynote in the current upgrade that is being woven from the remains of civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria.  As advanced and wonderful as they were, these two fallen societies had one thing in common---they were founded upon an extreme.  In Atlantis, the emphasis was expanded MIND, and the Guilds were gathered around ability and intelligence.  In Lemuria, the emphasis was expanded EMOTION, and the Guilds (such as they were) were gathered around passion and common desire. 

Though both of these aspects are extremely important, a society cannot survive when something is focused upon extremely.  Does that make sense?  In order for Planetary Evolution to occur without defect, there must be a free-flowing confluence of energies, within an environment that regards all persons, objects, and locales as aspects of SELF, and gives each of them the space necessary to develop as they will.  In all these issues, the guiding principle is still:  "Harm no one. Do as thou wilt."  This cannot be overemphasized.  Outward facades will no longer serve us, in the places we are headed.  It must be the real thing, or nothing.    

The 2001 movie "A Beautiful Mind" explores the story of John Nash, a genius in his own right, who is said to be the creator of "Equilibrium," a philosophy of societal interact which revolutionized many parts of human endeavor--such as trade negotiation, governmental design, and so forth.  In this theory, the organizational element of "every man for himself" that has been so prevalent in Western Society gets altered.  Instead of each person striving to attain what is best for himself only, or what is best for the group only (such as is found in a socialistic state), Nash proposed that each person balance his or her goals to aim for what is best both for himself AND for the group. The primary focus being:  Everyone gets to win. 

As energies on the planet continue to rise, the Recons tell us that humanity will soon discover (sometimes harshly) that, if everyone doesn't win, no one wins.  That is because every ONE of us is the EVERYONE of us.  We are holographic beings.  What happens to one, happens to all.  There is no separation.  There are scientists and philosophers alike who are now studying this concept in depth, which is known as "The Butterfly Effect."  


One of the most important purposes of forming a "Clan," during these tumultuous times, is to provide support for extricating oneself from family, neighborhood, community, and the world in general.  We want to GET OUT of whatever limiting situations we've fallen into, and we often need a HAND UP to do that.  Therefore, we form a "Clan" to help ourselves evolve. This is powerfully illustrated in the development of street gangs and clubs, especially in economically challenged neighborhoods.  One popular rap group, carrying a strong energy signature around this concept calls themselves "The Wu Tang Clan."  Their distinctive flavor of music and lifestyle combines common attitudes, dress, tones, and personality essence. Together, they make a powerful statement that one of them alone could not make.   And in the black community, they stand strong to address issues that otherwise would not be understood.  From modern black culture we get the word "Homies," which perfectly portrays what it's like to truly belong with a clan.


If a "Clan" constitutes our "Family of the Heart"--representing a bouquet of beautiful and diverse flowers, belonging to a specific person--a "Tribe" would symbolize a focused gathering of each flower in the bouquet.....united around a single motive, concept, or idea.  This is the place where a clear understanding of Spiritual Gifts comes in.  If you haven't reviewed the transmission on Spiritual Gifts as yet, you may wish to do so before going further.

A Clan is a gift that we give to ourselves.  A Tribe is our gift to the world, where we reflect the abundance that travels through through our heart space and overflows the human cup. The former is personal, the latter is transpersonal--something that moves from small story to Big Story, in the blink of an "i"...........

We cannot serve before we have been served.  We cannot give from what we do not have.  When people travel in airplanes, they are always instructed concerning time-honored principles of safety. There are occasions when fluctuations in cabin pressure require that an oxygen mask would descend from the ceiling, so that passengers in an emergency situation can continue to breathe properly.  Do you remember what those instructions always include?  They say:  "If you are traveling with small children, please make sure your own mask is securely fastened before you secure the mask for your children."    

So much for the idea of self-sacrifice!   This rule continues to apply as we ascend in consciousness.  No matter how noble a person might wish to seem, putting the needs of others before his own--any facade of sanctity and nobility tends to crumble in the heat of trial--which, by the way, is the primary reason that trials occur!  Heat is necessary if we wish to affect alchemical change.  We must always take steps to make sure our own Spirit Connection is vibrant and in tact before we attempt to assist others. How one defines "keeping in tact" is a matter for each soul to discern!  There is no more need to justify our process to anyone. We are sovereigns in our own land. Be gone with shame and discrimination. So let it be! 


There are a number of people who are now involved in a Research Team, focusing upon the principles and energies that are congealing around the Spiritual Gifts Material and the Gathering of Clans and Tribes.  As we continue our work, it now appears that the total number of tones in the system in which we are working is twelve.  There is a diatonic scale , and there are five more "Bridge Tones" that form a complete chromatic scale.  This totality forms a SOUL-AR SPECTRUM of Vast Power and Magnitude.

In the original transmission, the Reconnections mention that there are 7 Basic Orientation Gifts........"Grounding Tones" they call them.  Then, they mention another Gift which they call "Gridwork."  At the time, the Guides didn't want to elaborate beyond those original Seven Core Motivations.  Now, they are ready to do so.  

It now appears that the Meta-Human Brain has two sides:  The Ground Crew (sustaining life and connection in 3D) and The Test Pilot (that which leaps into the Void to find new energies to bring in).  The amount of complaints that are being registered, by those who are choosing to be "scouts" for us in the Multiverse, is a spiritual equivalent to that famous line "Houston.......we have a problem," from the movie "The Right Stuff."  And believe me, there are souls out there busily working to fix the problems.  It's a system, and it's working. 

"E.T.!  It's working!  It's working!  They're Coming for You!"

The last "Test Pilot" Gift would be the GATEWAY INTO INFINITY.  It is the twelfth note in the Chromatic Scale.  There are 11 distinctive tones beneath it...........with the 12th being ABSOLUTE ONENESS (A Gathering Tone).................the ONE that is the All............which is mentioned at the beginning of  "The Grand Game" Transmission: 

"There is a level of being in which the ALL THAT IS truly is all there is. You have no need of anything--because you are everything! You have no boundaries because, when you are All That Is, there is nothing left to be outside of you.

This is the level which we will now refer to as The Gathering of the One. This level of consciousness would be likened to PURE BLISS. There is complete diffusion of focus and a truly porous consistency to all things. Literally, everything and everyone can exist within the same space at once!  If this concept sounds somewhat fantastic to you, then realize also that even the words we speak to describe this level of Being are grossly inadequate and incredibly dense in comparison to this level of infinite harmony and love."

Everything that vibrates slower than Absolute Oneness would spread itself out as a Motivational Gift, and would bring its distinctive essence and process to the Party!  As the various Gifts begin to align, and dance with each other, it creates a focused stream of Soul Essence...........a kind of "Jacob's Ladder," if you will......doing this grand multiversal cha-cha in and out of Heaven!    

At the same time, there will be lots of "twelves" that will be reflecting the process as well.  Colors, for example, are also a form of TONE. So are emotions. There are twelve months of the year, twelve signs in the Zodiac, twelve planetary bodies that are involved in this current Astral Transition, twelve dimensions, twelve chakras in the Oneself Body.........and it goes on:  twelve!  twelve!  twelve!!   

As we participate in a work that is focused upon motivations.......we must realize that the operations of these various functions go on at all times, in each of our lives.  We all do those basic seven activities at various junctures.  And, though it is not unusual for a person to perform the Activity of Researching (for example)............his MOTIVE for performing it may be entirely different from someone whose joy comes from Research.

As we develop, and speak more about these gifts, there needs to be a clear distinction between the Charismation (motive and magic) and the Energamaton (the activity of doing something, and the results that are obtained).   Many people who have a ministry (Diakonian) of TEACHING may be doing it through an Exhorter's Heart, or perhaps a Consoler's Heart.  Their root motive would be growth in service, for example, or the elimination of pain. 

At our workshop on the 11:11, we doubled over laughing when one of the members of a focus group had shared his roommate's spiritual philosophy, in light of Earth's present vibratory challenges.  His roommate had recently blurted out to him, one day:  "Fuck enlightenment.  I just don't want to suffer anymore!"   That is, indeed, the motive of a Consoler!!   For a Prophet (Communicator)...........the motive is completely different! 

If any of you are percolating on these subjects, as we are, you may wish to contribute to this research.  The text on this stuff is virtually writing itself.  Beginning with the Spiritual Gifts Transmission and the Clans and Tribes Concept, we're virtually flying through all this.  More to come on GRIDWORK: The Five Bridge Motivations.  For now, though, I'll leave you to chew on some of this and see what comes up within you. 

Thanks to all for your love, your passion, and especially for your support in these endeavors---physical, financial, and within spirit!   It's great to see (and feel) the Onesoul begin to awaken and stir, isn't it?  It can mean only one thing:  Progress!  Don't believe the Chaosian Cries of Armaggedon and Destruction.  Out of the ashes of a crumbling 3rd Dimension, a Phoenix shall rise.  And HE or SHE is WE!!!  See? 

"Love lift us up where we belong!

Up where the Eagles Fly......

On a Mountain High.

Love life us up where we belong!

Far from the world we know

Where the clear wind blows."

~Buffy St. Marie


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