By Daniel Jacob

"Let he who cannot be alone beware of community.  Let he who is not in community beware of being alone."

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I loved those Maori Dancers, doing that powerful Haka at the end of "Whale Rider," didn't you?  They had finally found themselves, as a tribe--after years of struggle, frustration, and denial.  Beginning with the Chief of the Tribe, they softened from blind adherence to their "Old Ways" and they became willing to find a New Way which fit their energy and their group purpose in the NOW.

Now is the time for a grand "Gathering of the Clans and Tribes" on Planet Earth.  However, instead of calling them according to race, religion, nationality, geographical location, or blood heritage.....Spirit is now inclining us to consider looking to ROOT MOTIVATIONS (Charismation) as the determining factors for who does what, with whom, and when. 

What is it that gives you the most joy, with the least amount of effort, while producing the greatest results?  This is your magic, your power, your gift.  The Guides tell us that we need to look inward, find our gifts, and begin using them to their max capacity.  This is the way of prosperity and growth for the New Humanity. 

In their transmission to us on Gifts of the Spirit, The Reconnections challenge us to stop running our lives completely out of our "head," and to begin considering what our heart has to say about the way things should go. This is as true for society at this time as it is for the individual.  A reconnected heart space is now the CENTER for integration in the Oneself Body.  It is a mixing and blending place for mind and emotion--overseen by a Guardian Spirit, which guarantees that extreme energies will not be allowed to dominate that group process for any prolonged period of time.  After all, this is a time of integration, not domination. 

I am not speaking merely about politics here.  Politics will continue on the Earth, for quite some time.  That whole consciousness represents a tightly wound spring that needs time to wind down.  Little by little, the deliberation of political manipulation and control must give way to a freer flow of reconnected human spirit.  The planetary energy velocity, at that point, will allow little else if we wish to continue functioning. 

Humanity has been spending so much time and effort trying to secure our "means" that the majority of us have forgotten what the "end" for our lives was supposed to be.  Forces from beyond our Reality Box have been called in to put us back on track.  This, also, is by mutual contract. The material on Spiritual Gifts is a beginning, a blueprint for how reconnected humanity will want to function.  The Guides are here to lay out the barest suggestion of a pathway, but each of us must find the specifics for ourselves.


The word "tones" figures prominently in the teachings of The Reconnections.  Tones represent a communicative WHOLE, of which colors, words, sounds, and feelings are merely component parts.  When we run out of things to say, our personal TONE continues speaking, if the people around us have the ears to hear.  Indeed, this is how dolphins and whales communicate--a lesson that the Guides say they often share with infants in the early, formative months of life on this planet.  All of this happens on the Inner Planes, of course.          

Each person has what is called a "signature vibration," which is distinctive, and can be tracked as he or she moves about in 3D.  From this distinctive vibration, come tones that link us with the rest of who we are.  Many conceptual models of life emphasize that the dynamic of magnetic attraction or repulsion is the determining factor for who ends up dancing with whom (or what) during a specific life cycle.  Certain tones attract other tones, and so the story goes. 

For our purposes here, I would like to illustrate how common TONAL ORIENTATIONS spring from CORE PROGRAMMING, especially in the area of Spiritual Gifts, used for grounding our Planetary Oneself as we move through our formative stages. 

During some of my remembrances of Atlantis and Lemuria, I was given that we discovered a method for societal organization which used the aforementioned TONES as its organizational base.  In those cultures, society was divided up according to GUILDS, which represented certain professional (and, to some extent, motivational) preferences and talents.  Those who were artisans gathered with artisans.  Those who were domestics gathered with domestics. And those who were healers, politicians, priests, and so on.....all tended to gather together for support and common interest. 

In a Tonally-Based Society, people are not afraid to declare themselves.  How does the saying go?  "In unbroken tones there is no place to hide."  Everyone who might choose to avail himself of this system would need to join at least one Guild which matches his Orientation or Motivational Gift.  If you recall from the transmission, there are seven basic Orientations, which would be considered the "Ground Crew" for Planet Earth at this time.  These correspond to seven chakras within the Oneself, and each has at least one Spiritual Master or Guide associated with it.  Beyond these seven, there are five "Bridge Tones" or Motivations that would be considered the "test pilot" aspect of the Oneself.  As the Ground Crew hangs onto the harness and rope, the Test Pilot Aspect leaps into the Void and gather tonal samples of etheric material from beyond the Veil.  Once they arrive back inside the circle, other Test Pilot Gifts begin to decode, declare, and downstep the vibrations so they can be of use in some definitive context of human evolution.         

In Atlantis, every Guild had its own color cloak that was worn.  You might think of it like a person's "major" in college.  If you had subordinate interests, which you also chose to explore, you would wear colored rings on your sleeve, indicating what your "minor" interests are.  In this way, it was easy for all to see who liked what, and how excited he was about it.  In modern society, we tend to hesitate about asking strangers for help, because we don't know whether or not they'll consider our request to be a bother.  In a Tonally-Based Society, you choose your Gift Orientation based on what it is that you would gladly do often, whether or not you were paid to do it.

This doesn't mean that people were, or should be required to help others.  There is an ancient edict (a two-fold law of faith and action) that still rings true today:  "Harm no one.  Do as thou wilt."  We are not speaking about an "ought-istic" society, founded on "shoulds" or "musts," steeped in responsibility. Neither would it necessarily be modeled according to communistic principles.  In a Tonally-Based Society the root concept is CHARISMA.  In the Greek, the core aspect of that word is "char," which means JOY. In a society based entirely on JOY, it seems like it would be quite easy to get assistance with whatever anyone needs.


These remembrances of Ancient Societal Constructs, as well as any other ideas that may arise, are part of a grand "Playground of the Spirit," that is now being allowed to form via our Families of the Heart.  They simply serve as possibilities, which we could play out, experimentally........ in a focused setting......if we choose to do so.   

And exercise which could be helpful, might be a gathering, in physical space, which would allow us to walk through, or play out, some of these ancient that new and important upgrades can be made.  My original vision for this was something similar to a "Star Trek" of "Lord of the Rings" Convention--where people would come together, in dress-up fashion, and simulate what the Atlanteans took for granted. 

Gathering together within "Interest Clusters," we could become more familiarized with the Basic Orientations--their primary attributes as well as their tendencies for excess, should they go out of balance.  After all, everything has its up and downside, does it not?  Sometimes, the easiest way to find out what makes us happy is to get in touch with what upsets us and throws us for a loop.  Such an event would not only put us in contact with ourselves.....It would also be a keen way to find EACH OTHER, and form lasting personal support circles that continue, long after the event.  


During this type of event, folks would be given a chance to meet and discuss with other "heart friends," how the world would look if their particular Orientation were allowed to design it.  Guidance could be offered for how to get into this, but many will be surprised how easily it comes--since it flows from SHARED TONES rather than political structure or protocol.

One of the most powerful binding forces in Community is a common language.  And, although I always enjoy finding the best and most economical ways of discussing these principles in English, I am really beginning to see some powerful connections being made through modern usage and proliferation of The Living Language of Light, in all its varied dialects. 

According to the system I am remembering, a "Clan" would be defined as a comfortable circle of people, with various temperaments and goals, which an individual recruits as his own Family of the Heart.  These folks may or may not be blood relatives.  (I realize this is not the classic usage of the term, so bear with me).  And then, also in this system........a "Tribe" would consist of all those within a Spiritual Orientation (Motivational Gift), who have gathered together to support the furtherance of that interest and that means of loving and living. 

When we met together in August of 2005, Tricia Nobbs and I discussed how the Language of Light could drastically affect our connections within these Clans and Tribes.  She shared that she has been given certain "codes," which activate and initiate the flow of these Mother Tongues in each person's life or Circle of Influence.  It seemed to us at the time that the gatherings, of which I am speaking, could benefit greatly from some instruction in the Language of Light, as well as an invocation of the specific dialects.....from those who have been given access to the Source Codes.

It's a marvelous thing, our unfolding New Earth.  For those of you so-inclined, I am expanding on some of these ideas, in regards to Indigos, Crystals, and Star Kids in a Children of the New Earth online series I call "A Child-Friendly Society."  If you are not already a subscriber to this awesome monthly publication, now might be the time to jump aboard.

After the initial Communities have been developed, representatives from the various Motivational Guilds can begin calling together more and more of their "kind," choosing colors to represent the Tribe, and even fashioning outfits to strengthen the bonds. 

Perhaps this is the origin of our common expression "He's showing us his colors," yes?  By donning designated colors and rings of your resonant "clan" or "tribe," you not only find your place in the Greater Circle, but you open the door for others to do that as well.  Of course, YOU would always be the one in control of choosing who you are, and what you want all of this to mean in your life.

Currently, things in society are tense and suspicious.  People are very SPLIT on how they BELIEVE things should be.  Beliefs are mental constructs that haven't truly gone all the way "down" into the feeling core of a person's being.  He thinks it all sounds okay, but his level of personal experience with his current ideas lacks depth.  The next level of integration turns beliefs into convictions.  Now, you're talking about something more substantial! 

In this process, the Guides emphasize that we're not wanting to reach in and make POLITICAL CHANGES here.  All we want to do is try a few things out, in a safe environment, without putting our neighbors in a panic.  If you have interest in these topics, and wish to join us in this research, please come join us on our Discussion List.  I'm always happy to consider your ideas. 

Solaris Homily!   (Santari for "Peace. Brotherhood. Communion")

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"Gathering the Clans and Tribes"

Daniel and the Reconnections, plus Audience Q and A.

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Q:  As a wanderer of life I get to learn my lessons in various ways. There is something I want to share with you. The knowledge of oneness to me is like.....First I am the air....then comes the sheath over me. So I am the balloon, filled with life's experiences.....getting larger and larger, accumulating what ever I have learned in the years gone by. The recent years made me realize there is no need for the sheath anymore and I remove the I am just air again. When we all let go of the sheath.....we are one with nothing separating us.
So having come this far I wonder why there is a need for tribe or clans? If you know what I mean. Is there a need for all us to be together again in different categories? I know I will get the answers along the way. My curiousity makes me write to you for answers will be provided its seems.

DJ:  Thanks so much for that question!  It looms very large in many people's mind these days.  It seems there are quite a few people out there channeling that 3D is about to be released, never again to be needed.  You mention that as you describe the process of "removing the sheath" (i.e. our body and our 3D world).  For certain people, the 3D interface can be filtered out, placing them in another kind of Reality Box, honoring and supporting the idea:  "I no longer believe in 3rd Density."  Deciding this, they would get to skip many difficult processes involved in our Reconnection to Oneness.....especially the Shadow Work that would be required to integrate the Underworld, which encompasses our deep emotional levels of consciousness.

This High Light Orientation is tremendously popular today.  It skips several difficult lessons.  It's quicker, cleaner, more germicidal.  However, it also excludes many, many levels of EXPERIENCE as well.  The Reconnection to Oneness is not just a monaural thing.  It's something that is best integrated in STEREO.......not only the mental aspects (the "air" you mention here)........but ALL ASPECTS........water (emotion), spirit (fire), body (earth).  If we all end up being just AIR, we would not be One with ALL THAT IS.  We would be "all that is, except___________. 

Those who opt for translation into "Air" only......would have a specialized journey.  There is nothing wrong with it.  However, the next levels of our Reconnection are NOT necessarily letting go of the body.  They would involve a Transmigration of Viewpoint---from dimension to dimension, from self to self---as we rejoin, and gather in all our alternative aspects......appreciating and enjoying them from an expanded place (The Watcher Self).  The Spiritual Gifts Material allows us to stay anchored, with the appearance of being separated---one foot in 3D, and one foot (so to speak) out on the Bridge (between the worlds)......using various gifts, and their distinctions, to be "training wheels" for dealing with our multiplicity in those other dimensions. 

You can drop your sheath if you want to.......but do you really want to miss out on that party?  

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