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The Age of Communication

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My Dear Friends:

Communication is a wondrous thing.  There is considerable time and effort being expended upon your planet at this time around the idea of improving communication.   Many gifted people are dedicating themselves to the task of searching for just the right words and phrases that will give tangible form to the various new energies and abstract ideas which seek entrance into your world at this time.

Whether a person's expressions are wonderfully unique, or whether they are simple and mundane---communications that are made produce verbal encapsulations of beings and essences that previously existed within a state that knew no boundaries at all.  For a newly-birthed idea (which, by the way, you often refer to as a "concept"), existence on the physical plane can be a combination of pure wonder and sheer terror.  We speak now as though each idea is a whole person, because it is.  It simply lives at a different vibration, that's all.   

It could be said that the minute a word leaves your lips or your pen it is on its way to becoming obsolete.  In many ways, the energy within it begins to harden and die.  That which was once liquid and alive is suddenly set in concrete.  But it also has a chance to be seen, heard, and appreciated.  It is for this reason that so many energies are lining up in the etheric planes to climb aboard a word or phrase and make their uncertain journey into this World of Form.

Once an idea is embodied here, it does not cease to exist within its former universe as well.  Ideas are Multidimensional, just like all people.  It is simply replicated within this context---copied, as a section on a computer document might be, and highlighted to another "file" where its image can serve a specified purpose.  True wonder is felt when a previously "indescribable" energy is able to gaze clearly at its image in the mirror of physical reality.  This is followed by terror when this energy realizes that a part of itself will be hardened into that form for all time.

All words are simply verbal "snapshots" of a moment of time and circumstance.  By nature, they cannot tell us what happened before the picture was taken, nor can they explain what will happen when the camera shutter closes again.  In order to experience those things, we need to take more pictures. After awhile, the process gets to be addictive.  The image in the mirror is sweet, but it seems to need more depth or detail.  Therefore, we go back to the drawing board---designing, editing, forming and fashioning.  Words, words, and more words..........on and on.

In truth, words are really WORLDS.   Each one is its own context of reality. When they link up, they begin to penetrate those hard shells that surround them and huddle together for warmth and mutual purpose.  This gives them remembrance of a time when they had no form---when their liquid essence could go anywhere and do anything!  Though the hard shells remain as concrete as before, a group of words can give themselves the illusion of freedom and momentum.  While one word chooses to remain stable and anchor the phrase, another word or group of words can make themselves fly and leap across the page!

In your various systems of grammar, you have "subjects" and "objects" as well as  "active" and "passive" elements.  In a way, a grouping of words becomes its own little family, a co-operative arrangement where the wife stays at home and minds the children while Dad flies off to conquer the world and make an impact that represents them all.  At other times, the situation may reverse itself and the partners get to change roles.  This co-operative relationship among words is what creates true commune-ication.

The more you communicate, the more communication you want to have.  As words and phrases cool and harden, you are fast at work to find new and more vibrant portrayals of that eternal fire that burns at the center of All That Is.  Your writings are like matches that are lit for but a moment and then die out.  Even though that "moment" may last for a thousand years, such a time span is really nothing in the light of eternity.  Therefore, you keep lighting more matches!

The Void longs to express itself.  Then, once it is solidified, it cannot wait for the chance to become free once again.  Isn't that a mystery?  And yet, it truly is the mystery of life.

In the higher vibrational dimensions, words and thoughts are replaced by clear, unbroken Tones.  If one picture is worth a thousand words, one Tone is worth a million pictures.  Truly words and thoughts are simply Tones, living in separation.  So are you.

Those who can hear these Tones, high above all other sounds, will never be deceived.  Words can be misleading, ideas can be obscured, but in UNBROKEN TONES there is no place to hide.

You who read our transmissions, and who recognize this message, surely realize (on some level) the essence of who and what you really are.  And even though a portion of you remains trapped inside some fleshy container, your soul essence soars---high above the houses and the communes here below. It calls to you.........sings to you......making songs and rhythms to sustain you while you travel the winding road of physical existence.

You walk a thin line between God as Healer and God as Destroyer.  When the love is gone, you'll be gone.  You've come at this time to remember and to learn.  The words and ideas which once took a lifetime to explore are being compacted and abbreviated into a span that may last but a few hours.

You dance and play and balance yourself between these worlds, drawing breath and life force from each, but being totally contained by none.  The more extended your consciousness gets into the outer realms, the more adamant your physical form will be to hold you here and anchor your energy upon the earth.  This is your blessing and also your curse.  You struggle to be free, even as you cling to that which is familiar to you.

And now you have created technology to fly for you.  Even as you, yourself, remain stationary upon the earth, you send your words flying across the skies to distant lands and unknown places.  You wait in pure anticipation for their return, bearing gifts of mixing and blending with another being whose thoughts and desires are similar to your own.  And the pulse goes on.......and the words continue.........and the heat of the match which is you burns for yet a little while longer.

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Transmission Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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