"If the focus of attention
is on the words, the spaces
in between the words become
negative space...and the conversation
produces a silence of absence.
Cancer and war can only grow
in negative space.  They can only
inhabit a silence of absence."

  ~Michael Bridge

Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"All words are simply verbal "snapshots" of a moment of time and circumstance.  By nature, they cannot tell us what happened before the picture was taken, nor can they explain what will happen when the camera shutter closes again.  In order to experience those things, we need to take more pictures. After awhile, the process gets to be addictive.  The image in the mirror is sweet, but it seems to need more depth or detail.  Therefore, we go back to the drawing board---designing, editing, forming and fashioning.  Words, words, and more words..........on and on.

In truth, words are really WORLDS.   Each one is its own context of reality. When they link up, they begin to penetrate those hard shells that surround them and huddle together for warmth and mutual purpose.  This gives them remembrance of a time when they had no form---when their liquid essence could go anywhere and do anything!  Though the hard shells remain as concrete as before, a group of words can give themselves the illusion of freedom and momentum.  While one word chooses to remain stable and anchor the phrase, another word or group of words can make themselves fly and leap across the page!

In your various systems of grammar, you have "subjects" and "objects" as well as  "active" and "passive" elements.  In a way, a grouping of words becomes its own little family, a co-operative arrangement where the wife stays at home and minds the children while Dad flies off to conquer the world and make an impact that represents them all.  At other times, the situation may reverse itself and the partners get to change roles.  This co-operative relationship among words is what creates true commune-ication."    MORE

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Mindfulness at Work in a Troubled World

"In the higher vibrational dimensions, words and thoughts are replaced by clear unbroken tones.  If one picture is worth a thousand words, one tone is worth a million pictures. 

Truly, words and thought are simply TONES, living in separation.  So are you. 

Those who can hear these Tones, high above all other sounds, will never be deceived.  Words can be misleading, ideas can be obscured, but in UNBROKEN TONES---there is no place to hide. 

When a guitarist strums upon his instrument, he will, sometimes, punctuate his music with delicate, high harmonic "pings."  What produces this sound is not his sure and firm pressure upon the frets.  Rather, it is a subtle 

placement of his fingers, almost between the vibrations of the strings.  In this, the beauty exists in his keen ability to align his focus of power and speed, that he might dance within arcs of vibratory resonance and ride the octaves of the Tones to their highest expression.

Even so, when you feel consumed by the pressures and rapid turns of life and fate, you can, if you choose, spend your energy chained to the Earth in fear.  Or, you can stand still in faith, and ride the moment--high above the mountains, and be borne on waves of light and sound.  When the All That Is begins to sing to us---the music can only be heard with your heart." 

                                         ---The Reconnections

Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"When humans attempt to speak today, they usually go inside themselves to find their words, and they go outside themselves to discover the meaning of what is happening. This is exactly backwards. 

The key to channeling your speech---indeed, the key to channeling your life---is letting go of control of that which comes through you, or motivates your physical body. It means going outside yourself (at least the "self" you have come to know), and allowing something entirely new to come through. If the idea of separation is really illusion, what could come through you that would do any harm? Does not every man, woman, and child plan his or her personal destiny? What could you say or do to prevent that from being fulfilled?

If you go inside yourself and plan what you're going to say, the energy immediately becomes decelerated. That is because the velocity of your planetary vibration has already exceeded your ability to direct it, at least from the 3D level. How, then, could you ever think that you could come up with something meaningful to say by thinking about it, or planning a message? At best, it would faintly resemble some form of consensus "wisdom".........something that is "safe" to say, so that "others" won't judge you. 

But My Dear Friends........there are no "others." There is only YOU. Why not put that premise to the test? Why not let the Oneself Energy (The Wholly Spirit of God)......play upon your vocal cords, like a violin? Why do you insist on clinging to the bow? Relax. Release. Let some miracles happen, why don't you?     MORE

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