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What does it mean to Reconnect?

It means opening up an Energy Gate between various "parts" of yourself---the Form Ego who is incarnated in 3D, entranced in Limitation Consciousness---and the Expanded Self who lives just "outside the box," and still has access to your Multidimensional Remembrance, Abilities and Resource.

The Reconnections describe themselves as "As those parts of your Expanded Self which you had to forget about to become human." 

They say to us:  "We've never been very far from you.......just far enough." 

Chances are..........if you've turned to this page.......you've already been "contacted" by your Expanded Self.  Life circumstances and birthing energies are gathering around you.........as internal  pressure begins to increase.  As tense and hopeless as things may get during such times, the Guides tell us that what is being experienced is a form of PREGNANCY, and you are deep in the throes your own version of Spiritual "Labor."  This process is not gender-specific, since both genders go through this process when the time is right.

Not everyone is a "newcomer" to the quickening that comes to us now from the Realms of Spirit.  Some people have already experienced profound transformations and have already grown immensely.  Then, they reach another place of decision, they prepare to make their leap, and the birthing begins anew, at a new level.  It's an ongoing, spiraling, wondrous process!   After awhile, we welcome the pain and confusion, because we know that it will eventually breakthrough into new life and awareness.   

What tools can you offer to assist me in my process?

Your verbalization of a DESIRE to be "Reconnected" begins the birthing within you.  What that involves, and how long it will take varies, according to the individual  Personal Channeling and Consultation Sessions are a way for you to speak directly to the Guides about key issues that are before you.  Spiritual Processing Techniques---such as Voice Dialogue, the Language of Light, or Guided Imagery---can also be employed to assist with contact of the INNER YOU.  We can meet on the phone, in person, or in e-mail. 

Phone Sessions are priced at $125 per hour.  Hour sessions include a free tape of the session, sent to your home.  We occasionally offer discounts..... on a sliding scale, according to need.  Session times can also be extended, if need be.  Call or write me to discuss your situation.   

E-Mail Readings and Process are also available.  (see below)

You can talk directly to The Guides as I channel them, or I can describe for you, in a narrative fashion, what I am sensing and what information they are sending about the situations you present, or any other guidance that may be coming your way.  You can speak with me, from my experience, about how these principles work.  It all depends upon your personal comfort level, and how you best assimilate channeling.   

**Translation Services are available for those with the Gift of Transposition.  Daniel has considerable experience working with those who have chosen to become "antennas" for receiving Expanded Tones from Spirit.  Though Transposers have a huge capacity to STORE information, they typically do not like to (or are unable) to download it from their "storehouse" and translate it into 3D human concepts.  Over the years, MANY people with this Spiritual Gift have found Daniel to be essential in "clearing out" TONES they are carrying......and forming them into a plausible REALITY CONTEXT, so the meaning and extra abilities they offer humanity will not be lost.  If you are a Transposer, contact Daniel directly for a free scan of your "storehouse".......and an estimate of how you might work together to "mid-wife" in some of these "new" vibrations. 

What Kinds of Issues May I Address in My Session?

The Reconnections are willing and able to address whatever may be bothering you, in the moment---or whatever seems "up" for you at the time you contact us.  They are less likely to tell you specifically what to do than they are to expand your view of the situation (see it from outside the "box").  Once a person's perspective broadens, answers to questions usually become obvious.    

Some examples of issues that have been addressed in sessions include: 

  • Childhood conditioning by parents and siblings, trauma, physical-psychological-sexual "abuse."  What was that all about?

  • Difficulties arising from misunderstandings about early development of Meta-Human Traits and Abilities.  What happened within you when others began reacting to the fact that you were "different?" 

  • Extraterrestrial or Ultraterrestrial Contacts.  What they are, and what they might mean. 

  • How to meet, experience, and work with Spirit Guides and Teachers.

  • What does it mean, from a Multidimensional Point-of- View, to be "Bi-Polar," "A Borderline Personality," or to experience Multiple Personalities within oneself?

  • Relationships: How does a person handle existing relationships when he or she is changing rapidly, from the inside out?  How can one manage to get more alone time, and still make things work?   How can we know when to let go, and when to hang on to an existing connection and "tough things out." 

  • How does one find and sustain deep love and affection?   What energies are around you now, affecting the way things go in this regard?

  • Family Priorities and Personal Growth:  How does a person handle connections with a spouse, children, extended family while he or she is going through Spiritual Rebirth? 

  • The "New Kids:"  How do I keep up with my Indigo, Crystal, or Star Kids?  How do I deal with mood swings, drug issues, sex, religion, and rebellion.

  • Health and Wellbeing:  What is Global Acceleration Syndrome?  How do I handle persistent "symptoms" that move through my body, causing havoc in my personal life? 

  • How do I meditate?  How do I expand my Inner Life?  What does it mean to do "Grid Work?"   

  • Many, many, more. 

For those who wish to do Training in the Intuitive Arts, I offer packages which vary in frequency and price, according to the goals you set.   

For sessions of an hour or more, a tape is included at no extra charge, recording both sides of the interaction.  For sessions under an hour, tapes cost $5 additional.  (Note:  Tapes are sent by regular post. They are not insured, and Reconnections can not be responsible for lost tapes.  To insure your tape, please include $5 additional in your payment.  


E-mail Sessions are priced at $40 per question, and include one rotation of questions for clarification each.  You state your question, and the Guides respond with a personalized transmission on the subject.  Many of these responses will include assigned reading from the Reconnections Site.  You can ask as many questions as you like, each priced at $40 per. 

There is a special new service called "Reframe This," which many have found to be helpful.  It's part of the "Conceptual Reframing" Information, which can be accessed HERE.   Costs and details for the process are listed at the end of the article. 

If you have a group of friends who wish to join us in a reading, it's possible for them to link with us on a Conference Call, each from his own phone.  We can work together, and you can all share the cost of the session.  Each additional member of the call adds $6 to the cost.   Or, I can pair you up with some others who have indicated a desire to work in a small group (which is called a "study pod").   If you want a tape of a processing session, there is an additional $5 charge per tape, for postage and handling.

Teleclasses are available.  Write me if you're interested.   That is a very economical way for individuals and small groups to work in tandem to integrate these concepts.   and I will assist you. 

How Do I Make An Appointment?  

Simply send me an E-mail, or call Nina Florenz to give us your best times to meet on the phone, or to ask more information: 

(425) 889-7447

If you get Voice Mail, simply leave your name, phone number, and the best time I can reach you.  Also include your desired day and time for a session.  There are many easy discount plans out there for International Calls. 

Reconnections Office accepts Visa or Master Card  

Or, you can use your Pay Pal Account (they take all cards).  Simply mention your desire to do that when you contact us, and we'll direct you where to go to remit payment.  

Don't have Pay Pal?   Go to www.paypal.com and join.  It's easy.  When you do, mention that Reconnections sent you.  We get money for that! 

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