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(Special Note:   This article is, in no way, intended to be a criticism of the Medical or Healthcare establishment.  Rather, it is a study of the societal dynamics out of which our current Medical Paradigm has evolved, and where it may be going as the energy continues to rise on Planet Earth.  I am a part of this current "Establishment," and consider many of my friends and colleagues to be brilliant and caring individuals.)

In the New Religion, which is Modern Medicine, the High Priests are commissioned for one job and one job only---stand guard over the power. Of course, this task is ALWAYS entrusted to the true icons of any faith. It is THEY who are the "wise ones." It is THEY who have the power to know.

Tribesmen will single out one man in a village and call him "Shaman," that is to say "HEALER." They will honor him. They will support and treasure his wisdom. When they are sick, they will go to him--- trusting in the guidance he gives. When they are well again, they will think no more upon sickness, for the Shaman is there---ready to help in times of need.

To be "singled out" in this way by one's peers is to experience the ultimate RUSH. It gives a power and a purpose to life that is unlike any other. The velocity of that flow can be intoxicating at times. It must, of necessity, strip away from the senses many ordinary feelings and thought processes that would be part of a mundane existence. Instead, there exists an "altered personality" that becomes accustomed to interface with the Infinite.

Meanwhile, the townspeople get to live their "normal" lives (there's that word again)!. They go about their business, usually not BOTHERING to interface with the divine at all. After all, they are not the "chosen one." They are just "commoners," right? If they are sick, The Priest is there. They just go in regularly, are blessed---and everything is fine.

Carl Jung said: "Religion is actually a defense against a religious experience." By saying this, he illustrated how men and women often will join a faith, subscribe to its doctrines, and live by its rules-- all because they wish to avoid the soul-wrenching experience of going inside and searching for their OWN truth.   Such activity can be risky. During the search, a person could discover some things he didn't want to know.

In the area of Health Care, the situation is the same. The New Religion has a whole plethora of "rules" and edicts to follow. Eat right, exercise, get your vaccinations, take your vitamins, get a regular check-up. All these are the tenets of the faith. As long as the system works for all involved, there is no need to change. It is only when a condition arises that the High Priest CANNOT HEAL that the people begin to wonder.


The principle of "Energy Gates" (mentioned in Trans-Portals 1) has little meaning in the world of popular medicine. This is true even of those methods of healing called "alternative." Truly, the big difference been allopathic medicine and, for example, naturopathicmedicine is that the former seems to focus on symptoms while the latter is more preventative---focusing primary attention on the body as a whole. But the body can NEVER be called a "whole." At best, it is merely a PART in a much larger whole.

Anatomy, physiology, biology, epidemiology---all of these focus on the aspects of our world that are VISIBLE. They draw conclusions about life and physical function based on tangible evidence. As has been mentioned earlier, this is an incomplete picture---since life and reality is now being shown to be connected to and affected by influences that are clearly BEYOND the physical.

For many, the modern hospital has become a BODY SHOP. They take you in, put you "up on the rack," pour in some hi-octane additives (to give you better mileage), and order new parts. When discussing patients, many "mechanics" will refer to them as "that gall bladder in Operating Room 5," or that "coronary by-pass on the third floor."

For many, this little game about healing and reality is all they ever need. The "rules" are never questioned, even if following those rules may mean physical death. The famous old saying aptly applies for these folks: "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." Such a saying, when applied to healing, implies that the REAL object of playing this game is THE GAME itself. For them, life is just another day in The Body Shop.


Meanwhile, on more expanded levels of reality, healing takes on a much more accelerated meaning. The body, seen from this viewpoint, is actually a fragment of a larger Oneness---a tiny piece of that Greater Whole that was "chipped off" and projected into a physical universe to achieve an eternal purpose.

Yes, that body has "parts." However, those parts and their inter- relationship with each other are entirely subject to the workings and
designs of the Greater Oneness from which that physical vehicle was
taken. It is not wrong to repair and replace broken parts---sewing up appendages that get battered or broken. However, we wouldn't want
to simply stop there.

Spirit tells us that a human body is the crystallization of an IDEA, constructed in the mind of a Divine "Thinker," and placed here as a
kind of "experiment." Even though that "being" seems whole and complete, he only experiences through that tiny physical body, a mere
speck of the vastness that he really is.

Viewing life through the mechanism of that limited physical form, the Ego Entity that dwells within (the "driver" of the vehicle you might say) is SEPARATED from the rest of who he or she is by an invisible etheric membrane that is known as the VEIL OF FORGETFULNESS. This Veil is designed to BLOCK any signals or awareness that might distract the Ego from its assigned purpose. In a way, you might think of this membrane as "blinders" that are placed upon a horse.


The Reconnections reveal to us that a human soul "fragment," sitting behind the "wheel" of a physical organic vehicle, exists within a specific universe for the primary purpose of EXPERIENCING things. He is a FEELING APPARATUS for the All That Is.

Your viewpoint is unique above all others. Only YOU can see the world the way you see it. Your position in the drama of life, your unique "slant" on the flow of events that occur around you is a VALUABLE COMMODITY to the Greater Oneness that we all are. Your eyes are like the Director's Lens, capturing forever the pictures and sound bytes of reality that pass before you.

From infinity past to infinite forever, your steady eye and quick camera instincts have captured on film the very BEST of all we can ever do or be. And now, because you have---through manifold lifetimes---strafed and suffered, laughed and played, screamed and shouted your way through an entire ETERNITY of fun and learning for the Greater Oneness (of which you are surely a part), you are about to embark upon the greatest journey of all---RECONNECTION.

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