It was in the Fall of 1983, when I found myself at the very top of my spiritual game.  I had grown and developed beyond my wildest dreams---having many new exciting relationships, traveling, speaking, and sharing lots of spiritual insight.  I was reaching for more and more, and (it appears) I was due for a meltdown.  For those of you who are not familiar with alchemy, a "meltdown" is essential to the process before base metals can be transformed into gold.

I was definitely going for the gold at this time in my life!  I had discovered many new tools and teachers, among whom was a woman named Sondra Ray.  She, in collaboration with a very smart man named Leonard Orr, had created a new technology called REBIRTHING.  This wonderful practice spread like wildfire during the early 70's, and Leonard and Sondra were so much in demand that I heard they went through a few meltdowns of their own!  Meanwhile, I was hurrying to jump on board.  

At the time, Sondra was running a seminar series called "Loving Relationships Training," and I got myself to an introductory session and plunked down my $50 fee to reserve space to attend.  I heard about Rebirthing at the Intro, and was very eager to try it.  

At the time, I was receiving massage from a fellow who worked at Abintra Wellness Center by Greenlake in Seattle.  Downstairs from his office, Seattle Massage School had their only campus (they now are called Ashmead College and have 3!).  On a bulletin board at the School, I noticed the card of a Rebirther who lived on Vashon Island.   Nervously, I called the number and took a ferry over to meet the woman.  

The session went fairly well.  I had a nice release (although not spectacular), and I went home feeling very satisfied that something new was coming into my life.  That turned out to be an understatement.  

At the heart of Rebirthing is the concept that much of the dis-ease and blockedness in our lives stems from what is called the "birth trauma."  This occurs when the infant is separated from his or her mother at birth---taken from a totally safe and nurturing environment, and forced to trade the perfection of umbilical cord sustenance for breathing air.  

When the cord is cut, the child the child is faced with the very clear impression that he is going to die.  Although assisted by the attending medical personnel to breathe as quickly and efficiently as possible, the child is still traumatized.  His breath gets constricted, due to his induced panic.  All the emotions felt are pre-verbal, which is how they are logged into the nervous system.  This forms what is called a "mucous block," which stays in place until it is cleared.  The technology of Rebirthing is all about clearing this blockage, and also about clearing many other traumas that accumulate on our way to adulthood.  


About a week and a half after that first Rebirthing, a very ironic thing happened.  My mother died.  I was living in Seattle at the time, working in the grocery business, and helping my ex-wife raise our two kids.  My mother had been telephoning me lately, and complaining about the stresses of caring for my ailing father, who was steadily dying of cancer.  I was giving her comfort and encouragement, but I was surely not heeding her protests very carefully.  One night, while dad was getting out of his bath, my mother fell over dead on the kitchen floor---apparently from the rupture of an aneurysm in her stomach. 

I flew down to California and began making plans for Mom's funeral.  At the same time, I felt very weird thinking that I would soon have to do the same thing for Dad.  That turned out to be wrong.  He lasted five more months, and I stayed with him the whole time.  It was quite magical really, and a bit bitter at the same time.  Although we had been friendly most of my life, there was a closeness in our relationship which I always knew was lacking.  This five months was my chance to bridge that gap.  We did.  

While staying with Dad, I began to let go of my life in Seattle.  Many friends wrote to me, and some even came down to visit.  I flew back to Seattle on business, and was very delighted to find support to complete this task for my Dad's final days.  Emotionally, I was spinning in a kind of blender.  It was all happening so very fast.  

I had been unhappy in the grocery business.  Looking back, I had realized that I had stayed with it because I wanted to please Dad with how responsible I was, and keep up the support for my ex-wife and children.  I was moderately successful, but I was floundering emotionally, and desperately praying for some way out.  


The "fire" that gives life to our "passion" requires oxygen to ignite.  The continuation of the birth trauma often keeps personal expansion in check.  When I experienced that first Rebirthing, the thoughts that dominated my life were about changing my business and creating a whole new life.  Since all thought is creative, the oxygen united my passion and I was on my way.  After flying to California to bury Mom, I never returned to the grocery business again.  A new life had begun.  It wasn't a struggle.  It just happened.    

While taking care of Dad, I decided to attend Massage School.  It had been a fantasy of mine ever since I began getting my first sessions to care for my own back.   I never told him I was doing it.  It was not within him to understand.  My brother-in-law took care of him during the day while I was at school, and I stayed with Dad at night.  I simply told him I was "going to work," and he believed it.  He did, however, enjoy the neck rubs and foot massage that seemed to be coming at him all of a sudden.  

After he passed, in May of 1984, I continued school until I received my certificate.  Then, I began working with a local Chiropractor and focused on probating my parent's estate and establishing myself in my new business.  I had made the leap, and lived!!  I phoned my employer in Seattle and told him that I would not be returning.  


Though staying busy at starting a practice, my spiritual "juice" had begun to falter.  At the time, I did not connect the Rebirthing experience with all my changes.  It would be many years before I would do connected breathing again.  In my mind, I believed that "The Lord helps those who help themselves."  As I said, thought is creative  And The Lord said:  "Whatever you say."  

I do believe that everything is laid out (on some level of existence), and happens for a reason.  In 1970, I became a born-again Christian and stayed spiritually contained for 10 years.  I had lots of friends, married a wife, had some kids, and did my thing.  It was a treasured Limitation Journey.  Then, in 1981, I walked out on my marriage and my church.  One of my cocoons had burst open, and I was naked in the Garden again!  

In 1984, another cocoon had burst open with the death of my parents.  That kept me busy (flapping my butterfly wings), as I sought to piece together a new business, and to move back to the Seattle area from California.  In 1985, my ex-wife passed away and I became a full-time single parent.  Lots of containment again, more cocoons, and a fire in my heart that needed to be fed again.   


My next experience with Rebirthing came when I met my friend Gwynne from San Antonio.  She had been trained years earlier as a Rebirther, and had seen marvelous results.  During one powerful session, we came in contact with one of my inner personalities, a little boy who is my "magical child."  Gwynne interviewed him, and he told us that he lived down in the basement (of my personality, no doubt).  He had all his "toys" down there, and was keeping them safe from intrusion by "The Government."  

Obviously, this languaging speaks metaphorically about the ADMINISTRATIVE MIND---which, as we have seen, is symbolic of the "powers that be" for each individual.  No doubt, this "magical room" is in my subconscious.  He still lives there.  Occasionally, I am able to coax him out to play.  Sometimes, he even lets me in to share some of his toys.  The brief few experiences I had with Gwynne whetted my inner appetite for the breath, but I still was not yet ready.  

Today, I have RE-CONNECTED the experience that began back in 1983 with my current transformation process.  After receiving a series of initial sessions with a local Rebirthing Trainer, I exposed a good deal of our local Seattle Area Group to the work, and took formal training to be able to assist others in the process that has helped me so much.  It just keeps growing and expanding.      

Spirit tells me that Rebirthing is not the whole story in our current Activation of Breath for this planet.  It is simply one of the foundational levels for allowing in our Reconnection Energy so that the rest of the agenda can be accomplished.  The trauma that produced the original mucous block, and which keeps us here, has to do with the shock of leaving Bliss and coming into Separation.  The (equally challenging) trauma of Reconnection involves letting go of our "chicken grips" on the physical vehicle and getting on with the process of Ascension.  In short, we have become comfortable in our discomfort, and we are in need of some encouragement to allow the good stuff back in!  

Breathwork, Bodywork, Channeling, and Loving Relationships are all part of the instruments that Spirit is using to wake us up.  We are very fortunate and empowered by all the growing number of members in our local, national, and international Reconnections Community.  If you would like more information about receiving Rebirthing sessions, or would like more info about joining our support groups, please contact me.   

Rebirthing  With Daniel

I do Rebirthing sessions in my Kirkland Office, or wherever we seem to be traveling. Rebirthing Sessions are technically part of my Training in the Intuitive Arts Program.  Please contact me about costs for the process. People often find it helpful to add Voice Dialogue to these sessions, as we encounter issues and emotions that require Integration. If a person desires to expand from there, or become a Trained Rebirther, he or she can purchase blocks of training time, as listed above.  People with financial limitations can speak with me privately about a sliding scale for payment.

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