There is considerable healing in stillness these days. In American Culture, it feels odd to allow the mind to be "blank" for too long. One never knows what will spring forth from unoccupied inner space! So we play music, radio, TV, keep from noticing what's hidden in there. Regardless of what we find....that STILLNESS remains our highest calling........a balm that soothes any number of pains, and satisfies a multitude of desires!








2012:  It's FINALLY Here!!!

There are no "inevitable" events set for the year 2012. There are, however, people who are 100% CONVINCED about what is going to occur. Events are neutral. Most people are not. Every soul alive on the Earth today has his or her own KARMIC CHALLENGES. How we see the future will be heavily influenced by those themes and issues. If we don't CENTER OURSELVES around those themes which interest an...d stimulate may find ourselves DRAWN IN to the Karmic Patterns of those around us. At that point, life will seem begin to feel unfriendly and a train that has jumped the tracks. One primary goal, as we make our way to midnight, 2012, is to take some time out to FIND OURSELVES...........and RECONNECT.....asking ourselves clearly: "How do I wish for 2012 to be?" By so doing, you send out WAVES AND WAVES of Self-Love and Self-Knowledge......which will have a powerful effect on everyone around you!