Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Dark Forces and the Coming Transformation"


My Dear Friends,  

Keeping an Aspect of God in Limitation is no easy task.  There must be an elaborate and creative configuration of mazes and diversions presented to the mind, in sequential fashion, to provide re-direction of focus and keep your mind busy until the completion of a journey into Separation.  To facilitate this, there are beings whose job it is to "stand guard" over your 3D Consciousness, deflecting it from anything or anyone who would provide information that could "bring you on" too soon (into full awareness), and prematurely end your Game. 

These beings, who are oft referred to as "The Dark Forces," are contracted by you, in advance, to serve this purpose.  The image of them as sinister demons with flashing red eyes only serves to increase their effectiveness.  In fact, they are very light (in terms of density) and service-oriented beings who are are assigned to you, as Guides---even as "Light Forces" relate to you as Guides when it is time to bring you Home.

The scenarios and images which represent one group as wearing dark hats and the other as wearing white hats is ILLUSION, designed to increase the fun and effectiveness of your Game.  All beings are made from the same essential "stuff" which is  liquid, potentiated All That Is.  As has been mentioned previously--any appearance of horror, emotional obsession, possession, and/or demonic harassment are merely "special effects," interpreted through the grid of a lower-density consciousness.  Many of these effects are incredible!  They work!  That is why you choose to enlist them.  To learn more about this, we suggest you review our transmission entitled "The Dreams of the Mass Mind." 


There is a Limitation Dogma which depicts Dark Forces as vibrating much slower than a frequency where "decent" folks like to live. Many fear that contact with darkness will drag them down to a low frequency and hold them captive.  In fact, demons would need to vibrate more rapidly, would they not, if they were to be able to dominate or affect you in any way?   

When a life scenario is dark and foreboding, and a Player in the Game feels "controlled" or "attacked," it is HE who is vibrating lower---grasping tightly to beliefs of SEPARATION and DUALITY.  It is his staunch adherence to these beliefs that holds Him at that vibration---not the "demons."  They have no power over him, except what he gives to them.  

Therefore.....when a Form Ego, who views creation from this lower density, interacts energetically with Limitation Guides---his Separation mindset will interpret it as "oppression" or "possession" by Devils.  But if he were to view the situation from a HIGHER vibration, the same energy could easily be interpreted as "guidance" from Angels.  And into what are they guiding him?  They are setting him up to face his fears, his suppressed desires, his shadows, and the disowned aspects of himself.    

Truly, the only "protection" that anyone requires, at any density, is the willingness to move out of SEPARATION ILLUSION and RECONNECT--owning all that is happening as a freewill choice of his Expanded Self.  He must come to understand that it is ALL HIM (including the warts, red eyes, and pointy tails)!  And if he (or she) seems to be "possessed," it is a condition that has been set up to teach a lesson, and (ultimately) bestow a gift.      

It could be said that all players in 3D Limitation are possessed.  You are held here, stripped of your Multiversal powers, until such time as your Redeemer (Your Reconnected Consciousness) finally awakens and releases you.  And that will only be allowed to happen when you have completed all the tasks that attracted you into physical form in the first place.  And when that happens, my dear friends, you will be willing to deal with some of the "hard stuff" that goes along with uniting with All That Is.  You must be willing to let go of the trick so that you can embrace the truth.  

And what is it that we consider to be the trick?   It is your belief that whatever is observed, within a specific space, at a specific time, is ALL THERE IS that exists in that space.  It is a belief in Objective Reality and Separation instead of Multidimensional Reality and the Oneness of All That Is.  Is it possible to dwell in Heaven, and never know Hell?  We think not, Dear Friends...........for, without the One, how could you perceive (let alone appreciate) the Other?    


The game board (3D reality) is often seen as a vibratory spectrum: with Hell at the "low" end, Heaven at the "high" end, and Earth in the middle.  Seen from a more expanded place, all three actually embody ONE "location," which is viewed from different speeds.  For one particular Player in Limitation, there is an Earth that vibrates very slowly (Hell) and all the inhabitants appear as either persecutors or persecuted.  This is built upon a paradigm of Separation.  Within the same space there exists an Earth which vibrates very rapidly and feels like Heaven because everyone appears to be living in harmony and love. This is built upon a paradigm of Oneness.  The difference exists---not in the location, but in the EYE OF THE OBSERVER.  It's all perceptual, do you see?

There is another belief floating around, among awakening beings, that Earth is a prison planet.  If embraced, this belief generally splits into one of two camps.  One camp says that Earth is a collaborative endeavor, involving several planets and/or star systems--who are focusing themselves into experimentation with genetics and sociological integration.  The other claims that Earth is a sort of dungeon (visually cloaked to prevent awakening), presided over by various "Dark Lords" who hold humans here, through reincarnational cycles, to perform various forms of slave labor.  This is the reality base that is explored within that popular movie "The Matrix."   

What is important to know about these two systems of thought is that they are just exactly that: systems of thought.  And a "system of thought" in the Multiverse is a causal body for a "planetary system," which does exist at a particular density. It is always true--though it only embodies a partial truth.  

All "systems of thought" are real---within the context that honors and embraces them.  There are densities where Earth IS a prison planet.  And others where it is merely an experiment in sociological mixing.  But, for our purposes here, it is necessary to rise above those lofty ideas to the most rapidly vibrating concept of all:  Reconnection.  We must look at all systems merely as Multiversal Game Programs.  They are for your fun and amusement, that is all.  

It is this realization, made on an emotional level as well as a mental one, which diffuses your attachment to any one game format.  It is the realization that all Separation-Based Systems are only a Game which frees a human soul to return to his (or her) greatest point of power---Oneness. 

As in the cases of "Possession" listed above, there eventually comes the realization that all such experiences are the result of a Player fragmenting his consciousness, to form the appearance of someone "separate" who has "taken over his body."  To say that this fragment is unreal would be as inaccurate as saying that the chair in front of you is unreal---or the television set that sits in the corner. In life and reality, the question is never "Is this real?"  The question is rather "Is this ME?!"  Of course, by now we hope we have established clearly that the answer is "YES!!"


What, then, of the movie sensationalism of "The Exorcist" and all the surrounding manifestations of this phenomenon called Demonic Possession?  We think it important to note that, within the linear context of human history, the appearance of this movie (and the intensive popularization of this issue) was concurrent to the beginning of a great awakening that was happening on your planet.  In the year 1973, the energy gate that ushered in "The Star Children" was just beginning to open.  The image of children as leaders, in the area of spiritual and emotional growth, was beginning to implant itself in the mass consciousness.  A major challenge was being presented to the dominance of the adult mind, a challenge which did not go unanswered. 

The theme of Devil Children, who had to be destroyed (or exorcized), had been previously visited in the release of the 1960 movie called "The Village of the Damned," and it's sequel, "The Children of the Damned" (1963).  The idea that young people could reverse the trend, and begin telling adults what to do was considered aberrant beyond belief.  The case was clearly presented that all such children (influenced by, or in league with the Devil) must be destroyed. And, indeed, wasn't it this same fear that prompted the Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600s?     

Whenever humankind begins to move toward an Energy Gate, which is called "Enlightenment," another Gate will also open. It is the guard house of the Dragon Self, who has been left to guard the treasure house of human personality.  You do not leave a dragon to guard the place where a treasure is not.  Whenever Dark Forces appear on the scene, one can be certain that an Energy Gate to Enlightenment and Personal Expansion is nearby.

It was also in the 70s that the teachings of Seth, as channeled through Jane Roberts, were in their highest proliferation.  A new medium of Spiritual Reconnection was being re-visited and popularized as never before.  This phenomenon was further expanded and explored in the writings of Shirley MacLaine, in the 1980s, when she spoke freely about her many revelations of channeling through Trance-Medium Kevin Ryerson.     

As we have said in other transmissions, the movies and books that become popularized in your culture are actually  Dreams of the Mass Mind.  Some of them are pleasant dreams, and some are nightmares.  The appearance of "The Exorcist," and all its sequels, was the re-iteration (by your Collective Subconscious) of a common fear of entering into the depth of your subconscious, where it is believed that personal demons live.  When the little girl in the movie was playing with her Ouija Board, she was opening herself to something new and "out of the box," in regards to human consciousness.  Her subsequent "possession," in the movie--which was presented as a molestation of spirit, perpetrated upon an innocent babe--is simply another common human fear about being "taken over" by the negative aspects of reality and/or human nature.  And what about the movie "Rosemary's Baby?"  Is there a single being, in which God and the Devil are joined into ONE?  

What is important to know about all this---as we all move into the Great Transformation---is the fact that potential realities are always DARK AND FOREBODING when they are viewed from SLOWLY VIBRATING VIEWPOINTS.  The process of allowing in the "new" energy became incredibly fearful and threatening to humanity at that time. So, the culture began to dream dreams that disturbed you, and asked each Player in the Game:  "Are you sure you want to walk through this door?" 

The writings of that historian referred to as NOSTRADAMUS often pictured this coming Transformation as resulting in total DESTRUCTION of the known world.  He absolutely saw it in that way.  He did this because he was not viewing the future through the grid of the Expanded Energies (Expergies) that are present in your world today.  Therefore, he had to interpret his visions from the vibration in which he existed.   

Reconnection does not have to be synonymous with destruction.  And, the allowing in of "new" or exotic energies does NOT have to result in "possession" or other such negative effects. Granted, the exposure to "new" data is very exciting, and it can get a "grip" on a person.  But sooner or later, the intensity of that "grip" is shared by both hands.  Passion and Reason begin to work in tandem, rather than fighting for dominance.  

The people of Salem, Massachusetts were alarmed when they saw the excitement in their daughters eyes.  The girls had been exposed to the spiritualist teachings of a slave woman, who was homey and kind.  She delighted the kids with tales of dark forces and voodoo in her native land.  This newfound excitement expressed itself in their desire to do ritual, and dance naked under the moon.  This alarmed their parents greatly, and caused them to reason that the girls were under the control of the "Devil."   In truth, the girls were so bored with the mundane and repressed ways of their hyper-conservative parents that nearly anything would have excited them. The same could be said of young people today, who are also enticed by stories of Paganism, Wiccan Spirituality, and the Worship of the Great Goddess.    


When we examine this subject of "exorcism," it is important to realize the true meaning of the word.  Literally, it pictures the idea of forcing something that is "inside" to go back "outside."  The Separation Dogma of "In" and "Out" is another form of re-enforcing and maintaining traditional 3D Reality.  

You feel that an evil "force" has gotten into you.  You believe you must drive it out.  You go through rituals, make certain declarations, and oust this force from body and from memory.  Then, things will be as they always were.  Isn't this the heart of your concept of the Veil of Forgetfulness?  

My Dear Friends, you live now in an Age of Remembering, not Forgetfulness.  The Veil that has encapsulated and imprisoned your memory is bursting open.  The caterpillar is turning into a butterfly.  To do so, the tender creature must wrestle against forces of inertia and entropy, which would serve to send it back into its previous estate, and restore "normalcy" to the Game.  But it is too late. The time for rebirth is at hand.  No matter how the "opposing forces" exercise their power, the caterpillar will eventually spread its wings and fly.  

With the opening of the 1973 Energy Gates, and the appearance of The Star Children on the scene, there was much disruption felt in the Mass Mind of Humanity.  A religious upsurge of Fundamentalist Christianity retarded (but did not prevent) the opening of your Mass Consciousness Cocoon in the mid-70s.  The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was too close at hand.  But movies like "The Exorcist" did slow you down--even as the Sci-Fi films of the 50s and 60s tended to slow down Mass-Mind Research into UFOs and Extraterrestrials, until they just couldn't be prevented anymore.  

When humanity finally GETS that, In Oneness, there IS NO "OUT"........your blossoming awareness will be well on its way.  Until then, many of you will continue to cast  shadows upon certain people or energy forces--and go through "healing rituals" that are designed to get OUT that which they feel does not belong INSIDE.  When humanity finally remembers that the physical world is merely a MOVIE SCREEN on which is projected a person's inner thoughts---all those themes and images that he or she is resisting---then the process of "getting rid of something" on the game board will largely become unnecessary.  This same principle, by the way, will eventually revolutionize your current concept of HEALING, which is heavily influenced by fear-based, exorcist-style thinking.  But we will save such talk for yet another day.  


One member of our Soul Group was once quoted, during his human embodiment, as saying:  

"Everyone carries a Shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

We have emphasized, in other transmissions, that there are entirely new ways to look at the concepts of "high and low," "rapid (vibration) or slow," or the oft-used terms of "dark and light."  None of them involve the idea of "good" or "evil."   In the context we are discussing today, we might suggest that "darkness" could also symbolize the tendency for a soul to move more into Separation, while "light" could symbolize a desire to fully RECONNECT with everything and everyone.  This re-framing of the term is a matter of personal discretion.  If you do not feel ready to use it, that is fine.  All things happen in their perfect time.  

The very idea of remaining in 3D mandates that a person will be conscious (in the light) about certain things, and sub or unconscious (in the dark) about other things. We do not expect you to swallow and integrate all that we are telling you in one big gulp.  Rather, the words were are speaking are meant to be seeds--planted in the fields of your mind and heart.  Seeds, that will one day bring forth much fruit.  

Neither are we suggesting that you purposely experiment with forces or ideas that your spirit tells you are "inappropriate" for your growth at this time. That would be insane. Your inner drives and intuitions, concerning conscience and curiosity, were installed within you to keep you firmly on your own personal path.  Do not let anyone, let alone us, divert you from following that guidance. There are no mandates in Reconnection.....only an expansion of options.  

Many of you are receiving promptings to explore lifestyles that you have previously considered to be taboo or immoral.  Many, we can feel, are purposely holding yourself back from these inquiries because you are afraid, especially of being taken over by something that is bigger than you are.  And we tell you, Friends.........go ahead and be afraid!  Be very afraid!  The "something" that you fear will always be just another aspect of YOURSELF--the YOU that exists on more Expanded Levels of Consciousness.  Do not go there unless you are ready.  Nothing is evil, in and of itself.  It is only your attitude towards a thing that makes it toxic or nurturing for you.   

Once you meet and embrace your shadows, you will never be the same again!  But, until you are ready to both confront and embrace those powerful aspects, it is best that you allow the "Dark Forces" to do their job.  Allow them to divert you into something less threatening.  Then, and only then, can you continue to be worked with, on many levels, and expanded to a place where no person, object, or situation can ever intimidate you again  

It won't be easy to surrender the programming of a lifetime.  Indeed, we are talking about the programming of MANY lifetimes.  The "bogeymen" from the dark closets of the soul come into the light and are revealed for who and what they really are--feelings and emotions that were previously shunned and locked away.  At this timing, though there is ever the remaining "danger" of losing their "lives" (once again)--these shadow selves return now, to test you--to determine if you are ready to be all that you truly are.  

The Veil of Forgetfulness keeps out knowingness from your spirit body.  The Ozone Layer of your Planet keeps our "sunlight" from your Planetary Body.  The Immune System keeps out "foreign invaders" from your Physical Body--and a "virus" called ONENESS nibbles away at them all.   To integrate an "invader," and redefine him as "Self," this is the power, this is the CURE.  

From trashcans and graveyards and depths of subconscious, your dark and forgotten selves now knock upon your door.  Can you welcome these energies as they return home to the ONE?  Will you call them an infection, or an INFUSION?        

You stand at the doorway to a new and exotic land.  Christ has said, "Behold, I come quickly." Indeed, that Cosmic Christ Energy is already here.  It exists within YOU.  But, as when it first appeared on the planet, it does not look like we thought it would.  The conquest of the Dark by the Light would produce a return to the coldness and sterility of Deified Reason.  The eclipse of the Light by an Angry Female Energy would return creation to a sense of "void" and "chaos."  Only when the "lion lays down with the lamb" will you all see that for which the heart yearns.  Only by entering an unknown, sometimes scary, sometimes grey territory will you gain access to the rest of the color spectrum which is symbolized by the rainbow.  And then, O my friends....... will that rainbow bathe all things in the sacred promise that never again will there be the need to destroy (or exorcize) that which has been created.  We are speaking now of all creation, not just that which is popularly considered beautiful or wise.  

This is the path that lays before you.  It is not an easy one.  There are those who would encourage you to eschew all darkness, and embrace only light.  Surround yourself with love, and forget everything else. You must simply remember that it is just as easy to be blinded by light as it is to be blinded by darkness. You have already been warned that many who could and would seriously stunt your growth will come disguised as "Ministers of Light."  

Our question is:  "If this (separated) way of thinking makes people powerful, why is it that they continue to run from things that are dark, ugly, or which go bump in the night?"  There is only so much running a person can do, until he finds that is it time to turn, and face that which pursues him.  

Fear knocks at the door.  Faith answers.  And then, you get to meet yet another piece of who you are.  Fiend or Friend?  It's all a matter of perspective. It is a decision that every being must make for him or herself.  This is the very heart of human sovereignty, the very core of Conscious Creation.  

Enjoy the Journey, my Friends.  We are always here.     

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 1992-2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc. 




Anonymous:  "I've only had one experience which seems to border on this subject, dark forces. I wouldn't mind sharing/baring my experience with the group, even though it is a subject that pains me.

I was at the hospital, "visioneering" and such, (some would say, delusional and hallucinating) and finally, when they couldn't keep me from running for the border anymore (i.e., taking off down the hallway to the elevator to go up, and "home"), they restrained me to the bed.  This is one of the most horrible experiences I have ever had. To be tied to a bed, all alone, in a hospital room, with no one to comfort you. Finally, one of the workers came into the room and I begged her to at least untie my feet. I kept telling her over and over, I just wanted to leave. So, she said, we can help you leave here, but you have to go somewhere for us. I agreed.

They put me in a gurney, tied me down, and gave me paperwork to sign. I thought I was voluntarily admitting myself to a care facility (read that: "cuckoo house") but they had already involuntarily petitioned me.

They placed me into the ambulance, and the EMT looked down at me and said, "Are you comfortable, are you ok?"   I said "yes." Then he smirked at me and in the most evil look I have seen in someone's eyes said, "Oh, a young one, we usually don't get them so young...." This completely flipped my wig (as if it wasn't loose already). He also, with an evil grin, said, "once we get traveling, I don't hear so well." I made him tell me his name and the driver's name, I felt that I needed that power. As we left the garage of the hospital, it felt as though the ambulance was floating, and I heard a bang, and he said, "Oh, that's just the antenna hitting the ceiling of the garage." I just knew, that was horse crap! Their panic to get me out of there was palpable, and did not feel right at all. It truly felt like people were genuinely invested and interested in making me go to this "place," and the place was not a good place! The thoughts I kept thinking too was they are taking me to the crazy house, and they don't like to let people out of there. I thought, oh no, once you get in, you're in!

I truly thought at that moment, these people were taking me to hell, for their own hellish purposes. (This from a person who doesn't "believe" in hell). At that time, I decided there was only one way to deal with it, and that was to rebuke the bastard. I started down the alphabet in a meditation of sorts, and the most crazy Dr. Seuss rhymes you ever heard. Like A is for apple, b is for boy, c is cabinet, and D is for DICK, you're a DICK! Oh, you should have seen his face fall! I did my little alphabet all the way there, calling him the nastiest things I could think of, and at one point, the ambulance even started to stall out, and the EMTs were worried. I was like, yeah! you bastards, you can't overcome MY power!!

I carried on my "crazy" routine all the way until they placed me in an observation room. Once the workers had stopped throwing me around the room, and only three women remained, I was completely calm. If you think the mental institutions in this country are so much better than 100 years ago, you are wrong. I have photos of the bruises and scrapes they left on me, simply because I wanted to stand up and not lie down.... I REFUSED to lie down, and they kept jumping on me to make me lie down. I knew I had a right to be left alone, I was not a danger to myself, yet, the law means very little to wackos like these people. Turns out they have camera monitors on this "rubber room" but no tape!  What kind of scheme is that?!?

Three women remained and I said to one, "Are you on the job?" (In my time at the hospital, since I had interacted with different entities, including the woman who to my questions of whether I as dead, would simply respond "I believe in angels," I was trying to find out, was she one of these entities and was she there to help). She said, "yes." I said, "well you know who I am, right?" And I told her, "There's nothing wrong with me, I simply meditated on the Light" And she said, "Well, how did you know how to do that?" I don't remember my answer.

But, the workers in the ambulance were the freakiest people I ever met. I have never seen such evil in someone's eyes before. Perhaps they were just normal "people," but all I know is that once the EMT guy said, "ooh, we normally don't get them sooo young!" That glee was so freaky to me, I couldn't tolerate it. Although I tend to not believe in evil in the mainstream sense of the word, I still don't know who that REALLY was in the ambulance. WHOEVER he was, he got a proper tongue lashing and I hope to DOG he never pulls that crap again...

I guess in your analogy, he was simply an aspect of me. Well, it seems to me, I won't be seeing him again anytime soon. I took "care of" that little "ass-pect."   <end excerpt>

DJ:  There are MANY STORIES, indeed, in the Naked City!!!   This is one of them!   Thanks so much for your candor.  Yes, these elements are ass-pects (love that word) of YOU.......even as you an ass-pecked of them!   The whole thing reminds me of that movie "Jacob's Ladder," eh?  Thanks for sharing.