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I'll probably be more able to write about these topics when I've had time to study the movie more closely.  But this little "Dream" of the Mass Mind is chock full of soul-expanding insights.  It's been a long time since a true Chaosian character has been introduced to public scrutiny.  And this fellow (Heath Ledger's "Joker") is truly articulate about what all that means.  And he is nicely balanced with a Theosian counterpart in Christian Bale's portrayal of "Batman." 

In their transmission "Dark Forces in the Coming Transformation," the Reconnections talk in detail about the role each "side" of a polarization plays.  The "Dark" Angels lead us (or drive us, as the case may be) into our Vacation in Limitation, even as "Light" Angels lead us back home.  The real key, during any particular lifetime, is to find out which is which.  Not everyone who wears the black suit is "dark" and not everyone who wears white is "of the light."  And the JOKERS, as we can clearly see in this film, are all "wild".........which means, of course, they can go EITHER WAY.

I won't take time to go over plot synopsis for this production, or praise for the vivid performances and excellent writing.  Others in the "biz" have done a far better job in that regard than I ever could or would.  What I would like to focus upon today is the wonder of CHAOS, as exposited so well by writers Tony Nolan, Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer..........and, of course, the inimitable Bob Kane, without whom we would have no characters in the first place.  And hats will be off for the rest of this year to this one-of-a-kind performance by the late Heath Ledger, who departs this 3D world in a blaze of cinematic glory.

In their writings on Chaos, over the years, the Guides shared with us the Chaosian Manifesto (the cornerstone of the Chaos Concept).  It goes like this:    

"All structure is bad.  Structure requires leadership, leadership bestows power, and power always corrupts." 

In this movie......we have a character who not only believes this, whole-heartedly, but his mission in life seem to be proving it to the world.  In a way, his diabolical "apostleship" reminds me of the "lessons" that are set forth by the character of "John Doe" (played by Kevin Spacey) in the movie "Seven."

Joker's clarity and depth of commitment is clearly illustrated in a scene where he sets fire to his "half" of all proceeds derived from criminal activities in Gotham City.

In doing so, he assures himself (and us) of two things: That he will continue to have nothing so he will have nothing to lose.  And, equally important, there is nothing he won't or can't do to accomplish his over-riding goal

And what is that goal?  To remove the damaging effects of "plotting and scheming" from the human experience spectrum.  It is, after all, the goal of any "good" Chaosian Force.......to re-introduce the element of unpredictability to every part of life's journey, thereby assuring that everyone involved must dig DEEP, DEEP DOWN in order to survive, let alone cope with what comes toward them. 

The one "hitch" in this plan, as was pointed out by one film critic---is found in the fact that, in order to accomplish his goal of knocking everyone off their high horses, the Joker has to become the biggest plotter and planner of them all.  He has to be "smart" for all the wrong reasons. 

Conversely.........(and this is what is so beautiful!).........In order to combat the flawless machinations of this criminal mastermind.......the "Hero" in this movie must remove his "mask" as heroic avenger and replace it with a distorted image of shame and degradation.  In honor of this transformation, a new criminal mastermind gets introduced to the franchise.  His name?  TWO-FACE.

This Grand Game of "changing places"...........of clear-cut characters going against their nature in order to prove a point, or accomplish a greater goal..........is playing itself out in many parts of society today. 

One wonders what "The Joker" would do or say about all the Parlor Tricks that have been played with our Constitution and the American People during these last 7+ years of the Bush Administration....the War, the Patriot Act, and this Oil Price Debacle? Doubtless, he would certainly approve of using political betrayal and trickery to run off with all the power.......but to what end?  Would he support these new politicians if he knew that all they wanted was more money and control?  Or, like in the movie, would he be busy gathering all his "winning cards" in one pile.....just so he could throw them high in the air, at the last minute, and invite the world to join him in a wondrous game of "52 pick-up?"

It's a lot to ponder.  And I haven't begun to get my fill of it yet.  But this first viewing has proven to be an excellent snack. 

DJ.  7/19/2008 


Heath Ledger:  A Tribute

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