The Darkness and The Light (continued)


When I began the my own journey into Shadow Work, I tended to equate references to my "Shadow Self," with those thoughts, actions, or issues that I tended to HIDE or about which I was ASHAMED.  Secret angers, secret desires, sexual guilt or obsession, envy, greed, contempt, and so on.  And frankly, I do see these areas as valid parts of my Shadow.  But now, having spent more time reflecting on the subject, I am starting to comprehend that my Shadow Self can (and does) also include many things that I do OUT IN THE OPEN, even things that have, in days past, made me quite proud.    

Since 1991, I have re-evaluated and re-defined the way I deal with the word "dark."   Jung was occasionally quoted as also referring to the Shadow as the "Dark Side" of human consciousness.   For an old fundamentalist, the word "dark" was synonymous with evil.  But in the last ten years, I have come to realize that "good" and "evil" are more in the eye of the beholder.  Therefore, when I speak of the Dark Side (and I do, in many of my writings), I always emphasize that I am speaking about those ideas or essences which I cannot see, or otherwise sense.  The things about which I am IN THE DARK.     And now, as our planet wings its way into the 21st Century, the vibrational acceleration has caused many of us to narrow the scope of our POLARIZATIONS from being many things to being a very few.  

In the Piscean Age, we had a strong blueprint of logic, and were disposed to black and white thinking.  There was male/female, hot/cold, up/down, joyful/sad, good/evil, and any number of other dichotomies to enforce.  During that age we were called to be "fishers of men," who sought to lay down nets and capture people for the Lord's congregation.  And, once they were caught, to carefully regulate their actions (and even emotions) so that all of these things would be acceptable to divine scrutiny on an appointed "judgement day."  

As the Aquarian Age begins, the water bearer is POURING OUT that which was contained in the vessels.  He/she is breaking open the wine skins, so that the NEW WINE will come forth, mixing and mingling with everything and everyone else.     Whereas Jesus once said:  "I came not to bring peace, but a sword, dividing brother from brother," the Water Bearer is standing at the window and throwing the caged birds into rising winds.  He is crying "Fly!  Fly!  You're free! You're free!"    As the emphasis pivots from one set of priorities to another, the Oneself must change from one set of standards to another. 

In the Piscean Age, the standard for DARKNESS involved those actions and issues that were unlawful, or contrary to divine law.  However, in the Aquarian Economy, a person may be considered "unenlightened" (in other words, DARK!) if he or she is living in a manner that is still regulated by any dogma or tradition.    

During this whole process, I find myself quite SPLIT in my inner loyalties.  There is a part of Daniel that is still back in the church, walking among the catacombs, and shaking his head about how corrupt the world is becoming.  And then, on the other hand, there is a Daniel who is forward-thinking, optimistic, and quite excited about the information age and all the wondrous themes humankind is exploring.  Rather than limiting inquiry, I actually want to speed it up!  And BOTH Daniels are appropriate.  That is what makes me a Transitional.    

Jung said:  "One does not become enlightening by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."  I know it may be time to let go of my "mentors," even though I awoke the other morning CRYING OUT because I thought I needed one! I say this NOT because I have seen many of them stumble (though I have).  Rather, it may simply be time to take people down from the pedestal because a person DOESN'T REALLY GROW as long as he lets other people do his CLEAN WORK for him.  He cannot open to higher potential if he is constantly seeing God/Spirit/Higher Knowledge as existing OUTSIDE instead of INSIDE, focused within his own unique viewpoint.  <I also think he has to do his own "dirty work" too, but that point is fairly evident>

I'll share more on this topic as insight presents itself.   So, at this point, some of the new POLARITIES in this age, appear to be:  

1.  That about which we are conscious (THE LIGHT) and that which remains unnoticed or unseen (THE DARK).    and/or  

2.  Those elements which tend to divide and separate (THE LIGHT) or that which blends and merges, and gathers itself into one (THE DARK).   

**It is important for me to realize that these polarizations and definitions will continually change, depending upon which stage of transformation the Earth finds itself moving within.  Presently, the guys wearing the DARK HATS (IMHO) are those who are continually hanging on to past structures, not allowing for mixing and mingling of energies so they can become one.  (Republicans?  Well, you can make up your own minds about that one!). 

After the recent events in Seattle surrounding the W.T.O., the resistance to open up trade between countries, it also may be some humanitarian LEFTIES that are afraid to open up the wine skins.  Now THAT could be an interesting discussion, hmmmmm?     As usual, each of our choices of priorities is perfect.  And, even though I often feel myself pulled towards greater Oneness and Connectivity with all aspects of myself and others, I may still opt, at times to MAJOR in some form of separation which keeps my inner process SACRED to me and allows me freedom to progress at my own best rate.    Perhaps one's ENDARKENMENT can be, at times, just as crucial as his ENLIGHTENMENT, eh?


"A tree with branches that reach to Heaven has roots that reach to Hell".

~St. John of the Cross.




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