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My Dear Friends,

As we begin speaking with you about the possibility of becoming a channel for the realms of the unseen, we must take a moment to expand your conception of what you have previously referred to as an "alien."  In days past, this term made reference to someone (or something) who is indigenous to another nation, planet or dimension.  Though that definition certainly applies, there is more to the idea of being an "alien" than just that. 

In truth, an energy is considered to be "alien" based upon what it is not, rather than what it is.  You look upon it, and you judge that it is not a part of you.  It doesn't belong, because it has no reasonable connection to what you know to be real about yourself.  The fact that this alien energy has a history, or a home of its own seems quite irrelevant at the moment you encounter it.  All you know is that it doesn't belong here.   And so you become fearful, and you attempt to block it, capture it, or exorcise it from your personal space.   

There are things happening in the world today--things which defy classification or easy explanation.  Power surges are happening within and around certain individuals, electrical appliances are blowing up or failing when touched.  There is an eerie buzzing or hissing that lingers in many people's ears all day long.  Objects or possessions, usually quite available to you, will suddenly disappear--only to turn up in alternative locations that don't make any sense at all.  Faces seem projected  upon the backs of your eyelids as you meditate, and unfamiliar voices speak to you audibly as you return to waking from sleep.  Certain individuals, who are of an empathic nature, are suffering from a spontaneous appearance of cuts or abrasions on their bodies, and strange messages of unknown origin are appearing on bathroom mirrors, walls, and wherever else they need to appear to catch a person's attention.  

Hollywood has recently given you a film called "Signs"--which drew worldwide attention to the age-old phenomenon of crop circles--thereby renewing an awareness of "aliens" once more into the Mass Mind.  This story highlights the  appearance of actual crop circles in Britain recently, as well as other locations upon the planet as well.  It also presents alien energy in a way that re-explores the fearful side of alien contact, rather than embracing the loveable antics of "E.T., the Extraterrestrial."   

Psychic Disturbances.  Strange Energy.  Fear, loathing, and the stuff of runaway minds.  It is time for us to give some input to these issues before things get entirely out of hand.  And that is really a tangible fear for you, isn't it:  losing control, going insane, being swallowed by something you don't really understand?

And we are here to suggest to you how you might handle these Psychic Disturbances.  And to you, we say:  SWALLOW THEM, BEFORE THEY SWALLOW YOU.  That's the "short version" of our message today.   Do you understand this?  And while you're at it, be sure to keep a goodly supply of Sodium Bicarb on hand, just in case you get a tummy ache.  There are reasons for what we say.  And we will share a few of them with you now.    


If there was ever a time in your planet's history to be disturbed, that time would be now.  Not only is your physical space beginning to manifest some fearful and unusual circumstances, but your psychic space is also becoming inundated with thought forms and energy essences that have never before been considered by the mind of man.  The Veil of Forgetfulness is wearing thin, and those issues and images which were always there, but which often escaped your notice, are now coming into full view.  

For some of you, this might simply mean that you are being shaken awake by CNN, while being exposed to end time possibilities that leave you anxious and filled with dread.  For others, who are more expanded, and therefore more allowing of a broader spectrum of perception, your inner landscapes are beginning to resemble that infamous bar scene from the movie "Star Wars." 

During this time on your planet, the usage of various forms of mind-deflective recreation and amusement is at an all time high.  Many people are desperately seeking for something........anything.....that will draw their minds away from the uneasiness that is moving in and around their lives.  We have often referred to books, periodicals, motion pictures, and television as "The Dreams of the Mass Mind."  Now we would like to apply that same description to everything you see transpiring before you in your inner and outer worlds.   


There is a famous line from an old TV commercial which goes:  "Is it real, or is it Memorex?"   In the days, weeks, and months ahead--you may all be tempted to say that very thing!  Philosophers and Metaphysicians throughout history have made reference to "The Waking Dream."  Gurdjeff, for example, claimed that all of waking life is a dream, and those who are immersed therein must truly be entranced in order to continue functioning.  

And it is in the realm of Dream Interpretation where you may find your closest ally in dealing with your own visiting Denizens of the Deep!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with how dreams are interpreted, let us simply say that the primary key to getting your answers and insights is to consider that every aspect of the dream is also a part of you--an interaction of energies that are at play within your human mind.  Sound familiar?  Have we not been telling you about this since the beginning of our journey together?  

And if these principles of Dream Interpretation can give such rich insight to various fantasies and imaginations that you encounter while asleep, will they not be doubly effective if you apply the same concept to those events and interactions which daily confront you in the waking world?  And which is more real, indeed?  And which is merely the Memorex?

Imagine for a moment a potentially scary situation, as you lie awake in your bed--alone in a huge dark house.  The rain is pounding hard upon the shutters, and the moon seeps in through a nearby window, splashing full upon the rug near your bed.  Suddenly, you hear a creaking in the hallway, and a doorknob gets turned.  There is another creak, and a movement of furniture just outside your door.  You call out, but there is no answer.  Your heart begins beating triple-time, and you wonder whether or not to rise up and see just who or what is out there.

And then, in a moment of time (which seems like an eternity, by the way) you hear the familiar voice of your mate, reassuring you from the hall outside.  "Don't worry, dear........." He says.  "It's only me........."  And immediately your heart returns to normal, you breathe easy, and you joyfully greet a presence who, just moments before, filled you with terror. 

The incident we exemplify is quite plausible, and probably happens every day, somewhere in the world.  And, if you are  following what we are saying about the Principles of Dream Interpretation, you may be starting to catch the drift of how to handle Psychic Disturbances when they begin moving and creaking through the hallways of your mind and experience.  You approach them, as you are being encouraged to approach all things, as an ASPECT OF YOURSELF.  Regardless of how the energy is manifesting, you begin considering that it is you, yourself, who is the cause of this noise and commotion.  In fact, when encountering something unusual or alien in your daily life, you can simply frag out a portion of yourself, who will whisper to the other frightened parts in you:  "Don't worry, Dear!  It's only ME."  And so will you begin to approach your life from a new and fully empowered state of mind and heart.  


During these times of high transition, it is most important to begin considering a new languaging for Oneness, to replace the separation terminology of the Old Paradigm.  Of particular impact upon the topics we are discussing here, there is a  primary shift which needs to occur around your common usage of the terms "darkness" and "light."  In days past, the term "darkness" has been synonymous with "evil," while "light" has come to be equated with "good."  These emphases do not work well in a Oneness Base, and we would like to suggest that you alter them in the following ways.

      Darkness, in Oneness-Based Physicality, refers to

       Light, in Oneness-Based Physicality, refers to:   

The concept of EVIL is part of what we call your Shadow Work during the reconnection process.  In essence, the word itself is simply the word "live" written backwards, as though it was being read in a mirror.  And this is truly how an "evil" person or situation affects you, when you encounter it in physical space.  It opposes you, and keeps you from realizing your stated goals.  It stops you, because you refuse to admit that it belongs to you as well. 

A SHADOW is cast upon a wall or solid surface, when something comes between it and the light which seeks to illumine it.  All the "Shadow Forces" in your physical reality are truly aspects of YOU.  And, when you solidify, and differentiate yourself from them, it is YOU who are blocking the inflowing of the light.  More has been, or will be said about this in other transmissions, such as our material on Relationships.


Many of you are getting side-tracked today, as you attempt to deal with "alien energies" and paranormal occurrences as though they are something that has originated OUTSIDE OF YOU,  rather than merely another part of your Waking Dream.  You become filled with fear, or awe, and you confront these new and unusual energies by attempting (as some of you put it) "to send them into the light."  

Taking into account the upgraded definitions we have just provided you for the term "light," can you see how unproductive this is?  After all, if you have become aware of a particular "energy," to the point that you have brought it into your life and forced yourself to deal with it-- hasn't it already come into the light?  Isn't that what light now means....coming into your conscious awareness?  

Another Psychic Disturbance, which is keeping many of your channels closed these days, is your fear of involvement with beings known as DEMONS.  As it is used today, the English word "Demon" comes from the ancient word "Daimon," which means "teacher or guide."  Demons are indeed real, and they have power to teach you, in compelling and unforgettable ways.  What distinguishes a Demon from a Spirit Guide is the fact that the former is brought into your life to mirror for you shadow aspects about yourself, reflections of your hidden self that you have chosen not to accept or face. 

Whereas a Spirit Guide comes along side a person to instruct and to edify--a Demon usually enters the picture in order to foreclose on past due accounts---areas of your life where you have refused instruction or edification.  When we use the word "foreclose," we are being very pointed.  The common element of exchange in the Multiverse is focus of attention.  In order to get what it is you desire from the Multiverse, you must pay the toll to cross over the Veil.  You must become aware of who it is that you are, and what you crossed over to accomplish.  If a person attempts to do business with the Multiverse, without paying attention to these things--he will invoke a Demon, who has been enlisted to guard that portion of his Veil of Forgetfulness.  

Truthfully, Demons are no bigger deal in the life of a Reconnected Being than one foot would be to the other foot in a physical body.  They each have their purpose, and they each bear the weight of that body as it moves about.  A King does not enlist a Dragon to guard the entrance to a cave where no treasure is.  Whenever you encounter a Demon in your journey, you can be sure that you are on the brink of a fantastic breakthrough.

Demons primarily use fear and adversity as weapons against unmindfulness or fragmented thinking.  They punish, taunt, distract, divert, and generally harass any individual who has refused to deal with basic issues in life, recognizing and admitting who and what he really is.  Or, if an individual has decided to "sell his soul" for some nefarious advantage in 3D, a Demon will pummel him  until he realizes how foolish and obtuse his perspective has become.   However, in some soul contracts, Demons will allow a particular person to flourish awhile, so he can be used to pummel others who need to be awakened or taken from the Game.  Then, at some point, he becomes Reconnected and awakened as well.    

There are primarily three involvements that Demonic Energies or their Minions have with beings in physical form.  First, they portray clearly for you the fact that not everything in the Oneself is meant to be "nice."  Along with "enlightenment," a person must also receive his or her "endarkenment," which forms a clear connection to the primal or instinctual self.  Physical life has its gentle and its brutal side.  You each represent an entire Oneself Spectrum, spanning to infinity.  You are all of it, and you'd better get used to that if you wish to progress.   

Secondly, Demons serve as Dark Force Guardians for the Veil of Forgetfulness.  When a person tries to reach for personal expansion out of season, there are Beings who appear to test him, seeking to ascertain whether or not he is truly prepared to go forth into Oneness.  Fears, trepidations, and anxieties will frequently assault the mind and heart of those who are undergoing Physical and Spiritual Transmutation.  If you remember how Master Jesus sweat great drops of blood in Gethsemane, then you will understand why you too must face your inner terrors before you move forward.    

Finally, Demons frequently deliver wake-up calls for those who are invoking their Divinity during this, your last journey in Limitation.  We have seen this in your Collective Consciousness, with the Worldwide Open-Heart Mergery that was produced by your "911" Experience.  When it is truly time for you to awaken from your Dream, your own Demons know just what to say and do so that you will become conscious, and open your eyes.  

As our transmission about Terrorism attests, we do not speak here about "victims" or "perpetrators" in your personal or world events.  Rather, we speak about powerful limitation dramas, in which everyone flows together to become the author, director, and players in each person's time of awakening.            


We will close our treatise on this subject with a few simple thoughts.  More concepts will be added later, as proper timing and necessity dictate.  Everything you see around you, no matter how strange or disturbing, is an aspect of YOU. Some energies seem wilder and more chaotic because they have lost contact with their Creative Source.  In your universe, that Creative Source is YOU.  When you consciously own and purposely begin to integrate an "alien" energy, it ceases to be alien from that point on.  

Psychic Disturbances in physical space are bucking broncos that are longing to be called home.  Or, they are wild stallions, seeking to show you how powerful and intensely passionate you secretly are!  Dark Spirits often represent emotions and sexual fervor that has been disowned and cast aside.  Like so many Mordreds, left over from days gone by--they visit the King, asking only that he acknowledge from whose loins they arose.  If he refuses to do that, they often have the powerful to reduce his whole Kingdom to rubble.  

If you look at Energy Turbulence and say "This has to stop!" you are abhorting a birth of understanding that is trying to take place around you.  But if you say instead: "What part of MYSELF is this?" you are finally taking notice of the faces that have been pressed against the window of your soul.  You are rescuing your own orphans, and giving them a place to dance or to find rest.   

You cannot change anything until you acknowledge and own it.  When you do, it grounds the energy and begins to quiet the storms of life.  If you refuse to ground your own dark energies, they will sometimes attach themselves to your property, your pets, your close friends, or your children.  The Spirits do not do this to punish you.  Rather, they are doing it because those close to you earnestly desire that you find total fulfillment within this, your Reconnection Incarnation.  It is all done as part of a spiritual contract.  Immediate healing can be available, for those who are willing to take back what was once cast out and forgotten!    

Those who cannot understand this will reject it for a time.  And that will okay, as all energies must seek after the frequencies to which they are most attuned.  Oneness will always be there when you are ready to obtain it.  Separation abounds for those who still need to experience it.  There is no condemnation in this.  


The authority that once walked upon the waters and quieted raging storms now flows through YOU, during this your time of Reconnection.  Do you believe that, or do you think of our time together merely as philosophical discussion and casual debate?  The admonition "Be still....." is most often followed by the words "......and KNOW that I am God."   Do you KNOW that you are God today?  Or, are you still stuck wallowing in your human forgetfulness and limitation?  Wake up, My Friends, there are surprises in store!

In groups, are there those among you who are suffering or "disturbed?"  Do you comfort them, sympathize, and just send flowers?"  Or, by comparison, do you ask yourself "What part of ME is this person wearing?"  Do you inwardly move to take back whatever energy has separated itself from your consciousness?  

A headache that manifests in someone "out there," can become an inspiration of power when it is brought home to its rightful owner.  It just didn't fit the person who first received it, that's all.  A depression in the soul of a child can symbolize complete inner transformation when that energy is allowed into a parent who no longer devalues feelings and intuition in favor of habit, personal possessions, or fame.  The energy just seemed heavy in the child because it was meant to be carried by the one for whom it was designed.

We are not saying here that all Psychic Disturbances are caused by neglect on your part, or abandonment of your children to the winds of adversity.  Far from it!  What we are bringing to your attention, however, is the fact that everything that is seen or felt in your perceptual reality has its roots and origins in YOU, the creator of that universe.  And this statement is true of everyone in every universe.  There is no "them" who are causing your troubles, and there is no way  to "throw them out" anymore.  That is because, in Oneness, there is no out!  Does this make sense to you?  

Peace, My Dear Friends.  Peace and be still.  If the answers to your whirlwinds do not come quickly, then stand calmly within the storms and feel their power!  That power is YOU.  Own it.  Work with it.  Use metaphorical thinking to understand and apply it in whatever ways seem useful to your process.  E.T. has finally decided that its time to phone HOME.  When he does, will you be there to answer?  

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc. 

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Q:    Is it actually possible to channel fear or other emotions into people?

DJ:   Yes.  We do it everyday.  Each of our universes is but a projection of our own psyche.  When we see fear “out there,” it is just a reflection of our own fear.  The game called “I’m putting fear into you,” is…… the root…simply a Creator God playing with his own powers……..playing with his Hall of Mirrors.  This would be true in reverse as well.  When it appears that fear is coming upon, from without………we must remember…… Oneness, there really is no “out.”  It’s all just a trick of perception.  Thanks for asking.  It’s an interesting query.  The channeling of emotions inward is called "Empathy"........while channeling them outward is known as "Telempathy".......and it is becoming more and more common these days.