Another Transmission from The Reconnections


My Dear Friends,

When we speak of "dimensions," we are referring to "measurements" of people or objects in physical space. In some cases, we may use this word to describe how much space an image will occupy within an established context. Or, perhaps, we might be speaking about the measured distances between images as they stand in relationship to one another. All these factors form a specified viewpoint, through which (or from which) objects or individuals can be observed.

Your First Dimension is height, which allows for the establishment of CONTENT in physical space. A line gets drawn on a page.  What, now, will you do with it?

Your Second Dimension is width, establishing how much of your visual field will be taken up with the line that has been drawn, as well as the CONTEXT in which it appears. This means that a single line may also connect with other lines---while they stand in FLAT RELIEF upon the page. It is not until you add your Third Dimension, which is depth, that you create CONTACT between the viewer of the page and the images that exist upon it. Until they are noticed, interpreted, and appreciated we tend to refer to those images as "Flatlanders"--Two Dimensional Constructs.

There are libraries full of Flatlanders---blueprints, pictures, illustrations--waiting for viewers to peruse and adopt them. Once the viewer of an image has made CONTACT between his own life, and the picture(s) he is viewing, it will feel as though the images suddenly come alive, and jump off the page, making a home in his world.

This is what we are speaking about when we talk about using "personal eyes." You take an image or a group of images, and you ground them to yourself. You PERSONALIZE THEM, by breathing life into them..........YOUR LIFE....... and you interpret them and ponder how they mirror some aspect of your being. When a person uses the term "believe"......he is really saying to some image: "BE LIVE! You are real! I believe in you!"

As you move THROUGH the Fourth Dimension, TIME, you travel down a corridor of alternative versions of the NOW MOMENT you once occupied. Instead of saying "I am"........your focus changes to "I was" or "I will be." As you move through the Fifth Dimension and Beyond.......there is a shift in your perception of that as well. At that point, "I am" becomes "Suppose I were".........and the possibilities are endless.

Your Multiversal NOW is like an infinite gallery, full of snapshots of SELF, which have been taken from every conceivable angle. As you go about creating a 3D reality flow, you gather pictures which embody what each scene will look like---very much like a screenwriter uses a Story Board to lay out his film. After you create an order of presentation, you flip through the pictures, like an animator running through a cartoon. The order of placement for the pictures is what creates the ILLUSION OF CONTINUITY............past-present-future. But you must realize that each "flow" of events is entirely artibrary. If the creator were to re-shuffle his pictures........ the "dimensions" of his reality would automatically change too. Indeed, that condition known as "Dimensia," is caused by this very thing.

More will be shared about this as the timing for your Reconnection with All That Is grows nigh! We love you, we support you, we are always here.

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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