Hi Daniel,
Many thanks for your latest newsletter, 'Running the New Energy', along with the 'comforting' confirmations that others 'out there' are also experiencing what you term 'Symptoms of Spiritual Flu' or the 'Labour Pains of the New Humanity'.  Other channels refer to these symptoms in other terms and this, of course, only tends to add to the current confusion and uncertainty.
I was drawn to your statement: 'For some, the energies are wreaking total havoc.  For others, they manifest as a realisation of dreams that are long past-due.'  In your article 'Labour Pains and the New Humanity' (March 2004), which I have read many times and keep returning to, you say something similar: 'Losing your ground: You become ill, lose your family, lose your job, or get a good deal of your possessions wiped out.  This isn't meant to be punitive at all.  It's just being part of the process of being opened up.  It brings you forward to live life on the edge!  What seems like disaster actually ends up working in your favour.'
Going from the general to the specific, it may be encouraging/comforting for others to learn of examples of this as they materialise for the rest of us.  My own experience of this was of going through the 'disaster' of being suspended from my teaching post back in 1989 for trying out a new, student-centred approach to teaching math.  This programme had been developed by researchers at Nottingham University.  The hassle that followed my 6-month suspension brought to an end, in 1996, my 30-year old marriage.  I relocated to Scotland in 1997.  At times, I still feel sad about the way it all happened but, at least my ex-wife and I are now good pals again! 
But as the door shut on a 30-year career in secondary education, another opened at Lancaster University where I was welcomed onto their master's degree course in educational research.  This I completed in 1998.  I had first applied for a place on their MA in Education back in 1980 after completing an advanced diploma in Outdoor Education in 1977.  At that time I was turned down, as the powers-that-be deemed that the diploma was not sufficiently academic to warrant admission to the MA. 
Strangely - and this I still find hard to believe - when I returned to the university in 1993 and told them of my enforced redundancy and how it had all come about, they accepted my student-centred explorations as bona fide action research.  In other words, the fact that I'd been suspended and forced into taking early retirement provided me with the academic qualifications that I needed to realise my long-term dream of one day earning a master's degree in education.  In total, it had taken 23 years to achieve (1976-1998). 
Spirit certainly has a strange way of working things out in your favour, doesn't it?  There's lots more I could tell you about the long chain of mysterious coincidences (synchronicities) that led from one door shutting and to the other one opening, but I'll leave it there for the moment.
Many thanks, once again, Daniel, for keeping us so well informed of the often mysterious workings of 'the upstairs team'.
Cheers for now,
John T. 

DJ:  John..........thanks so much for this excellent example of Spirit's work in your life!  I have heard many stories about teachers who are penalized for innovative and creative teaching styles--as they seem to accentuate the deadness that exists in the school system, by way of comparison.  The kids flock to these teachers, which puts pressure on the administration.  Meanwhile, life's program goes on doesn't it, and if we simply follow the gyroscope within, we will eventually learn the rationale behind the many dramas that are sent our way.