Disease Processes




Some of you may have reviewed the  "Energy Activations" sector, with a description of a merge that is taking place between two prime Archetypal forces in this Game of Separation.  This is, of course, simply my "version" of what is going on, but many say that it seems to be a compelling one.     


Since 1987, the time of The Harmonic Convergence, there is a merge happening between those beings who represent the World of Form (Theos) and those who dwell in Space or The Void (Chaos).  We have said that the convergence of these two primary forces is the source of this sense of disruption and change that many of us have been feeling all these years.


The Hermetic Axiom, which is the core of the Doctrine of Correspondence, states:  "as above, so below."  Basically, this wondrous declaration tells us that everything in creation is a HOLOGRAM of everything else.  We are mirrors for each other.  In every context, and at every level, all of existence is basically experiencing the same things.  Jesus underscored the same idea when He included the phrase "on earth as it is in heaven...." in his famous Lord's Prayer.


The Reconnections included, in their first written transmission, a variation upon ---actually a REVERSAL of---this famous axiom.  They used the phrase:  "as below.....so above."  In doing so, they opened my eyes to the marvelous fact that all around me, on the physical plane---obscured from view by disguises of "normalcy" and costumes that look so mundane---are Gods and Goddesses, interacting with me, every day of my life.  They speak to me, sing to me, teach me, and model for me everywhere this incredible Oneness which we all are. 


Interaction with or sponsorship by an Archetypal Aspect of the Oneself is often required for movement through a Trans-Portal.   When the Gate opens, the traveler is bathed in what is called "Radiance Energy," which begins the process of decomposition, thereby facilitating travel through the system.  (See Trans-Portals Material for details on this)


If a person is aware of what is happening and why, and has dealt with his fears of change, the body will complete the process quickly and easily.  Decomposition is rapid, followed by transit through the Gate, and concluding with re-composition of the body in a new (usually 3D) environment.  It's all very quick and painless!  Indeed, this process happens with everyone, many times a day. 


However, if the body is not aware that "contact" has been made with the Guide, and there is no conscious memory of the intention which brought about the journey in the first place, the physical vehicle will experience a state of alarm, become hesitant, and that person's energy may get jammed-up, mid-way through the Gate. 


Radiance is not just a light force which congeals around the body.  Many of these infusions of Radiance appear to be dark areas in or near the body.  Recognition of this can give great insight in regards to disease states such as cancer.  In general, journeys into the "light" are journeys of mind and ideals.  Journeys into the "dark" are journeys of emotion and instinctual connection to the Earth and its processes.  Both are necessary, but both are not embraced equally by humankind at this time. 


In the Energy Activations series, I have spoken about watchdogs, sitting at the Gate of our Inner City, seeking to protect our "physical structure" from invasion by "intruders."  As was stated in that chapter, one good definition of an "intruder" in the body would be some awakening of emotion or some re-installation of knowledge about something that we, as eternal beings, have chosen to forget. 


I referred to these watchdogs, within the context of the human body, as "The Immune System."   I would now like to examine, in detail, how the dogs sound when they are barking.  Though most of these operations are in effect, during a time of bodily infection or trauma, they may not always happen in this order.




When the physical body is irritated or invaded, one of the very first things it does is to IRRIGATE the area with fluids.  Poke yourself in the eye and it waters.  Bang your thumb with a hammer and your hand swells.  Why does this happen? 


Fluids, in the body, are a primary means of TRANSPORTATION for essences that need transport through the body's various systems.  They also carry nutrients and energy to many of the body's parts, and transport waste materials away from each organ or system when it's time for them to be eliminated. 


If there are signs of WAR, anywhere in the body, then fluids will be rushed there, automatically---carrying with them food, extra troops, ammunition, and body bags to help with the fight.  There are specific kinds of blood cells (guards) that descend upon an "invader" when it is caught inside the City Gates without permission of the brain (or sometimes, they attack with or without permission!)  The proliferation of bodily fluids, during times of invasion, are signs that the watchdogs are doing their job. 




The next manifestation of struggle within a physical body would be an experience of DISORIENTATION.  A person may get light-headed, dizzy, or need to sit down.  He will find it hard to focus.  His vision and hearing are often limited or they become distorted. 

Of course, the most effective and immediate response, during an invasion, would be for the body to simply PASS OUT.  This physical unconsciousness might be seen as a mirror image of that state of unconsciousness that exists upon the spirit plane during this time.  The "truth" or "remembrance" that is represented by this "invader" remains stuck in this person's spiritual "throat," and it causes a temporary blockage of overall energy flow and awareness.     




Another tool used by the Immune System are various forms of what the Guides call "metabolic snow," which we traditionally have recognized as MUCOUS or PUS .  The accumulation of this substance around the site of an "invasion" signals an effort by the body to "snow" the agent of infection, thereby immobilizing it and keeping it inert.  Do you remember that old 1950's movie "The Blob?"   In that movie, an "invader" from outer space was growing, by leaps and bounds, in the form of this gooey, sticky substance, which ate humanity alive on contact.  (Hmmmmmmm............does that sound like an agent of decomposition or what?)   The "final" solution to the problem was for humanity to freeze this substance, and carry it to the North Pole.  As long as it is "kept on ice," everything is fine.  A great analogy, which creates a nice picture of what mucous build-up in the body is designed to do when "space invaders" threaten our "normal" lifestyle, our "status quo!" 


As you can see here..........there are mechanisms of the physical body which are designed, very definitively, around the concept that "this is ME, and that is YOU."   Any attempt to mix and mingle "me and you" often produces a rejection response---something drastic, something with consequences that demand our attention!  If an energy enters our "compound," and we can't wash it away, shock it away, or freeze and immobilize it, the body still is not without its resources.  In the next segment, we will explore what some of those are as well.       


There are a huge number of theoretical leanings, in the world of cancer research, around the idea that the "root" of this disease is the presence of some sort of pathogen in the body.  This goes along with the popular notion that disease is (often) caused by the INFECTION of some foreign agent, and it is the job of the  Immune System to oust this "visitor" from the premises.   As we have seen earlier, this is attempted through the use of fluid, shock, or metabolic snow (mucous, etc).  If those defenses fail, the next step in the immune response is cellular incarceration for the new energy.   In short, the energy core is locked up, within a "cell" block..........which we call a Neo-Plasm.  We also call them tumors.
Granted, the world of medicine can also offer a whole host of solutions as well.  But for now, we are just examing what the body does naturally, so that we can engage in a bit of speculation about how we could create "natural" shifts in these conditions, without bringing in "big guns"---like chemo, radiation, or surgery--that can have their own negative effects on body health.    
Recon Carion says that the density of these defenses:  shock (energetic imbalance), fluid accumulation (edema), mucous, pus, and tumors.............are varying degress of the same basic intention---"Get rid of this strange energy!"---differing in their appearance the same way that vapor differs from water and water differs from ice.  All are basically the same element--manifest at different vibratory rates in the 3D universe.    
The transformative (strange) energies enter into our physical "space" so they can expand our definition of who and what we are.  Understanding that all is ONE, they arrive on the scene to make the statement:  "Hey Guys, this is also what you are."   If there is a sense of acceptance to this, they often move on through.   As has been said, e-motions are "energy in motion."  Sometimes, however, they decide to settle down and raise a "family."   Guess whose coming to dinner!  <s>
Do you remember the movie "Rambo?"   It's a classic, right?  A Viet Nam Vet is passing through a small town.  The local sheriff notices that a "stranger is in town," and he proceeds to harass the guy.   A review of this movie is a perfect foundation for understanding what happens when some of these transformative elements enter a physical body.  The Immune System plays the role of "Sheriff," backed up by the "militia" of the Medical Profession.   If we follow the analogy of the "Rambo" scenario, there was never any indication that this "mysterious stranger" was dangerous.  He only looked "weird," and that was enough to get the lawmen riled up. 
There are many studies that have been done around H.I.V.    Researchers have found the presence of H.I.V. in the bodies of many healthy, non-AIDS patients.  In many of these cases, there is no negative influence by the presence of the organism, because the body doesn't appear to be fighting it.   It's just there.  As you'll recall, the way a doctor diagnoses HIV is the presence of antibodies in the blood.  If there is no "fight," then there would be no antibodies, right?  
Returning to the "Rambo" analogy.........
The big breakdown in the story comes because the lawmen are too confident (arrogant, really), and they have no real knowledge of their adversary.   This guy, passing through town, appears to be a helpless bum.   Even though he was brawny, he doesn't seem too smart.  Why not abuse and harass him?  
Remember what just happened in Tennessee?   I mean, it was a dog...........belonging to a family that was under arrest.  It's running towards me. It doesn't stop when I order it to.  Why not shoot it in the face, right in front of them?  I had to protect myself, didn't I?  And why not giggle while I'm doing it?   This is the mentality of some of our armed forces and lawmen (though not all, thank God-Us!)  
How were these jerks to know that Rambo was a world-class trained killer?   How were they to know that he could completely disassemble the town, single-handedly?  Now mind you.  It was NEVER HIS PLAN.  And, if they had left him alone, he would probably have a sandwich, wash his face, and go on his merry way.  But nooooooo........we have to flex our muscles, don't we?  We have to show "strangers" that we are not afraid of them, don't we?   Gad, this seems to be the standard operating procedures of some governments these days, as well. 
This is the same story we are finding all over the world with cancer treatment.   The "strangers" are detected.  They are often seen as "black spots" in X-rays, etc.  Immediately the militia are called in.  They are chemically poisoned, irradiated, or a surgeon attempts to cut them out.  Meanwhile, this relatively "harmless" drifter, suddenly gets pissed!   He says:  "I didn't do anything to you, except exist.  Now I'm gonna have to kick your ass!"  
If you recall, we have been saying that a good deal of these "mysterious strangers" are DARKIES.   They come from the underworld, and the realms of passion/emotion.   They appear to be strangers, because the "host" entities are not used to having a freeflow of this kind of energy in their body.  If they had, the X-rays or other tests may not have differentiated the appearance of this element. 
Its also very interesting to note, that a huge portion of deaths that occur, related to cancer and other diseases, happen because of a proliferation of Immune Responses in the body (accumulation of fluid, tumors, mucous, etc.)............or, because of adverse reaction to the "treatment" that is added, in order to get rid of the "mysterious stranger."    
There is a huge amount of research being done, especially in the alternative and complementary health care communities, exploring the incredible effectiveness that can be achieved in patients suffering from debilitating diseases, when they can get a grip on emotional issues that have been hitherto unadressed.  Substantial shifts result in their physical state.  In many cases, the disease goes into remission, or disappears altogether.  Traditional medics dismiss all this "research" as unfounded anecdotal material.  But Shamans and Healers know that Vibrational Medicine is the path of the future.     


Another powerful area that must be addressed in this series in the tendency for a human body to invoke into itself more energy than it was designed to process or to carry.  We must remember that the universe in which we study these materials has been called "The Reconnection Universe" (among other names).    This is the physical 3D context wherein we all realize our Oneness with everything and everyone, including God/Goddess/All That Is.  And this is fine, as long as we realize that the power and energy associated with said awareness is to be shared with our entire universe.  It's no fair pulling all that power into one human body.  The Reconnections teach that it's all your body.  So.........let the whole body carry it!  When a divine resonance pulses through a human body, it's very possible for that individual to become poisoned by "Radiance" (Global Acceleration) Sickness.   We can speak more about that later.   
When I was in my twenties, my Veil of Forgetfulness was firmly in place.  I call those years my "Little Bo Peep" years, because I thought of my soul as "white as snow!"  This doesn't mean that I thought myself to be an angel---au contaire!  There were many things going on inside me that I was ashamed about:  personal deceptions, sexual issues, resentments, resistances, and other assorted frustrations.   And that is just the point.  Nowhere in there was the sense that I was anymore than a (very confused) human being, existing in 3D reality.  I could be a "sinner, saved by grace".........but I just couldn't be "God in Training."   No way! 
When I married, my wife and I were committed Baptists.  My kids came, and we exemplified for everyone around us the perfect little "Christian family."  We went on like that for about 7 years, and then things began to change.  Someone introduced me to Wayne Dyer's material, as well as works by Richard Bach.  I started investigating new things, designed to stimulate spiritual growth.  Little by little, I made my first steps into what Obi-Wan Kenobe called "A larger world."   
My wife, on the other hand, began to grow darker and darker in her nature.  After her own mother died, she got very ill.  She began to manifest symptoms that some physicians felt were indicative of Multiple Sclerosis.  Granted, most of her doctors felt she needed psychiatric help more than physical care.  Her mother had M.S. as she was growing up, and many of the Docs felt that Lynn (my wife) had simply created a neurosis matching the envirnoment she had during childhood.   However, as I ponder the situation now, in light of the Reconnection's Teachings, I am beginning to surmise that it was very possible that Lynn was simply suffering from a deterioration of her Veil of Forgetfulness (and also mine, since wives tend to take on the emotional backwash of their husband's energy).    
As she got sicker, Lynn also became more expressive of the "darker" side of human nature.  She swore, she got belligerent, and she lied about some things.  In short, she became ANYTHING but what a "good Christian wife" should be.  Many of us who surrounded her were shocked!   Of course, many of us who surrounded her were full of crap, too!  We were no more in touch with our "Shadow Self" than we were with the man in the moon!  Instead, we let Lynn wear that for us. 
By way of background, my wife was always a go-getter.  She was forever willful, energetic, and she always seemed to be trying to fit a half-gallon of life into a quart bottle.  In other words, she was ripe for a Neurological Conundrum, and so she got one! 
A great many of these types of diseases are said to be "stress related."   I can certainly vouch for that.  We are speaking here about conditions such as M.S., Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Epstein-Barr, Myasthenia Gravis, and other conditions related to energy deficit, difficulty in locomotion, lack of alertness, muscle pain or dysfunction, spaciness and general malaise. 
Spirit tells me that, most often, the root of these conditions is NOT laziness, lack of lust for life, or simple depression.  In fact, it turns out that the opposite is true.  The psychological profile for these types of patients is statistically similar to the one my wife had.  Most all of them tend to be "pushers," people who have always gotten through life on personal commitment and will-power.  And they have usually been smartly rewarded for that, as well.  Imagine their surprise, then, when the very approach to life that has served them all these years turns out to be their undoing. 
In many of these cases, Spirit says that the primary cause of these neuro symptoms is the amount of eletro-magnetic force that these dear folks invoke into their nervous system, as a result of solid INTENTION and PURE WILL.  Apparently, their manifest ability is so strong that it, quite literally, blows their energy circuits.  
Interestingly enough, the inner dialogue that is going on, as this is happening---is still powered by self-criticism, willfulness, and push-push-push!  After all, they have always gone through life fearing that they would be "unproductive" and "not amount to anything"..........and we all know that what we resist persists.  Therefore, even while their inner landscape is bathed in "get-up-and-go" rhetoric, their energy system gets completed FRIED, because no human could accomplish (in 3 lifetimes)......what they seem to be ordering their body to do.    
The Energy Gates that are involved, in this type of situation, are two-fold.  One one hand, they have committed themselves to become human.  They locked an eternal soul into a finite body, and they ordered it to stay here until a certain period of time has elapsed.  Then, they created physical circumstances to unfold all around them, so they could live and interact with others.  The problem is.........the Veil gets a little too "loose" during the onset time of the conditions.  There must be a "leak" in the knowledge of who and what they are.  Instead of being merely "human," their consciousness begins to tell them they are SO MUCH MORE.  And, realizing this...........they begin to live that out.        

Commentary by Daniel Jacob
Copyright, 2003 by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.