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G'day Daniel / Group / Reconnections !

I decided that it was appropriate to post this info to the message
forum as I know some members of the group are ready for this, those
who aren't will not absorb this but they are going to have to deal with
it eventually.

The main reason that at first I didn't want to post this to the group
is that I feel that the concept of turning round and fighting and
destroying the darkness scares some people, and rightly so, to do so
without being pretty sure you have made good progress in your shadow
work would be very very dangerous.

The light, is everywhere, it doesn't come from me, I can't create and
send my own light anywhere, cos I am in the light, not the maker of
the light, I saw the arrogance of that concept very clearly today.
The good news is, if you destroy darkness, the light floods in, after
the darkness is destroyed, not beaten back by the light, and this is
very important to understand.

If you destroy negative, bad, nasty etheric ghoul energy is
dissapears, it dissintegrates in front of you and has to go back to
it's own beginnings, it's not just weakened, it's blasted to
smithereens, and you tell it to take the message back to it's people
about what has happened to it.

How do you destroy it ?

I knew you were gonna ask that.

Well guys and gals, this is hot off of the etherical press as far as
I can tell, this info is not yet published or shared beyond a few
people, it's not an elitist thing at all, it's bloody powerful and
not to be thrown around lightly, because  people would get really hurt if
the did it wrong.

OK , I'll try to get this as accurate as possible, Imagine the word
Spirit, then change that to Spear It ! when a bad entity,
situation, vibe, ufo, whatever form the dark nasty is taking
threatens you, breath out, hard, fast, make a sshhhu sound as you do
it and imagine that breath taking with it a spear to hit the bad
thing, even visualize yourself thrusting it forward.

It is also a wonderfull way of determining if something is nice or
nasty, if it's nice your energy and spear will pass straight through
doing no harm whatsoever, and you will know 100% to trust that thing
and not fear or doubt it at all, cos if it's bad it explodes when
the spear hits it, It's amazingly simple but is one of the most
powerfull tools for discerning what is good or bad that I have ever
been shown in fact THE MOST POWERFULL way of discerning.

.......well I realised today, that pretty soon, people like you/me/all the
human 3d reconnections, are gonna be faced with a world that is
losing it's grip on reality, and it's gonna get bad, dark, scarey and
dangerous for lots of folks, and in the extremes of the unwashed
masses having to deal with the changes, the exposing of all the lies,
they are gonna feel cheated, shit on, and very very angry when they
realise that up untill now they never had a chance, and they are
gonna get violent in the extreem too.

And I am gonna go and start building cabins/houses/humpies/whatever I
can get together, to provide a free safe haven for people, any people
who are ready and need saftey to get through this next shift unharmed.

Daniel:   I am watching with interest this rhetoric concerning "armies of
light" ........and doing battle with "sniveling little cowards."
Interesting languaging........invoking high drama. I'm asking myself
what this is all about in my perceptual universe.........

Forum Member: DJ, I would also be very interested to hear a reconnections point of view on this energy.  Thanks for your openness and support.

Daniel:  In a nutshell, the Recons consider all aspects that are seen
(and unseen) in a person's universe to be viable "members" of the
Round Table of that moment. Most effort that is expended to oust
something or someone from a space only re-enforces the resolve of
that individual to be there (because you say they can't).....and also
invokes the presence of the Guardian Spirit to assist them in
safeguarding their "citizenship" in what is basically a Oneself.

The Guardian Spirit is a Mass Consensus that we all reached, when
we began upon this journey of our Return to Oneness. It's actions
and enforcements are not so much attached to any one position on the
vibrational spectrum. Rather, it defends against aggression
and "vibrational profiling" in all forms. The delineation of "Light"
and "Darkness" in today's parlance is laden with judgment and
territorialism. The G.S. is enlisted to help us all realize that the
TERRITORY belongs to us all! Everyone gets to inhabit this space.

Dogs don't bark without a reason. Spirits don't attack unless they
are feeling attacked. The nature of the "attacks" on their space may
be invisible to us, even though we are continuing to inititate them.
In a sense, a society.......are still asleep. And,
like restless dreamers, we occasionally roll over and whack our "bed
partners" with an elbow as we re-position ourselves in the bed. At
that point, they whack us back! We rouse ourselves......wipe our
eyes.....and say....."Wha? Wha' happened?" And then we try to roll
over and go back to sleep.

I got a call yesterday from a woman who just lost her mother awhile
back. Her Father is 81 years young <s>........and he is still living
in the house where she grew up, where the whole family has lived for
49 years. Throughout her experience with the house.......they have
seen apparitions and ghosts floating around, felt taps on their
shoulders, and heard whispers in their ears. Dad still lives there,
and he hears and sees incredible things all the time. Since mother
died, these things have increased. The visions are stronger, and
there is the feeling of hands that are stroking and messing with his
feet when he is trying to sleep.

She heard about me, and called to see if there was something I
could do. I told her that my "approach" is to discover why they have
chosen to live in an Open Portal (Energy Gate) all these years........
(after all, they could have moved away at any time).......and still
not become friends with the energy that was reaching out to them.
She is a Christian, though not a closed-down one. He is just wanting
to get his sleep! Though I sympathize, I also am aware that his wife
is probably over there (on the other side).........having lived in
the house with him all these years........and she finally GETS THE
PICTURE of what's happening on Planet Earth. Even as he is trying to
roll back over, in his sleep, and swat the flies that are buzzing
around his head.........she is over there, saying: "Hey Bud! We've
all SLEPT LONG ENOUGH.  It's time to WAKE UP There's work to do!"

Meanwhile, the daughter is expecting me to come over and clean out
the house. (Remember that kewl little woman in "Poltergeist?"
LOLOL!! "This house is CLEAN".....she said.) I have to find a
tactful way to tell her that the DANIMAL doesn't do windows!!! <s>
And those entities are NOT the "dirt" that is bothering that house.

When I moved into my present office, in 1988, we had a house
ghost. Her name was Eloise, and at night, you could hear her walking
the floor upstairs. Once, she walked right through me. It was
exhilarating! She spoke to me several times.......and was very fond
of my boys (we lived in the office in the early days, before the
business got really going). Over the years, many people have
commented on her, and I never once thought of telling her to leave.
After all, she used to live in that house. Why can't she be there
after she's died? It's all just SPACE, you know? Do I own that

Anyway.......she finally left us awhile back. She just departed.
Since then, I've had no real indication that we have any
specific "entities" around, even though I know the place is full of
them. The reason they don't bother anyone is that I am not such a
restless "sleeper" anymore! In fact, I often sit with them and have
tea! On several occasions, I have asked Eloise advice on how to run
the Center, and she has helped me considerably. She even helped me
get rid of three nasty employees (nasty, in the sense that they had
no good will for my business).

In the Center of the Building, is a silver vortex that goes all the
way up into the sky. It's through this vortex that some of the
energy of "Trans-Portals" came when those transmissions were

Now I ask you.........what would have happened to
Recon Land if I had decided to CLEAN THAT HOUSE, rather than just let
it be what it is?????

Too bad. Methinks Grampa has a few more restless nights ahead of
him. The alarm has sounded. Humanity's nap is just about over.

Forum Member:   This sounds like sucking up but it is totaly genuine from the bottom of my heart.

My dearest friend Daniel, your wisdom, non judgment of me and your
acceptance of my ranting and ravings never cease to amaze me.

Thank you for supplying such an open and expansive space for all the
ideas and concepts shared on this board.

I do not think I have read a single post and not got something out of

You people are truly amazing and I am blessed to have been brought
into your confidence.


Daniel: Thanks so much! Speaking of fighting ghouls and dogs..........<s>.

I have an addendum to this story that y'all might like. When we
moved into my Office, in 1988, there was a family living next door
that had two dogs. This man and woman both worked during the day,
and they had a habit of leaving their dogs outside, unattended, while
they were gone. From the very first moment we moved in there, these
dogs barked. They barked, and they barked........and, after awhile,
we nearly tore our hair out! The dogs house was right next to our
fence in the parking lot. Whenever a car would pull up, the dogs hit
that fence like a freight train, barking like wolves. Not exactly
the most welcoming sight to someone coming to relax and get some

From the get-go, we began begging, negotiating, pleading,
threatening, arguing, and cookie-fying the neighbors (we took cookies
over to them) an effort to get these dogs to shut up. They
complied for awhile, and then it would start up again..........for 11
years we did this.

Then, one day.......I was saying to meeself....."Self? This is
ridiculous. You are an ENERGY MASTER! What the hell is this
business about barking dogs disrupting your healing here?" I have
since decided that this is an apt question that we ALL need to be
asking ourselves, as we continue to awaken in this hour of Planetary

A little while went by (after I asked that question)......and I went
to our local supply house for Massage Supplies.....called "Zenith
Supplies" in Seattle. There I encountered a video that gave an intro
to Feng Shui. Since I'd always been interested in the art, I picked
up the video and watched it the next morn. In the video, there was
much mention of how the orientals use MIRRORS to deflect negative
energies around their property. (In retrospect, I find that
amusing. What else would we use to "defeat" the source of negativity
in our lives but a MIRROR, eh?)

As I pondered the Mirror Cure, I put myself in the place of those
dogs. Instead of seeing the dogs as "intruders," I began to see that
it might be WE who were the intruders. After all, there were cars
coming and going ALL DAY LONG..........from that property. The
energy we were throwing over that the dogs and their
home.....must have been very disruptive! No wonder they were

Immediately, I went out to the Hardware Store and bought myself a 6
pack of beveled mirrors, the kind you use to fill up a wall in your
living room. I have since learned that sharp edges on mirrors are not
as helpful as rounded ones, but that's another story.

I took three of the mirrors and leaned them against the fence, facing
us, and our parking lot. In this way, I was taking our disruptive
energy and bouncing it back at us, rather than projecting it over the
fence at our neighbors and our dogs. Then, I took two mirrors and
leaned them against our storage shed, which was directly across from
the dogs' house. Lastly, I took one mirror and leaned it against our
house, facing the neighbors' house (just in case they had hard
feelings towards us too).

Immediately, the barking stopped. It was even a bit eerie! Sara,
one of our Associates at the time, came down stairs and said: "What
did you do to those dogs?!?" I just smiled. Everyone was amazed.
You could pull into the parking lot, turn off your engine, and the
dalmation would look in your direction, and then quietly look away.
It was as if we no longer existed for them.

The "energy" that was being projected over that fence belonged to
us. We were losing it, and the dogs didn't want it. When we began
accept what was happening, as perfect, and to re-capture that lost
energy, our revenues and prosperity increased. Our number of paying
appointments went up by one third. Everyone was happy, and I got a
wonderful anecdote to share with clients as I was teaching them how
to make friends with their pain.

Methinks this whole "ghoulie fighting" thing is a matter of
perspective. I can't deny that I and my Associates had no end of
negative "fun," fighting those "nasty animals." But then, when
the "fight" was over..........we finally were able to handle the real
source of all our problems. God bless the power of a MIRROR, eh?

Thanks for listening..........


And thank YOU for listening too!   Your comments and questions are welcome.