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"THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL:  2008"   12/12/08

One mustn't divorce seeing this movie from the 1951 version.  They are VERY different, but each brings ideas to the "table" that have power to tantalyze and elucidate.  In the modern version, the Robot is all but eliminated.  In the older version, Gort is the key to a great many things.  Klaatu is an entirely different personality as well.......as different as the unearthly character of Michael Rennie, as compared to the ultimate "dude" persona of Keanu Reeves. The difference with Reeves in this movie is he is even more robotic than usual, and always seems pissed off.  Some nice visual effects. By itself, it would be a fallback movie.  In concert with the original, it expands the meaning of the story into the present day. 



An Excellent and Provocative Piece! 

Directed by Woody Allen, and starring Scarlett Johanssen, Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruz---"VCB" reflects a highly charged and controversial energy which, by the way, tends to characterize Allen's life in 3D. You'll hear more from me on this one.  It's a real conversation starter! 



Most Excellent!  An A+ Experience, in movie watching and discussion of deep content!

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Cast of "Hellboy 2"  A Wild Ride Indeed! 



Interesting New Movie:  "JUMPER" 

The effects are excellent.  The writing is so-so (vague and incomplete).  The actors are high quality, but not really at their top form.  The idea is VERY interesting, and right on time with Spirit Trends right now. 

Well-Worth Seeing.

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Another Triumph for Ryan Gosling.......

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Nina and I saw the film and we were mesmerized. The story is delicious in every way.  Not only are the people in Lars' town amazing, bringing to mind the charm and sweetness of the movie "Fargo," created by the Coen Brothers several years ago, but the character of Lars.......as played by Gosling.....is the most intricate, innocent, and appealing character we've encountered since Forrest Gump or Sean Penn's amazing portrayal in "I am Sam."   Very appealing.  Not to be missed!



Claire Danes in Paramount Pictures' "Stardust"

Neil Gaiman's "Stardust".  An excellent fantasy romp.  Loved it!



"Paris J'taime"

Imaginative, Romantic, Inspiring. 15 Mini-Love Stories in One.  Filmed all around Paris




   Hang onto your wig.  Hot, Kinky.....but with some deep, deep moral irony.

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"The Notebook" Commentary (click here)

"It's not just a chick flick!"

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands

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MISTS OF AVALON:  TNT Presentation.

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In the time of the Great Goddess:  Click here

Now at the Video Store.  Striking Imagery.  Strong Female Leads.


"The United States of Leland"

   Powerful Story. Excellent Insight about Teen Killings


"Greetings, Prisoners of the Dark Master!"

"We have come to rescue you!"


A Commentary by Daniel Jacob


Pan's Laybrinth.  Excellent Work!



By Daniel Jacob

The primary themes explored in "The Da Vinci Code" seem to be religion, conspiracy, governmental and ecclesiastical cover-ups, and rival factions of power within various sects of Christianity.  Those are splashy issues, of course (judging from the publicity, the protest marches, the book sales, and the picket lines) but personally...... I believe the roots of this story go far deeper into human consciousness than we might suspect .  In one particular scene, Sir Leigh Teabing states this case quite succinctly:  "Sometimes, people refuse to see something that is right in front of their faces." 

Tom Hanks' character, Robert Langdon, is a perfect picture of Da Vinci's Man for all Ages (see above picture).  He is a scientist, a master of symbols, a pragmatist........while also being someone with a heart for ALL kinds of knowledge---not just what suits his personal bias.  Langdon represents reconnected rationality, who meets a willing counterpart in Sophie Neveu (played by Audrey Tautou).  Sophie enters the story as a French Police Woman who can pack a great left hook, as well as open her heart concerning some startling realizations, many of which apply directly to her.  At one point, she looks at Langdon and says:  "I cannot do this alone."  How true that is!  Together, they unite to form a complete UNIT OF EXPLORATION, a reunion of "chalice and "blade," equipped with all things necessary for solving the Mystery of the Ages.   MORE


We Remember---Click here

This is the question of the hour, when it comes to this film.  Are we ready to reopen this case now.........re-introduce these images to our psyche?  Whether or not this is an excellent film, in and of itself, seems almost secondary to many of those who are expressing opinions about it.   I didn't see it yesterday, as I'd planned.  Both my regular movie buddies voted "No, thanks," and I didn't protest.  I will see it, though, and soon. 

I am a believer in a homeopathic cure for maladies involving the heart and mind.  As some of you may know, Homeopathy is the science of curing "like with like."  If something tends to make you sick...........a substance or element.........a Homeopath will introduce tiny amounts of that essence into your system, so the body is stimulated to stoke up immunity and overcome the toxic effect.   

In terms of emotional and mental pain, if we FACE OUR DEMONS, head on........they cease to have power over us.  Nina and I saw this work in a major way when a friend of ours went through the death of her grandson, back in the early 90s.  He was a victim of a shooting, by a fellow classmate in Wyoming, and our friend was understandably distraught about the loss. 

As we flew to her side, in California, we all talked things through........cried.......prayed.......and then we took things one step further.  We each took her by a hand, and we carted her off to the movies.........where we saw two violent films, back to back, allowing for intense discussion in-between.  One of the movies was "Dead Man Walking," which featured the killing of two teenagers by a fellow who was now awaiting execution.  The story plot was tailor-made for our purposes.  It was all about a nun who helped this man come to grips with what he'd done.  Sean Penn wore the dark shadow of the crazed killer, dealing with his crime---while Susan Sarandon represented Christ and the face of the Goddess, offering him forgiveness and the love of God.  She didn't let him off easy!  She made him face the music, even as she held his heart in her hands.   

As the film progressed, I could feel the energetic changes in my grieving friend........in all of us, for that matter.  She was horrified and glorified, all at the same time.  The movie had a scene in it where the audience watched a flash-back to the night of the murder, complete with images of the young people who were killed.  We all winced at that, and talked intensely about it later.  While other relatives fell apart at the funeral, and at the trial for the boy who killed her grandson---our friend bore up nicely under the strain.  It wasn't easy, of course, it never is.  But she was able to handle things far better than the rest.

It isn't too soon to handle these issues in our country again.  It would surely be too soon to forget!  There are those among us who relive these images nightly, seasonally, regularly.  They are those who were right there, in the midst of things---people who will be changed forever by what happened on that day.  Why can't we allow ourselves to be changed a little, along with them? 

Our country has certainly changed, and........methinks....... not necessarily for the better.  We didn't take the Homeopathic cure.  I feel that the bulk of the damage that came to America, as a result of what happened on September 11, 2001, we did to ourselves.  

Don't get me wrong.  What happened to the Trade Center, the Pentagon, and to thousands of victims was horrible........no one can disagree with that.  But what came afterwards injured our country ten times more.  We allowed ourselves to be overtaken by FEAR, and we fed that fear with anger, violence, and a curious form of pride.  The world which initially gathered around us in sympathy, in fellowship of suffering, soon backed away in disgust.  Our vengeful, irrational, WAR ON TERROR has multiplied terror several times over.

During these times of national polarization, a film which adeptly tells the story of 40 passengers on a doomed airplane......working together..........giving their lives......... to prevent even more disaster from occurring..... seems right on time to me.  Let us stop for a moment to remember.  Let us stop for a moment to shed a few more tears, to continue the healing........and to realize who and what we are, as a people.

If there are those among us who feel they cannot or will not do this now, that will be okay, too.  Everyone is different in how they handle tragedy.  Homeopathy is not for all.  But for those of us who can do the work, who believe in the inner work....... this movie is a next step.  A powerful next step.  We'll need to take many more before we truly get beyond this.  May God/Goddess bless this suffering world right now.           



This new movie, starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall, is somewhat painful to watch. It's a rather interesting mixture of male homosexuality issues set within what is traditionally thought of as the most "manly" environment of all--Cowboy Land.  The viewer becomes willing to go there because these particular actors are willing to go there.  Somehow, they have enough credibility with the world that we trust them with the more tender parts of our sensibilties.  It's similar to Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's performances in "The Woodsman."  Both topics are similarly uncomfortable for some (though I am, by no means, comparing homosexuality with child molestation).........yet both areas of extreme societal unrest are in need of introspection, compassion and attention.   

My first teacher of Metaphysics once told me:  "The sign that the New Paradigm is on the move is not found when women find their masculinity.  Rather, it will be most evident when men find their feminine side, and begin exploring it." 

To see two mainline young stars, ready to put it on the line, in order to make some social momentum---that's a good thing.  The storyline isn't all that clear, but the emotion runs high--and the depiction of male emotional autism, in expressing love and affection in a man-to-man way, is vivid.  You can't dislike these guys on principle, and you can't just write this one off as posturing either. 

What's clearly here is a gutsy, basic exposure for the mass mind to the growing number of both genders who feel drawn to experiment with same sex physical connections.  At one point, Ledger's character says to his new friend:  "This is a one-time deal.  I ain't no queer!"  When the initial encounters are over, both go their ways, opting to marry and have kids.  Then, at a point in time, they find they must return to the situation and explore it some more.  What follows is a variation on the movie "Same Time Next Year," which ultimately ends with a sad depiction of brutality and prejudice that is, sadly, still very present in the U.S. today. 

As far as this topic goes......it's a nice start.  I was inclined to believe that Ledger's statement was true.  Neither one of these guys comes off as classically gay, and neither is into "the scene."  They're PEOPLE, who are having experiences.  They both mention an emotional VOID inside, through a lack of healthy connection and grounding with a Dad presence.  I don't particularly see that as pathology either.  It's just part of the texture of these men's lives.  I was also interested to note that Jake didn't see his character as gay, either.  I suppose it is this depth of understanding that made him to good in the role.   

The generation immediately preceding the Baby Boomers was a tortured one indeed, in regards to this issue.  Look at the movie "American Beauty," for example.  The early 1950s was a turmoil of sexual molestation involving children--and homophobia ran very high as well.  Everything went into the closet. Any Shadow Work that wasn't done by parents was simply taken on by their kids.  

In the Families of the Heart Material, the Guides tell us plainly what has to happen in order to get the demons out of our societal closet.   We have to be open, honest, and stop categorizing.  There also must be freedom to explore........without judgment (inner or outer), or a need to classify things.  As the Recons put it.........there is more to sex than form or function.  Feelings play a huge part.  

The pain in this movie, in the wives and in those dealing with these feelings first hand, is palpable.  A lot of it is framed by the breakdown in the area of nuclear families as a whole. A healthy Spirituality and Sex Interface is crucial, if we're to get past the sublimated and encrypted emotion that is popping up all over the world--in the form of random brutality, war mongering (using missles as penises), and random societal disdain. 

Many men (though not all) who habitually get into fistfights may be doing do because they don't know any other way to touch another man.  They both love him and hate him, all at the same time.  One area this movie nicely depicts is this sex-violence interface within a repressed male psyche.  And, by the way, one huge reason for domestic violence in males comes when their females catch sight of these tender vulnerabilities, and make covert efforts to exploit them.      

Worth seeing.  But hang onto your heart.  This one could either blow you out entirely, or make you quite tenderized, indeed.  Perhaps it would better be named "Brokeheart Mountain," eh? 




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"What might be interpreted as a return to Old Paradigm Religion just may be having the opposite effect.  People are beginning to realize that pain and suffering is a choice.  There is no judgment.  We each come into form for different reasons.  People will do what they need to do.  

Jesus said:  "No man takes my life from me.  I give it up by my own free will."  

This superb depiction of the agony of Jesus may very well be a spring board for humanity to begin choosing the ecstasy that is also open to each of us."       --DJ.

From The Reconnections:




An  Amazing Movie!

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