One basic definition of “Empathy” is as follows:  “the capacity for understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others without having them fully communicated in some explicit manner.”  I simply call it “The Art of Knowing.”  We explore this gift in depth whenever I offer Workshops on Conscious Channeling and Understanding the Multidimensional Self.   


Akin to this gift is the practice of “Telempathy,” which is the art of being able to project emotion at others, infusing them with feelings and powers that they normally would not have.  An Adept in this art actually has the ability to extract emotions from someone nearby, mix and mingle them with their own, and then return the whole package for re-integration and healing.   



Many people on the planet at this time have realized that they are “empathic.”  For some, it was a gift carried in at birth.  For others, it was a survival tool that we developed as we grew.  When it is misused, The Gift of Empathy can turn a normal human being into an emotional vampire.  But when it is applied in union with all other life, and used under the guidance of Expanded Spiritual Awareness, it can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation.  Many Saints have been known to use empathic connections to assist themselves in worship--forming identifications with divinity, infirmity, and the Expanded Self. 



Most Empaths begin spontaneously using their gift when they are very young.  Society currently mandates that children remain captive within their families of origin until the age of 18, or until they run away and are classified as “emancipated minors.”  Many of these families might be considered highly dysfunctional, if they were evaluated according to the definitions of mental health set forth by modern psychology.  Because of the rampant insecurity that is present in these family settings, the Empath will use his or her powers to harmonize and homogenize the emotions around them, so things run more smoothly.  In a sense, they can be like “energetic tranquilizers” in the midst of chaos. Depending on his or her itinerary, later in life, an Empath will either expand upon his gift and use it more systematically, or phase it out completely when his sense of personal danger is past.