Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Encountering the HIVE"

My Dear Friends,

For some of you just beginning to awaken, what we are going to tell you now may seem a bit scary.   We encourage you to approach this topic slowly, and give yourself plenty of breathing room.  You will acclimate to this vibration in due time.

A Fully Unveiled Oneself Consciousness, of which we have oft spoken, is very much like the HIVE EXPERIENCE one might find in a colony of bees.  Though there are several conduits which obtain information and sensation, all data is transmitted directly and unedited to a Central Core, where its power can be singularly focused---in the Name of the Oneself---on any number of worthy endeavors. 


Each "Gatekeeper" in the Oneself has charge of a PORTAL, or Energy Gate, very similar in appearance to individual cells found in a honeycomb.  Each portal operates very much like a pneumatic tube, moving energy bundles through the Multiverse at lightning speed. 

Your Reconnection with All That Is will most certainly involve a shift from Individuated Consciousness to your own version of Hive Mentality.  Yet Reconnection is not a destination, per se.  It's a TOUCHSTONE, a clearing place for sensory input, so contact with some new central focus can be attained. 

How often and how deeply each person enters into the Hive Experience will vary from individual to individual.  The Transition "Team" attending each of you, during your Reconnection, will watch closely.....making sure you don't get over-exposed or under-exposed to this dynamic, transformative vibration.

There is comfort and joy to be found in the Hive!  A sense of belonging and community that is often missing in 3D Life.  Some who come in contact with this energy begin grieving as soon as they leave it.  Others get very agitated, and must be removed quickly, lest they lose that delicate energetic balance which is required to remain in 3D. 

Everyone entering "The Hive" does so in a voluntary way.  There are no abductions or experimentations performed on random "subjects."  That is illusion---though there are some life contexts in which the spread of that illusion produces some interesting results.  In the Multiverse, there are places where ALL concepts can be explored! 

Balancing the dual concepts of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality are what keep each of you functional in 3D.  The Oneness of All That Is vs. the Allness of the ONE that Is.  As you shift from one Conscious State to another, it is possible for you to literally HAVE IT ALL, simply by asking. 

There are "sides" to your Multi-Faceted Consciousness which long to be explored and expressed.  Some of them yearn for servitude---a place in the Greater Whole, where they can give selflessly for the benefit of all.  There are also ROYAL or REGAL "sides" to you, which demand absolute attention and devotion---as though nothing else matters except the achievement of your "will."  There is no "right" or "wrong" mindset.  But there are some negative experiences to be had if one "side" of your Being forgets about the others. 

This, then, is a part of the process we call RECONNECTION.  And your re-entry into the Sacred Oneself Hive is surely part of that.  And we will continue to be here---helping to collate and explain each experience of WHO YOU ARE, in the clearest and most accessible way that we can. 

Solaris Homily!  And Blessed BEE!!!

<end transmission>      

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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