By Daniel Jacob


Hang onto your hats, because Earthchanges reported last week that 10 X-Class Solar Flares were released towards our planet around Sunday afternoon--which means that we probably began feeling their effects by mid-day Tuesday. (

I am speaking, of course, about the effects that this Solar Activity has upon the physical body.  At the geo-physical level, our friends in Florida have had first-hand evidence, in the hurricanes they have just endured. We send them love and concern, as they........along with several other parts of the world....wear for humanity the manifestation of "global warming," which symbolizes the liquification of that which has lay dormant in our minds, bodies, and planet, since we began this current journey into form.

We are All One.  And yet, we are very diverse in our expression and experience of that Oneness.  Those who are on a transformational track have now officially begun the difficult process of reconnecting with all the various "levels" of being that we are.  We move from pre-personal consciousness (infantile memory of continual connectedness) to individuation (separation consciousness and experience), and we adapt and live out our limitation agenda.

At a key point in that life programming, we begin our trans-personal journey, beyond our individual personalities and physical vehicles into a realization of ourselves as one with everything and everyone.    


In their first transmission to us, back in 1991, the Reconnections described this process in glowing detail: 

"New ideas are literally FLOODING into the conscious and sub-conscious mind. These ideas, which are the embodiment of what you have called "grace" expand and challenge every previous definition you ever had of yourselves.

Just as in the body's case, your Spiritual Immune System, what you have called "The Veil of Forgetfulness" is rapidly deteriorating. This is not happening because you have been overpowered by an "attacker," but because of the fact that once you integrate this "attacker" into the rest of your definition of who and what you are--there will be such strength that you will no longer need to protect yourself.

Shifting our holographic symbology here to the healing process that is happening with the Planet, we see that the Earth's IMMUNE SYSTEM, or what you call the Ozone Layer is also erroding at an amazing rate. Consequently, more "sunlight" is entering your experience than ever before. Are you getting the drift here?

Viewed from a contracted point of view---these "changes" produce fear and alarm. Many of you feel you will be "without defense" with the loss of your immune system and your ozone. But, pardon our levity, we are here to say: "Take DE-FENCE down--there's no one here but YOU, God!"   Wake!  Deal with it! 

It is a process, not a decision.  Everyone does it at his or her own pace. 

The symbology of Solar Flares, flying towards Earth, is directly correspondent to these "new ideas," which the Guides speak about in the above caption. They embody for us the INFUSIONS of LIGHT (conscious awareness) that are being fired over our sleeping minds, to awaken us from separation dreams. 

The Reconnections refer to these infusions as "Bridge Concepts," which assist a fragmented and confused personality to re-integrate itself with the Greater Whole.  It all begins with the phrase "You are the Creator of your own Reality," and expands from there.    

As our planet heats up, the glaciers of our sleeping consciousness  begin to liquify and the pulse of the Oneself Planetary Body quickens.  Our physical vehicles, which are now being entrained to resonate with that planetary self, begin to liquify and quicken as well. Have you been noticing an increase of fluid, accumulating in the tissues of your body?  Water is LIQUID CRYSTAL, which serves as an excellent source of conduction for the vibrations that are now coursing through our energy bodies. 

A huge array of "diseases" are now appearing, which directly match whatever levels of resistance an individual has to being deconstructed and reconstructed into a new, Multiversal Self.  We could not be affected if we hadn't previously contracted ourselves to be part of this awakening. But many of us have forgotten those pre-incarnate contracts.  And so, the body dances its Transmutation Dance.....which, of course, is perfect.  It's all perfect, really......though it is not easy. 

More about Transmutation:

An expanded description about that process of decontruction and reconstruction is found in the first installment of "Trans-Portals:  Energy Gates in Time and Space."

It's a fascinating read, and provides a whole new perspective on disease and human evolution.  In essence, the Guides tell us that "diseases" are actually GATEWAYS TO TRANSFORMATION, which we have entered but have not been cleared.  And, because we have hesitated, halfway in and halfway out, we suffer the physical consequences.  It's all there in that first article.  Enjoy. 


Many of you have asked me:  "How come you are not sending through as many new transmissions lately?"  It is because the Guides have kept me very busy, working in our Research Forums, studying and dancing with the effects of these transforming energies on our local Reconnections Community.  It's been quite wild in there, I must tell you! 

Unless we can sufficiently ground ourselves, during these activations--emotionally, as well as mentally--it will do us no good to get more knowledge. That only activates the ego, and causes an individual to become more "mental" in his or her approach to this process.  Indeed, the mental factor is important, but the feeling self must follow along with that mental expansion, or the whole process goes top-heavy and tips us over.  This just recently happened in our main forum.  It's stressful, but as we relate to each other during these times, new insights are gained about how to keep the boat from capsizing again.   

The Internet is replete these days with "new" ideas and philosophies.  Seers and sages are working overtime to crank out endtimes scenerios, and belief systems that go with them.  Willing followers of spiritual fads leap from one system to another, looking for some clue.....some kind of direction that will lead them home. 

Once a spiritual process has gone entirely mental, it creates many of the same characteristics in a person that show up when sexuality goes entirely pornographic.  The experiential factor gets introverted, and a person's imagination becomes the whole show.   

With pornography, full-spectrum humans become nothing more than a collection of body parts.  This one has a great navel, and that one has superior hips, and this one has perfect breasts, and so on and so forth. As unusual as this may sound to some of you, I hear people speaking about channels and channeled information in the same ways.  They remark: 

"I like so-and-so's concept about relationships.........."  and I like so and so's concept about meditation......"  and I really LOVE so and so's concept of money........." 

On and on it goes.  Pretty soon, belly buttons and breasts get all tangled up in apocalyptic scenarios and quibblings about "service to self" versus "service to others."  I'm not really complaining.  I'm just noticing  I think everything has its place. But sometimes, those places get very cluttered!     

Do we not realize that ANYTHING that enters the Gateway of our Perception is being channeled, 100% by US to US?   It cannot happen any other way.  Reconnections Transmissions may leave my typewriter with "Channeled by Daniel Jacob" on the bottom of them, but they can only enter YOUR MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS if they have "I channeled this to me" written at the top.   

Our compasses, and directions for our own sacred journey have always been right here, inside ourselves. It is in the cauldron of our own experience, and through the porthole of our personal viewpoint that those transformational directions are given!  Our daily discussion forums at Reconnections are a Hall of Mirrors that many of us use to study and apply the Basics of Oneness that have been with us since the beginning.

A review of those Basics of Oneness can be found here:  

As personalities and energy essences flow in and out of our Forums, we get a chance to apply Reconnections "Bridge Concepts" to everyday life.  Of course, opportunities for application abound, wherever we find ourselves butting up against the separation dream.  But here, in the safety of our community circle, we get to try on new hats and coats (modes of expression), and receive immediate feedback on how they work.  I think of it as a gymnasium for the mind.....where I go daily to exercise my perceptual muscles, and sustain my ability to view life from this unique new perspective. 

If you are not currently a part of our Reconnections Research Community, you are invitied to join.  It's free, and it's open 24/7.    For more info, go to:

Those of you who joined the Metalanguage List awhile back will want to come forward now, if you have anything more to contribute.  We are feeling just about complete with that study for the time being, and I am just about ready to close it down.  Those posts are now part of the Recon Archives, and may be shared later as the Language of Light Sector on the Web Site expands.  Look for it to disappear in about two weeks.  New ones are about to form, as we move to new focuses within the community. 


The Crystal Connection Article brought forth great feedback. I thank you all for that.  Many of you are going through huge shifts in your relationships.  It is just as the Guides predicted, concerning this bright year of 2004.  Nowhere is the shift from 3D Perception to Multidimensional Connection more needed than in our personal, intimate relationships.  In that article, I made these important statements, which I will repeat again here: 

"A CRYSTAL CONNECTION works in one of two ways.  Either it magnifies the energy which comes into it, or it amplifies that which shines through it. 

Up to this point, The Reconnections have been emphasizing the importance of each person seeing his or her world as a reflection of self.  "As above, so below."  This brings a magnification of a reflection.

Now, the Guides are giving us an opportunity to see our own issues, problems, and life situations as simply a microcosm of the Greater Whole. "As below, so above."  Herein is an amplification of the refraction."

I am beginning to realize that our own Veil of Forgetfulness is actually crystalline in nature. It is a piece of optical equipment, which enables us to capture certain images and essences that exist in the All Self and isolate them in our own little "petrie dish," so we can study them and learn more about them.  We don't just live IN the body.  Rather, we experience life THROUGH that body, as a limited and defined perceptual experience.  Once we learn what we wish to learn, we allow the body to liquify, and we move somewhere else to repeat the process.  It's like vapor becoming water, and water becoming ice.  When the heat goes up, the ice becomes water again. 


Everyone is upset about the effect of global warming.  That which was solidified and "safe" is now melting and reforming itself, right before our eyes.  As mentioned above, we have completed our exploration of life at this level, and we are allowing the picture to liquify, so we can shift our attention someplace else. 

The term "global" is not just used in conjunction with the activities of a planet.  It is also an anatomy term, which describes anything that goes on with an ENTIRE ORGANISM, or body.  Anything that brings together both sides of the brain is considered a "global shift" of consciousness. 

You might ask:  "What is it that we, as a Oneself, have our study of consciousness, and where is it that we are moving now?" 

I asked this to the Guides at the end of last week, especially after reading Drunvalo's latest thoughts on "Global Warming".........

The Reconnections told me this: 

"The liquification and rearrangement that you are seeing in your planet today is symbolic of a release of your own addiction to and absorption with a sense of LINEAR CONTINUITY (past-present-future) that you have come to think of as REALITY.  That separationist way of seeing things is now passing away.  It is melting, right under your feet!  In its place, you shall experience a highly accelerated form of navigation, that is based upon linkage of each NOW MOMENT with each other moment, with infinite possible variations on each!  You are now in 4D, although many of you have hesitated letting your emotional body in on this great secret.  You are now free to go anywhere or anywhen you choose to go." 

In the article entitled "The World is My Desktop," I penned these words, which feel very apropos to what the planet is going through at this time: 

"Once upon a time, humanity thought the Earth was flat.  If you tried to explain it differently, people just shook their heads at you and said you were crazy.   Then, Columbus sailed to find a "New World" for himself.   He bought a ticket on a different train than the one preferred by his contemporaries, and he set out  down a very different track!   Centuries later...... we all are here, living on the (circular) planet that he discovered.  Meanwhile, back in those other universes...........Planet Earth may have manifested itself in quite a different way.  

Presently........... much of humanity thinks of the Earth as a single, objective, unchangeable, "mass reality."   We all live upon it (i.e. we share it), and where that one Earth goes, everyone must ride along.  

Spirit now establishes for us that such a concept is every bit as archaic and limited as when we believed that the Earth is flat.  They say that, in the Oneself, there are "many Earths" fact, there is an infinity of them!   And each sovereign creator, of each universal reality, gets to choose which Earth he or she is going to inhabit."

Many of us are trembling, literally!  I have done my share of this myself.  This last weekend, Nina and I were driving the route of our optional "excursion" that accompanies the 2004 Reconnections Conclave in the Olympic Mountains.  It was a grand weekend to do this, weather-wise, and we took advantage of the opportunity to get away. 

On our first leg of the journey, we visited Hurricane Ridge, during the day, and appreciated a clear overview of the incredible grandeur that is the Olympic Mountains.  At night, we stayed in the area, and went back up to view the perseid meteor shower that was scheduled to happen sometime after midnight. 

At the first vista point, the stars and constellations seemed so close we could almost reach up and touch them. At the same time, I felt as though I was skating, in and out of a Multidimensional Doorway.  It was one of the weirdest feelings I have ever had.  Nina kept commenting on the presence of tiny (light) orbs that moved in and out of the front seat of our car--a sight she has never really seen before. 

We decided to go further up the mountain, to get a "bigger, undistracted view" of the sky, and the feeling of Multdimensional Access faded.  Even though we were no longer distracted by the city lights.......the vortex did not accompany us to our expanded, aerial view. What that said to me was:  THE INTERDIMENSIONAL DOORWAYS ARE OPENING UP CLOSER TO OUR CITIES.  This transformation is no longer reserved for those who live in isolated places, or who possess special training to notice what's going on.  It's well on its way to becoming visible to ALL.  We're talking MASS AWAKENING here. 

The rest of the weekend was a blast.  I am totally jazzed about what we have in store for us at the Autumn Solstice.  The Rainforest is incredible, and the Hot Springs will be divine.  Lake Crescent was a place I didn't want to leave, period!  And there is so much more to share as well. 

We still have some space for those who have been "thinking" about coming with us to the Conclave.  We won't have it for long.  Our group is of sufficient size that we can have the whole lodge at Harmony Hills.  But those vacancies won't last long.  If we have overflow, you will have to stay offsite and commute in.

Nina will be sending out another notice between now and the Conclave.  Our theme is BUILDING THE CRYSTAL FAMILY..........and Spirit's focus feels to be a preparation of the Reconnections Community for a time when the stability of our long-trusted family structures begin to liquify as well, and go through the same transformations that our bodies and our planet is undergoing.  What will become of us?  What will the new FAMILIES OF THE HEART be like?  

I have been asked by Sedona Journal to continue with the "predictions" we began last August, concerning the breakup and redesign of the nuclear family.  You'll find that next installment in their "Predictions" Book for 2005.  What effect is this exploding nuclear family having on society?  What will society need to do, in order to keep from collapsing under the weight of these global shifts?   It won't be as hard as we think.  There are interesting times ahead!  I am glad you're all along for the ride. 


Daniel Jacob

August 15, 2004.

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research--provided the above URL and this copyright notice is included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.