Excerpt from Trans-Portals 3: Building Astral Bridges



"We have spoken in days past about your diminishing need for tangible "proof," concerning the extent of your Astral Travels, and to provide validation for your transit through the Portals.  Many of you are now ready to accept that these things are happening, and that you are Spiritual Masters in every sense of the word.

Let us speak now about your generation's diminishing need for physical detail.  The 3D world is currently built upon a conceptual template that is founded upon the words "I AM."  To have an identity here, you must ascribe to yourself certain characteristics and attributes which form an identity, a Signature of sorts, that can exist within the parameters of an established reality base.  The energy signature for the Multiverse is lighter and more porous than that.  It is built upon the words "Suppose I were..........," and deals more with potentialities than actuality.  It is the INDEX PAGE for All That Is, while each discrete universe embodies a "chapter" in the Grand Book of Life.

The more you concentrate upon where you have been, what you now are, or what you earnestly desire to be, the more you are operating within the spiritual frequency of "I AM."  The more details you ascribe to yourself, and require---the denser your conception of yourself will be.  There is no problem in this, if self actualization is what you have left on your itinerary of evolution.  However, if freely traversing the Portals is now the object of your desire, some ballast has to be dropped from your boat, so that you can attain the speed required to make the journey.

To abbreviate a word, a person removes as many unnecessary letters as he can while still retaining a sense of what that word is.  Abbreviance is the conscious ability to look ahead and "fill in the blanks," rather than to rely upon explicit detailed descriptions of what is happening.  Do you currently finish other people's sentences before they complete their communications with you?  Do you have a growing impatience with waiting in lines, stopping in traffic, and speaking in explicit ways and formats?  If your answer is yes, you are now in the process of installing the Abbreviance Software onto your inner computer.

Throughout your current physical universe---people are learning how to arrive faster, turn on a dime, and depart without leaving a trace.  Some of this is simply due to planetary infiltration by denizens of the Dark Realms, who are trying to play in your reality without getting caught in the system. Those of them who do get hooked have been "milked" for information about what it means to move around, as it were, "between the lines."  Some of those insights we are sharing with you now.

Even as your physical world is virtually awash with the availability of physical details, people are overlooking them more and more.  Jumping to conclusions is becoming a worldwide sport!  Have you noticed how your computer software will actually finish familiar words for you, once you begin to type them?  Your own minds are also doing that.  Little by little, the planet is developing a UNIVERSAL TONAL VOCABULARY---consisting of physical symbols, sounds, colors, words, and phrases that immediately invoke virtually the same inner experiences, whenever they appear.

Indeed, there will be a time when your "updated version" of physical reality will be compacted to include only icons and folders that indicate possible or desirable manifestations which are available for personal exploration.  The worlds that function just beyond this current vibration appear very different than what you are accustomed to seeing now.  Having let go of your need for continuity, exact definition, and intricate detail, your perceptual field will somewhat resemble a desktop on Windows 2000.  In place of mountains and flowers, trees and oceans, there will be geometric symbols and (thumbnails) that will need to be selected and "clicked upon" before the details begin coming up on the screen of your conscious mind.  However, once chosen and expanded, each "file" contains a vast selection of alternative versions of the selected subject---all neatly catalogued for instant retrieval.

All of this lies just beyond the Veil.  Many of you are seeing it now, in bits and pieces, and have not been able to make the connection between your computer systems and this focused array of physical possibility.  After all, they are not exactly the same---merely similar in design and function.  Soon you will have monitors and teachers, who will assist you in operating your new equipment.  Remember, nothing will be lost in this process---except the impression that you are held prisoner within a defined space.  Trans-Portals will change all that.........as you will soon discover."

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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