Excerpt from "Becoming Magical"

"Beyond Multidimensionality"

We have spent considerable time speaking to you about what it means to be Multidimensional.  Now let us also speak to you about what it means to be MULTI-LINEAR.  For indeed, many of you are beginning to imagine that you exist in many places and many contexts of reality at once. And that is well and good.  And we now tell you that each of these realities is directly connected to where you perceive yourself to be at this very moment.  You have become your own centering point, as have all those who are Conscious Creators. 

What you have previously considered to be "random" incidents, appearing out of nowhere in your life, are actually hidden stairways and secret passages that could take you--if you let them-- right into the heart of all creation!  In order to utilize them, you must use the weakened "muscles" of your imagination.  When you see something appear, you must ask yourself the question:  "Where does this lead?"  Or, perhaps, you might ask yourself "What else could be here?"  In this way, you begin to open your consciousness to facts and elements that might otherwise have been missed. 

We have spoken, in our series on "Trans-Portals," about the fact that the Earth Plane is becoming a place of convergence for representatives of many realms, both celestial and internal.  And you are Bridge People that actually form and encompass those points of convergence. At any given moment, the "you" that stands in physical space may be a meeting place for any number of concurrent realities that are happening within alternative levels of that space.  

You are like a single letter, in a crossword puzzle, which connects many streams of thought-- forming words that go up, down, or sideways across the page.  We call these "Christ-Word Puzzles," and they are longing to be worked out, understood, and integrated into your concept of Now.  Each "line" of events is a reality unto itself--with a past, a present, and a future all its own.  Until now, you have kept your awareness about these realities quite separate.  But now it is time to do the blending!    

The Mystery of the Cosmic Christ now returns to Planet Earth.  The Harmonic Concordance was the Grand Re-opening of many Energy Gates that exist across the world.  And you are Gatekeepers for many entry ways into the Central Core.  When people meet you, they are not only meeting a person who fits into one linear sequence of events--they are also meeting someone whose life essence goes off in all directions. It is this blessed truth that produced the sacred icon of the cross with many lines going through its center, appearing to be "glory" lines for that blessed place of convergence, where the body of Jesus normally appears. And, in your own lives, these could also be "story" lines for the many alternative realities that you operate within, as well.  Stories about you.........and even alternative stories about Jesus as well.  



Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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