Excerpt:  From The Reconnections......

"Grand Central Station of Transformation"

In a sense, the Reconnection Universe (the reality in which you have encountered this writing, or similar information), is a bit like Grand Central Station.  You enter it, determine your destination, purchase a ticket, and climb aboard the train that is leaving for your chosen destination. A specific "trip" can be manifest as "a train of thought," "an emotional side-track," or a even period of focused "training" which is designed to prepare you for more expanded existence.   As you can see, we play with words.  But be not deceived.  This "play" is serious business.  Hidden within words you use everyday are portals and gateways that connect entire universes with each other.  Therefore, it behooves any traveler to
begin noticing what he has been saying.  Sometimes the thought *is* the thing.

Be aware that the *only moment* that exists............past, present, and future............is this Now Moment.  There is only ONE.  But this One Moment has been fragmented into an infinite number of alternative "versions" of itself ---each one connected at its core and filed within the Oneself for easy reference.  Each possible/probable "version" is a TRAIN, sitting at the station, headed for a destination.

The memories of your "past" are created by hooking a sequence of the fragments together and attaching them to your present, telling yourself that these events happened " a long time ago."   In truth, each of these events is also happening NOW, though they are occurring  within other levels of consciousness.  You can not see them because your perceptual train has gone "round the bend" from those events and created a space where you can focus on other ideas and agendas.

Your "future" is an anticipation of events that (seemingly) have not yet occurred.  But that, too, is illusion.  There is only ONE Now Moment.  Everything exists right now.  It always has and it always will.  But in this, your Now Moment Journey, you have decorated the scenery along your route so that things appear to be missing.  In truth, they are hidden by a Veil of Forgetfulness, which you, the creator, have designed exactly for this purpose. You move from point "a" to point "b."  Then, you ramble on to points "c," "d," and "e."  All are ONE, even as you also are ONE.

Once you have effectively extricated yourself from confinement within a past, present, or future---you are now free to buy a ticket and change locations.  The price of your admission is your whole-hearted BELIEF in the destination of that train, coupled with a steady shift in your FOCUS OF AWARENESS."