Excerpt from "Personal Alchemy Sector"

"The Great Work"

"A most wonderful Magistery and Archmagistery is the Tincture of Sacred Alchemy, the marvelous science of secret Philosophy, the singular gift bestowed upon men through the grace of Almighty God--- which men have never discovered through the labor of their own hands, but only by revelation and the teaching of others....."

Thomas Norton, 1652.


In days of old, the practice of Alchemy (or "The Great Work") was tolerated by the Aristocracy and the Christian Church only because it was labeled and promoted as a science, and a means for converting base metals into gold.  This, however, was just a cover.   Few citizens, save for the Alchemists themselves, understood the deeper implications of the art.   At it's core, Alchemy is the process of human transformation.   It starts within, and then expands itself outwardly.

Much has been spoken about "the philosopher's stone" in recent days.  Even Harry Potter is getting into the act.   As far as the Reconnections are concerned, this simple substance is made up of the perfect hybridization of "this and that," "dark and light," "male and female," and all other polarized substances.   At the outer edge of experience exists all the extremes of life.   These are the elements that are corrosive in their nature, or devoted to entrapment and servitude.  The figure of the Merkaba is a powerful example of what the center of each transforming individual looks like.  The arrows pointing up and out stand for the outer edges of experience, the high light and low dark (to adopt the usual assignment of space to these essences).   In the center of the vehicle, there is a place of joining, a space that is neither up nor down, neither dark nor light.  This is the place of Reconnection.   When this vehicle is in motion, the energy pitch and vibratory resonance of the individual traveler is greatly increased, and the Alchemical fires burn clear and bright.   

The patrons of Alchemy on the Spirit Plane are Hermes; his Egyptian counterpart, Thoth; and the Compte de St. Germain.  Many others play key roles as well.  All of these energies appear regularly within the matrix of the Reconnections' Energy.  This site offers background and information about all of them.  More information is arriving everyday.   

One of the primary terms used in the practice of Alchemy is the term Transmutation.  It is applied to the process of change this is being completed in the lives and hearts of those who have said yes to Reconnection with God/Goddess/All That Is.   Humankind is now in the process of changing---expanding in our form and structure, in order that we might be able to endure the "energy hit" that come with Global Acceleration.  The physical symptoms being experienced by many upon the planet at this time are labor pains for the global birthing that is at hand.   

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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