Excerpt from The Living Language of Light, Pt. 2

"More About The Language of Light"

When humans attempt to speak today, they usually go inside themselves to find their words, and they go outside themselves to discover the meaning of what is happening. This is exactly backwards. 

The key to channeling your speech---indeed, the key to channeling your life---is letting go of control of that which comes through you, or motivates your physical body. It means going outside yourself (at least the "self" you have come to know), and allowing something entirely new to come through. If the idea of separation is really illusion, what could come through you that would do any harm? Does not every man, woman, and child plan his or her personal destiny? What could you say or do to prevent that from being fulfilled?

If you go inside yourself and plan what you're going to say, the energy immediately becomes decelerated. That is because the velocity of your planetary vibration has already exceeded your ability to direct it, at least from the 3D level. How, then, could you ever think that you could come up with something meaningful to say by thinking about it, or planning a message? At best, it would faintly resemble some form of consensus "wisdom".........something that is "safe" to say, so that "others" won't judge you. 

But My Dear Friends........there are no "others." There is only YOU. Why not put that premise to the test? Why not let the Oneself Energy (The Wholly Spirit of God)......play upon your vocal cords, like a violin? Why do you insist on clinging to the bow? Relax. Release. Let some miracles happen, why don't you? 

And, when it comes to comprehending what is going on around you, or what is being said--why do you need to ask other people to give definitions and meaning to the messages they bring? Why do you become confused about what is happening right in front of your face? Indeed, .is it not YOUR OWN FACE that you see there, shimmering in those waters? Why can't YOU decide what it all means, and take appropriate action? 

This, then, is the other half of Oneself Communication. Every man, woman, and child goes deep, deep inside. The deeper you go, the higher you go. That is the Law of the Multiverse. Eventually, you "arrive" at the middle! You arrive at the COMMON CORE that connects you. And what is that core? Is it a language? A God? A List of human values? No! It is YOU. 

YOU are the common link that runs through your universe. That is why it is called a "uni-verse." "Uni" means ONE. When you speak in the Holy Language, you let your tongue go...........you let the violins play through the night air! In the beginning, it may seem like gibberish (or it may not!)--perhaps a clanging of some ungodly chime in the middle of a dark night. Keep talking. Keep expressing what is in there. Relax into it, letting yourself go deeper and deeper. The more nonsensical the words may seem, the more daring will be your expression. Soon, you will begin to see pure, spontaneous feeling fill a dark and lonely vessel. Do it in safe places at first, and then Spirit will teach you the time to become bolder and more accessible to all. 

When you listen to the Holy Language--your world, your rhythm of life--you simply KNOW what is being said. You interpret things according to what makes sense to YOU.  Remember, we are not separate.  We only appear that way.


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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