Excerpt from "An Introduction to Spiritual Gifts"

"Motivational Spiritual Gifts"

 My Dear Friends,

Let us speak about those particular "gifts" you bring, which perfectly portray your own expanding nature, and are most useful for the Planetary Unfoldment as it expresses itself within your immediate vicinity.  Indeed, you are ALL OF IT, in a macrocosmic sense.  Never forget this wonderful, grounding fact.  But locally, in the "first person" sense---the experiential level--you are also something very unique and powerful.    

Spiritual Gifts fall into three categories:  Orientations of Spirit (what motivates you), Operations of Spirit (what you manifest), and Opportunities for Service (what calls out to you for help).  All of these are your way of nurturing the planet and your 3D self.   We have spoken to the planet earlier in that transmission called "Families of the Heart."  Now we would like to speak about the various components contained within that planetary "heart."  

The first of these categories is where we will go with you next.  Indeed, it is a gateway into what you might speak of as your Core Self.  The word "Charismation" (kar-is-ma-tyon) is the root from which you derive your English word "Charisma."  The prefix "char" means "joy."  You will find it quite easy to understand this type of gift if you simply think of it as your own personal form of "magic."  It embodies your natural and most abundant way of being, your Core Self.  It is what brings you joy, as well as those who gather around you.  

By operating primarily from this motivational core, you receive maximum benefit from minimal effort.  You no longer need to "think about" things to make them happen.  Everything you do will turn to gold.  To deny this gift, and to pretend to be something other than what you are, is to waste your energies and work against yourself.  To embrace it is the clearest and easiest way to success and freedom.  Of course, this does not negate your own chosen forms of limitation programming for struggle. Who would want to miss the adventure of being human, struggling, and then escaping from that struggle?  Usually, during his or her "dark nights of the soul," a person will deliberately turn away from personal magic.  He will complicate his life, in mind and soul, until the need for struggle is over.  Then comes the dawn.    

There are seven Motivational Gifts that correspond to the Chakras of the Human Body.  They represent the Primary Grounding Tones that are distributed to those who are to be part of the "Ground Crew" as Earth goes through it's next series of changes.  There are five Motivational Gifts might be called "The Test Pilot" aspect of our nature.  A complete explanation of these can be found HERE.   

When looking for one's Personal Orientation in life, it can be tempting to claim ALL of these gifts as your motivation.  Indeed, you all perform these functions, at some time or another in your life.  But we are differentiating here, between performing a function and the CORE of what motivates you to do what you do and be what you are.  Usually, when a person does a certain amount of soul-searching, over the years, it will be possible for him or her to narrow the list down to one or two in each category.  It is also possible for anyone at anytime to flow into the "Christ Self Interface," which is the Gift of Conciliation.  From that place in consciousness, he or she can do anything for anyone........usually for what seems like a limited time.  Then, we situations stabilize, we will tend to return to our Core Motivations and normal life (whatever that means!) 

We are available to help you, individually, if you wish to enlist us to do so.    

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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