No discussion about Multiplicity would be complete without some exploration of a psychological condition that has been called "Multiple Personality Disorder," or "M.P.D."   In the manifestation of this condition, an individual will begin to speak or act under the control of "another entity" besides the "self" he has always known.  Frequently, in the most extreme cases, the "switch" will take place subconsciously, leaving the patient confused and frightened.  There may be a lapse of time, during which she will have no memory of what has transpired.

Those who work with these individuals have noted that their condition was usually precipitated by some traumatic event, during which the patient managed to "chip off" a portion of his psyche and deputize it  to perform some task (usually related to self-protection, or creative expression of difficult feeling or desire).  Those who seek treatment have done so because their lives and relationships have been seriously affected by this "switching,"  and they are dismayed by the sense of confusion that follows.

My Dear Friends, this diagnosis will soon apply to every person who dwells upon the planet!  And, when more of the truth about these issues is finally known and understood, those who have been "suffering" from these experiences will be sought out as experts--pioneers, who have blazed a trail before you all, and their counsel and guidance will become valuable indeed.  

It was once said that "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  And Friends, your minds are about to get a whole lot bigger!  The borderlines that you have used, to separate "here" from "there," and "them" from "me" are beginning to fade.  Your Planet's Ozone is thinning, your Veil of Forgetfulness has noticeable holes in it, and your body's Immune System is opening, allowing more and more "exotic energies" to come and go within you.  

You aren't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!  And soon your illusion of separateness must finally give way to full recognition of your vast, expansive Oneness with everything and everyone.  This will call forth a new dawn of Telepathy, Telempathy, Telekenesis, and Inter-dimensional Transport.  It will seem terrible and wonderful, all at the same time!  What you will need most will be a well-oiled sense of humor.  And there will be much laughing, indeed. 

<excerpt from "Multiplicity, Pt. 1">

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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