Excerpt from The Reconnections

"Your Place at the Gate"

 My Dear Friends,

In ancient society, and even in some societal systems today, a person would claim for him/herself a section of the wall that surrounded their city, as a place where business could be contracted.  It was referred to as their "place at the gate."  It was here that many of the alchemists of old were able to transact the true substance of their "Great Work," which was personal transformation.  Even though alchemy was seen as a highly commercial endeavor (the transformation of base metals into gold).......that was primarily a "cover" for what was really going on.  Underneath all the commercial interests, was a grand scheme that involved pecking oneself out of the personal "shell" that had been placed around his or her consciousness at birth, and assisting others to do the same.  It was a grand REMEMBERING..........or RECONNECTION......back to Oneness. 

We think of all "job" situations in the same way that the alchemists thought of their "place at the gate."  It's a location, a point of identification with society---nothing more.  Admittedly, a person would want to find the most amenable spot available.....one that gave minimum grief, while helping to fund the "Great Work" that is described above. 

For those who are awakening to service........the Neo-Shamans of the New Millenium.......the all-consuming passion of living is finding new and interesting ways of opening to Spirit, and helping all their "soul fragments," gathering around them, to do the same."  It is a place to practice your Spiritual Gifts, and to view the Grand Unfoldment from every possible angle." 

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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