Gregg Braden Speaks About 2012

Excerpt from "Aids and Planetary Healing"

"The Shift of the Ages"

"If we use the analogy that the Human Body is a complete and graphic microcosmic representation of all creation---we make some important observations. Over the past fifty or so years, it has been documented by your science that a vast array of organisms---viruses and bacteria---have appeared again to "plague" humankind. Each "cold" season reveals newer, more exotic strains of organisms seeking entrance into the "Body." In all cases, the body---through what you call the IMMUNE SYSTEM---fights off the invaders until such time as one of two things happens:

  1. The body loses the battle and disintegrates. Or....
  2. The body finds a way to integrate the new organism(s) into the previous definition the body had of itself.

This process, which you call "becoming immune" to an outside "invader" is, in a sense, the body EXPANDING ITSELF to become a different essence than it was before the organism appeared; stronger, more adaptive.

My Friends, turn the now-famous phrase around and see that: "as below----so above." From the Spirit Plane, "new" ideas are literally FLOODING into the conscious and sub-conscious mind. These ideas, which are the embodiment of what you have called "Grace" expand and challenge every previous definition you ever had of yourselves.

Just as in the body's case, your Spiritual Immune System, what you have called "The Veil of Forgetfulness" is rapidly deteriorating. This is not happening because you have been overpowered by an "attacker," but because of the fact that once you integrate this "attacker" into the rest of your definition of who and what you are--there will be such strength that you will no longer need to protect yourself.

Shifting our holographic symbology here to the healing process that is happening with the Planet, we see that the Earth's IMMUNE SYSTEM, or what you call the Ozone Layer is also eroding at an amazing rate. Consequently, more "sunlight" is entering your experience than ever before. Are you getting the drift here?

Viewed from a contracted point of view---these "changes" produce fear and alarm. You feel you will be "without defense" with the loss of your immune system and your ozone. But, pardon our levity, we are here to say: "Take DE-FENCE down--there's no one here but YOU, God!" Truly, there is only ONE of us here.


Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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