Another Excerpt from The Reconnections.......

"The Center"


A Vortex spins or turns, like a revolving door in a huge office building.  It can bring certain elements in, and it can also carry them out.  A Vortex can turn clock-wise (when the energy opens), or counter-clockwise (to close it up again).  In your physical body, there are spinning vortices which you call "chakras," and they open and close like the shutter on a camera lens.  Each of them represents certain energy dynamics, and their state of openness or closing is a prime indicator for your general attitude towards the immediate environment in which you find yourself.

The Vortex that is opening around the Earth at this time involves your steady infusion of the essences of the New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, and your expanding awareness concerning the Multidimensional Nature of All That Is. 

The symbol of the Merkaba is shaped like a "Star of David."  It is an overlap of two inverted pyramids, one of them pointing in one direction, and another one pointing in the opposing direction.  As we said earlier, these pyramids symbolize various polarity configurations, such as "up/down," male/female, God/Devil, and all such ideas.  Since the Star Tetrahedron is multi-planar (it goes in all directions), there is room for each and every energetic polarization that is involved or represented in the soul cluster for each of your lives.

Each pyramid starts from a broad base, which gradually tapers itself into a point, and this shape reflects what happens when an "expanded frame of reference" gradually gets narrower as it moves away from Middle Ground.  At the center of the overlapping pyramids, there is a collaboration of space that looks a bit like "home plate" on a baseball diamond.  This is the "Betwixt and Between" for all of those polarizations.  

In this place, there is a Conference Center, wherein delegations from all polarities can meet, and share their viewpoints and gifts with one another.  To remain there, for any length of time, is to damn yourself from returning to what could be considered "extreme" or "totally pure" again.  This is because your "pure brethren" would be able to catch the scent of your collaborative experience at the Center, and would no longer be able to trust you as being sincere or committed to their separation stance.  It is this energetic fusion that produces the Radiance Energy that has been escaping through Energy Gates that are now opening all over the world.  

What causes the Wheel of the Merkaba to spin is the attraction/repulsion response that accompanies the mixing and mingling of all these (seemingly) divergent energies.  As a soul approaches a point of conjunction between two "opposites," that soul must make a decision about who he is, and what his relationship will be to the dance that he witnesses in that space.  Does he side with the one, or does he choose to side with the other?  

When an Irresistible Force meets an Immovable Object, the only thing that can happen is a MERGE.  If neither is willing to "give space" to the other, and if the velocity of their claims to that space are fairly equal, then the only option they have is to BECOME ONE WITH EACH OTHER.    

Contrary to the "rules" that you have been taught in 3D Separation, there is no such thing as a "winner" in a conflict.  When two opposing forces clash, and one succeeds in dominating its essence over the other, the form of that "victory" may remain--in a universe which appears to honor one idea over another---but the essence of the "losing partner" simply withdraws (dies), leaving the lonely victor to enjoy his "spoils," which end up rotting in his hands.  

The "normal" state for Life in the Multiverse is Oneness.  Anything else is considered an aberration away from that, and signify that by confining themselves in universes (or sets of universes) that are locked away from the everything else, which is also there.  In those separated states, a being can enjoy his "purity" forever, by simply blocking out perception of anything or everything else.........though never tasting of the expanded joys and prospects that would be available if he allowed in the rest of who and what he is.  

The "Center" is a place of joining, of emotional and physical availability.  It is the true essence of who and what you are.  There is such a thing as being "self-centered," and there is such a state as being "centered in self."  The former involves a denial, illustrated above, while the latter individual has passed through the purifying fire, and found that blessed state of being known as The Gathering of the One."