Excerpts:  From The Reconnections......

"A Meeting Place for All People"


"Ascension is not just about bunches of people going up.  Humankind is also in the process of bringing Heaven down to Earth as well.  Many universes there are, and many ways in which this intent is playing itself out.  It's just as easy to lower the ceiling as it is to raise the floor.  But why would you want to do this?   Primarily, it is because most of the best things are happening down here on the floor!  The celestial realms are limited, even though they are vast.  A person can be just as blinded by too much LIGHT as he can by too much DARK.  This is why physicality was invented, and why your collective evolution is so important to so many
different life forms at this point in history.

The Physical Dimensions are becoming a primary meeting place for the Celestial and the Internal Realms, also known as the Underworld.  There are "meeting rooms" here where Inter-Dimensional Delegates can share their intrinsic worth with each other, without losing the purity of who and what they are.  The Archetypes who administrate the absolute levels of those realms will never actually meet, except through each of YOU.  Your individual and mass consciousness is becoming a cauldron, into which is being poured all the best and most dynamic elements of Light and Dark, Form and Void, God and Goddess.

Going UP in vibration, you have access to Logic (Logos)---the Realm of Pure Idea.   Moving DOWN the scale will bring you into Realms of Pure Emotion and Passion (Pathos).  In Oneness, neither supercedes or dominates the other.  A Guardian Spirit guarantees this.  At present, your planet is moving rapidly towards what is called "The Edge of Here and Now" which is neither up nor down, but a point between.  From this point, your various Delegations will have access to everything, and be limited to nothing.

From the Realm of Infinite Possibility (R.I.P.),  will come your "mountains" to visit.  They will most often be wearing modern garb, and will seem to be deeply involved in today's business.  Your challenge will be in recognizing them.  Some very dynamic individuals traverse the Portals regularly, disguised as ordinary folk, while others prefer to assume the form of inanimate objects or animals.

All your "witnesses" are watching, waiting for the time when your perceptual skills sharpen, and your awareness begins to call them forth---like genies from a bottle.  All are here to help, during this powerful time on the planet.