Excerpts:  From The Reconnections......



"Part of the mechanism that binds together the 3D world is a "blocking" from your consciousness of full representation of all you are and all you are doing. Since this is "defined territory"--there is just not room for it all here. Therefore, the Limitation Focus was created to view, in full manifestation, only those ideas which you desire to study, up close and in slow motion. It is a huge "Microscope," designed for studying and exploring all those images and themes which interest you---those "issues" you have resisted at more expanded levels of being. If you think about it--you have to be resisting these issues, in order to slow them down to a vibratory frequency where they can become solid.  

This Earthly Itinerary contains only those "assignments" which bring completion to your soul's evolution---joining with your other alternative "selves," also functioning within other simultaneous existences, and forming the huge jigsaw puzzle you are within the Multiverse.

When you are seeking to view yourself from a new perspective, a new angle, you will CALL A CIRCLE, as did the Wiccans of olde, and even as they do in this present day.  You will call to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, South, East, and West---to contain your focus (for a time) within a certain context, which is to say that you will declare a certain aspect of the One to be YOURSELF, and all other areas to be your OTHER.  Such is the nature of circle of focus that is made by those who identify themselves with Mother Terra, alone---with the moon and the tides--and will persuade you to turn their backs (for a time) on Father Sky and to the power of the sun. 

It is they who manifest the most insight, regarding the 3D Mindset.  Who limit their expanse into the heavens to fully embody the Earth and all its delights.  It is those fertile fields of containment and rich embodiment that are (now) receiving the imprints of symbolic infusion (crop circles) and who are absorbing the continuous tones of Extraterrestrial contact, singing to them for awakening and inviting rebirth for the Oneself Spirit."