Transmission Excerpt from The Reconnections.......

"The Watcher and Knower Self"


"As important as it is for each of you to fall into forgetfulness, it is equally important for you to be able to rise up again-- even as a phoenix flies from the ashes of its destruction, upwards to new life.  Though we are always here to assist you, as you do this-- you will eventually learn that not every part of you needs to go down in order for the whole of you be edified.  After all, you are a multi-faceted jewel, are you not?  Why not learn to do it all at the same time?  


At some point, you will choose to "chip off" a portion of your consciousness, and deputized it with the task of holding onto your divinity and wholeness, even as various parts of you continue to ride roller coasters of shifting mood and emotion.    We refer to this aspect as "The Knower," or the "Watcher Self."   This is the part of you that remembers, even as other parts seem to forget, and play out their Games of 3D Drama and Intrigue.


The Watcher Self is a laser-thin remembrance of cool divinity, which accompanies you upon your journey, when your heart turns to mush, or you roar and froth in animal desire.  It is a gentle passenger, who rides along on your "drives" of conquest or curiosity, and smiles with delight at the sights you behold, and the insights which they deliver.          


At any point, you can feel rage and confusion, even as a voice within you declares:  "I am watching myself go through this.  I am staying aware, even as parts of me are trying to forget."   And it will be, in that moment, as though you have become a Director in your own movie, even as you also remain in the Audience as well.  For, in all your 3D travels--the primary factor which determines where you shall go, and what you will encounter, is your sense of attachment to any one state, in preference over another.  


Your journey in physicality is ruled by your Magnificent Manifesting Mind, which exists just outside the scope of your personality and physical ego.  Your real "power" dwells, not in getting what you want, but in wanting what you get.  For, in that simple state of acceptance and allowing, there is a potential for limitless change and possibility.  But parts of you will never be able to see that, though your Watcher Self will understand, and it will hold onto these truths for you, as you continue to grow and to experience life on many playing fields."


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