Transmission Excerpt from The Reconnections.......



"Each Energy Gate opens into a CLOSET, or passageway, which connects to many realities.  You, My Dear Friends, are the BRIDGE PEOPLE.  You are closets, with two doors.  One door opens into your physical universe, and the other opens into the Multiverse.  Between them, there is a kind of "buffer zone" which modulates and integrates the energies so that they can move freely between the worlds.  You might say that this closet is HERMETICALLY SEALED..........which recalls the energy of HERMES, who is the "Messenger God," famous for His ability to move freely between Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld.  He is the patron of Alchemy, which is a key component of the process into which we initiate you at this time.

The Neo-Shaman is more than a "Gatekeeper."   He or she is actually The Gate, itself.  As was said by Jesus, one of the chief Neo-Shamans of this New Age:   "I am the Door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture."

Because the Gateway is actually a decompression chamber that exists between two different densities of existence, it is often an accumulation site for energies that represent both sides of the Veil.   The inner qualities of innocence or joy, for example, can create a strong attraction for beings from the Unseen Realms.  This is why you will often hear of faeries, elves, and leprechauns coming to play with children.  These "Little People" are naturally attracted to other "little" people!

On the other hand, the qualities of nobility, courage, and desire for adventure  (which are all spiritual in nature) are really prime motivations toward exploration for people who exist in the World of Form.   The mere possibility that he could experience the thrills of discovery that accompany a journey into the unknown sent Columbus and his crew off the "edge" of their known reality---into a whole new state of existence!