Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"An Exodus of Souls"

My Dear Friends,  

It comes now to the collective awareness that a grand Exodus of Souls has begun again--as Planet Earth moves closer to completely accessing the Fourth Dimensional Corridor. Your "Labor Pains" are coming more quickly now!  We speak now in terms of your "collective" aspect, as opposed to the individual soul experience.  We realize that many individuals are moving in and out of 4D all the time now.  But collectively (in your consensus reality), this process is still considered quite a mystery. 

When we speak to you in this way, we will be referring to the appearance of how things are--in a general sense--rather than the complete reality of how things are, in a Multiversal sense.  In the latter format, everything is always here.  Nothing goes away.  But universally, people and things will remain, and some will appear to leave.  Individual Life Journeys are all about perception, do you see?   

When Jesus said to his disciples:  "Lo, I am with you always," it did not negate the fact that his physical body departed, in a moment of time, and went elsewhere--supposedly to be with his Father.  Now you see him, now you don't.  That's the way the 3D Game works.  In our transmission entitled "Beyond Human Boundaries," we shared in detail what happens when a person enters into that state called "death."  If you have not reviewed this transmission, it is advised that you do so before continuing with this one. 


Many there are who are grieving at this time, being quickened to new awareness and compassion through the physical loss (death) of a Star Child son or daughter.  It is a sad thing, if a person has truly bonded and identified with the human journey. It is a resonance that is shared with the rest of creation, when each of you wrapped yourselves in a Veil of Forgetfulness and turned your back on the rest of who you are, so that you could explore the specifics of life in one physical universe. In a sense, to be born here is to die to all other realities in which you could also exist. 

Another such realization is stimulated, albeit more slowly, when an older person moves through that Energetic Gateway called "Alzheimer's Syndrome" ---which is another form of slow departure from the Earth Plane.  This, too, is causing considerable pain at this time. Certain situations elicit feelings.  Feelings stimulate new perceptions which, in turn, tend to inspire new actions.  It is a chain of occurrences, linked together in the mind and heart of the Oneself.  And all are synchronized so that you can complete the assignments and contracts you came to fulfill.  In a real sense, what happens to one person is also happening to all other persons.  It is the Way of Oneness.   

And last, but certainly not least, we now include those who, by Grand Design, pass from the physical plane through catastrophic illness, act of nature, or acts of war.  They have a special place in our hearts, as we have clearly stated, in our transmissions on "Terrorism," and also "Open-Heart Mergery."     

As we bring these ideas forward, allow us to clearly state that some individuals come onto the planet with the expressed purpose of dying or being seriously infirmed, in some overt or tragic way.  It is an end which they comprehend, at some level of awareness, right from the beginning of life. They may not know all the details, but within such a life, there will be a clear expectation that some sort of calamity is their destined path.  Because of this, they will operate differently through all their days leading up to that event or process. 

Myanmar Province, Burma.  43,000+ Dead and Counting.

We speak often of those who live upon a "transformational track."  In the language of Symbolism, death is synonymous with transformation.  Therefore, the experience of death....from the perception of one who "dies," will be instantaneous change.  In most cases, it will seem as though he has awakened from a dream. 

Imagine, if you will, a painting in which the elements of "figure and ground" suddenly switch places.  It will seem as if you stepped right through a mirror, into another world.  The "furniture" of that world would be similar, but the whole thrust and purpose of existence will seem to have shifted.  So it is in the lives of those who "pass over."  The release of a physical body, in a specific universe, is a gift that is given to the rest of YOURSELF that still exists there.  You are not gone, really.  You have simply taken another seat at the banquet table.  Or, you have gone to the kitchen to help prepare and serve the food.   


In many life contexts, the experience of death comes suddenly, and shockwaves are felt throughout the circle of influence that is represented there.  A departure can be like a stone, dropped into a still pool, spreading ripples of emotion in many directions at once.  Each body that falls is a Multi-Dimensional Experience.  A witness to that event will approach the situation in his own distinctive and personal way.  For some, a fallen body will be like a piece of meat--something that needs to be embalmed, dressed, buried, and laid to rest.  To others, it will be all that is left of some beloved symbol of life, love, and warm connections of the heart.  And to others, it will become a promise that some dread shadow self has been brought to light, and some game piece has chosen to leave the game, never to return.

Many (if not all) of the Star Kids and Star Elders who appear to leave the 3D Plane in some untimely fashion, are re-positioning themselves for involvement in the Game at some other level.  After all, the changes that Earth is going through is the "Event of the Century!"  Who would want to miss what is going on here, even if they had to drop their bodies to do stay aboard. 

We have often spoken about certain individuals, called "Neo-Shamans," who will serve as mid-wives and obstetricians for awakening humanity. The same is true for those who move to the other side of the Veil.  Their words, counsel, and mellow tones of acceptance have power to lubricate and nurture the process of your awakening in ways that 3D human intervention never could.

As is true in the case of human birth, a firm smack on the bottom assures that a newborn soul will sound off, take a deep breath, and move forward towards the agenda he came to fulfill.  For some of you, the sudden departure of your beloved child or parent will become that smack--bringing on your first breaths of new life. As you cry out in pain, spirit essence and transforming energy fills your body and your soul.  What seemed closed down, a moment ago, will open wide.  It may not seem so at first.  But never mind, your shifts in perspective will come in due season. Grieving is often a precursor to believing. We must allow each energy to run its course.

May 12, 2008.  Sichuan Province, China.  23,000+ dead and counting.

As you grieve, the departed ones take their positions next to you.  They will often become guides, even as you become shadow reflections for them.  Sometimes they simply watch, and intuit the energy as it unfolds.  Parts of their essence graduate to other realities--being fulfilled of whatever specific agendas they had with you.  But the aspects that meant the most may linger--copying and pasting their images into your life process in whatever ways will be mutually beneficial to both sides of the equation.  To you, they are as memories--phantoms of what once was.  To them, you are like finely carved stone figurines.  Such is the divergence of energy movement between the dimensions. 

Being "observed" by Spirit is not the same as being watched by another human. There is no sense of separation illusion to muck up the perceptions. Therefore, there would be no need for you to feel embarrassed or afraid.   Those who have departed can only "see" you to the extent they are willing to "be" you.  It is a completely different experience, a tonal blending that happens every day on many levels.   

If the person had no real "problem" with you in 3D life, he or she will surround, penetrate, and merge with your essence.  But if he still takes issue with what you stand for, or choose--he may need time to move into an acceptance with what is.  And if he takes issue, he may also take TISSUE--by incarnating within a scene to participate in what is going on there.  Many Masters there are who do this, if only for the amusement of remembering the flesh, and using that remembrance to kindle the fires of compassion for the difficulty of the human condition.  If you pay attention to your feelings, you may be able to catch one of them doing it.  And when you do, simply nod and smile.  It is the new way of things. 


Not all deaths are physical, though they are quite final.  Some individuals will die and be reborn at many levels in a single incarnation.  So be it.  Those who tend to do so will clearly experience definitive transitions from "death" into "new life." Their bodies will remain, but the experience of those bodies will be vastly changed.  Upon completion of the transformational process, they will look back and wonder how they could have even lived as they remembered living, in that "other life."  

For those who are destined to physically cross over--there are certain preparations that are often made, even subconsciously, that can be tracked and noticed if you know what to look for.  We do not alert you to these things in order to encourage anyone to abort the transition. Nor do we encourage anyone to relinquish his life. This is a personal matter, which much be decided upon deep inside the soul. We are simply offer them as a reflection--a symbol of YOUR OWN impending transitions.  Where one of us goes, all will go.  We are all holographic beings.

There are many among you who position yourselves to assist others as they move towards death.  You do it gently, and with compassion, skill, and patience.  And yet, some of you lack full awareness of the whole of what is going on. You refer to yourselves as "Good Samaritans."  It is illusion.  Ask not for whom the bell tolls.  It tolls for thee!!  

The best possible Oneness Resonance for intensive depression, illness, or anxiety in ANY one person is for all surrounding individuals to search inside themselves for denied emotions related to those what is troubling the one that is before them. 

Maybe this person is simply playing your scapegoat, after all....wearing for you what you don't have the courage to fully express or consider.    

Students and Community Grieve Following Virginia Tech Massacre

In this way, elements of denial and dissociation are removed from the every part of the scene---being replaced by caring connection, full awareness, and the support of Oneness Resonance.  It is in just this type of environment where physical deaths are replaced by living transitions. It can be an "at-one-ment" for all people involved.  In some cases, it might FEEL like a death, too, for everyone!  Be prepared, be aware.  Such workings are a formula for miracles.  And miracles belong to everyone.   

Those who tend to go running from the room, when dark shadows are spoken, must eventually discover that they are running from themselves.  In a sense, you are all born dying.  Birth is a beginning, death is a simply bookmark, a punctuation mark that highlights a particular theme or issue.  All of life's stories go on and on, in every way imaginable.  Nothing happens during a play that wasn't clearly planned before the curtain rose.  No one dies one minute sooner or later than was carefully planned, ahead of time. The ego is the last one to know, because that aspect is part of the audience.  The Oneself uses that viewpoint to experience the situation firsthand. 

One of the photographs of Seung-Hui Cho sent to NBC News on the day of the Virginia Tech Massacre

In this sense, all death could be seen as suicide.  It just manifests itself in many forms and formats.  You are all starring in each and every one of those living dramas--as well as directing, filming, and producing as well!   We don't say these things to shock you.  But we do want to give you some perspective.  It always seems to go harder if we feel that our loved one has chosen to leave.  And that is what adds to the intensity of the process.  

Here is a rudimentary list for you.  These could be viewed as outward signs of an inward intent to leave:

These are just a few of the characteristics and traits of someone contemplating or actually beginning to go beyond human boundaries.  More resources are available for those who are destined to intervene or give support during the preparatory stages.  As we said earlier, not all intentions for transformation need to end in physical demise.  In some cases, they can become a turning point---not only for the troubled person, but also for everyone who surrounds him.  


Treat all statements, clues, and symptoms seriously and with compassion.  Discern, from your heart, why you have been given the insight into this person that you have.  You will soon realize that a clear intention to cross over will involve a mixing and mingling of every aspect of that personality--including the conscious and subconscious mind.  In many cases, people who are invoking physical death (by invoking disease, accidental injury, drug overdose, or suicide) may not fully realize what they are doing.  In such cases, it may be a loved one, an insightful friend, or wise acquaintance who will first discern the energy.  And if you do, walk softly, for you are treading on holy ground!  

Never moralize or condemn.  Those who do this are always dealing primarily with themselves.  Listen, and go inward, so you can properly discern what part of you corresponds to the one who is before you.  Realize that some people regularly play the TRICKSTER in this regard---putting on shadows and going into dark spaces so that others will follow them, and be healed.  There is such an emphasis on the positive in your current society that negativity sometimes has to sneak up on you to get your attention.  We have repeatedly said, in days past, that the only healing that is ever required is the FULL AWARENESS of what is going on, at the heart of any situation.  In your life, the heart of the situation will always center itself in you. 

As you interact with this transformative energy, realize that you may be dealing with an Open Portal into the Multiverse.  The radiance that comes through this Gate has probably begun to disintegrate the human personality, so that transport to another dimension can take place.  If you feel jeopardized by this transformational energy, take whatever steps that are required to regain your personal sense of balance, so you can be of maximal assistance.

Your human society has laws regarding these issues, and your own innate wisdom has its own set of personal standards as well.  Be guided by your intuition, regarding how far you need to go to protect your own grounding--while showing as much compassion as you can to this one you love.  At some point, you may be given guidance to physically intervene.  You may decide to contact medical personnel or police to guarantee the person's safety--so that what seems to want to happen cannot take place.  In this way, you are raising the bar--forcing him or her to take additional time to examine the decision being made.  In such cases, it is not a betrayal--even though you may be accused of that, by this one who trusted you.  Many things change in the light of day, and in the hindsight of fresh perspective.  The one who curses you today, may bless you tomorrow.  And then again, he may not.  At this point, your relationship and involvement with the situation may be terminated. So be it.    


When and if a person follows through with the desire to "leave," there may be feelings of regret or shame, in those who are left behind.  They may wonder why they did not, could not, or would not do more to save him.  There will be a period of mourning, which is very natural.  The mixture of feelings may ferment for a time, giving additional power and intensity to the transformative process that has just occurred.  Although full release of grief is advised in Traditional Medicine, such may not be the case in regards to these transits of which we speak. This is not a "normal" process, even for something as abnormal as suicide or cancer.       

In a sense, this microcosm of change is one tiny fragment of a process that is now occurring throughout the whole Earth.  Your entire planet has, in a sense, made a decision to shed its cocoon, and become the butterfly once again.  Pure Kundalini Fire is moving up the spines of many who dwell upon Earth's surface at this time. Veils of Forgetfulness are being penetrated deeply, and all manner of powers and remembrance are blossoming forth!  Your entire planet sometimes feels as though it has a gun to its head.  Which will it choose?  To be or not to be?

The universe in which you encounter this message has already decided to make its leap into 4D and Beyond.  Where will you be when this happens?  Will you be deep in the process, laboring to bring forth the rest of who you are?  Or will you be running in fear, praying for a mountain to come and fall on you, so you can escape the calamity that inevitably follows such an expanded notion?

There are those among you who are visualizing dramatic things for this upcoming year.  Some are sensing the arrival of intense political upheaval, some are forecasting plagues and rampant disease--while still others are contemplating a war that takes place in the sky, between Earth and those whose origins are elsewhere.  However you see it, realize that these scenarios are simply a full-scale representation of what we have just described in a single life. They are all TRUE, though they may not physically manifest in your general vicinity.  In fact, they have less of a chance of doing so if you are able to fully accept that there is an entire Multiverse in which these realities can be stored and explored. That will go a long way in keeping you on the fast track home. 

People are going to be leaving.  Many young ones are leaving now, which strikes at the heart of all people.  With leaving, comes grieving. It is the way of things. You, who read these messages and consider what we say, are BRIDGE PEOPLE--standing on the outskirts of several possible/probable outcomes. Your reasonable investment in each reality base is of tantamount importance. You cannot connect to alternative realities if you don't legitimately exist in one.  There is no way to ascend from somewhere, if you never arrived there in the first place.  Therefore, step up to the it were.....come on in, and make your presence known! 

Once the transformative fire has touched your soul, you are never the same again.  To coin an old familiar phrase:  You can run, but you can't hide.  Nor would you wish to!  The path of new life which forms itself within you will be tailor made.  It is the fulfillment of desires that have culminated in you since the dawn of time. The wake-up call is now upon you. Many test pilots have gone before, and many more will follow.  Suspend judgment, and drop firmly into your Now Moment Consciousness to receive guidance for where to go next. 

Things are not always what they seem.  They are at least that, but frequently they are so much more!  Do not be fooled by appearances only.  One of the reasons we strongly urge you to RECONNECT is:  Your *feeling self* plays a huge role in helping you discern which realities you are ready to access, and which ones you will allow to pass on by. It's a balancing act, and you are a Juggler For All Eternity! 

We are always here.  Ask for our assistance and we will come.  These are tremulous times, but they are also open windows into unlimited possibility.  Are you ready to make your leap?  Do you believe you can fly?   If not, be patient.  You will soon meet those who have far less hesitancy.  Just open a window and out they go. Those who leap will be held aloft by their "happy thought."  What will yours be?  See it, say it, believe it, and.........when you are ready........take to the skies.

<end transmission>     

Grieving for Those Who Have Departed

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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"Mothers Who Cry in The Night" is a heartwarming story of a mother who has learned to celebrate her child, even after his untimely death... to keep learning day after day from his wisdom. In her investigation of who he was to others during his short life, she discovers a master teacher. In this discovery, his real purpose is revealed, and a mother's grief is turned to understanding and gratitude.
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