Another Transmission from The Reconnections


"Breathing in and out, you move through your day in a state we call "FLOW."  You make sure that very little in your life becomes "forced."  You are neither pushed nor pulled, on the inside or in your outer world.  You treat the rest of your Oneself Reality with the same kind of respect.  They are your mirror, your monitors of progress. To make changes in the mirror, one must experience a profound change of perspective!. Mere outward conformity produces inward deformity!  More and more, allow your personal authenticity to shine forth.    

Instead of pushing toward some "goal," practice feeling your way into the "flow."  Enlightenment is not a static condition.  It is a self-perpetuating hunger for more and more experience of the Reconnected Self. Once it has truly begun, it can be retarded, but it can never be stopped.  Wait, therefore, and all things will be accomplished. 

When confronted, stare as much as you can into the face of your "enemy."  Study the lines, then read between them to see what the real issues are that separate you.  Your nervous system has been educated to pull your hand away from the heat of the flame.  Do what you must!  But as you do, you can still pay attention to what's feeding that fire--both inside yourself and out.

Your emotional body is now beginning to realize that all things are moved, either by desire or by fear.  You want things, so you work, negotiate or fight.  You despise things, so you avoid them, resist them, or flee.  It is yourself that you are resisting, and every day you live in this new vibration this fact will become more and more clear. That is the very heart of enlightenment.      

Do what is before you--no more, no less.  Forget about continuity and agenda.  It has no meaning for you at this rate of vibration.  All things are completed in the Multiverse, all statements are completed, in every way they need to be.    

Negativity is.  You cannot change that.  You would not want to, even if you could.  Your momentum as a species depends upon your willingness to honor both the positive and negative forces that have guided and sustained you throughout your earthly journey.  It is the Principle of Attraction and Repulsion.  Desire and Fear.  

The same flame that warms your body may someday consume your flesh.  There is no separation, except what your soul contract will tell you.  Believe what you are told--what resonates deep within you.  Question what doesn't seem to match, but not with malice.  Do it with gentleness and profound interest. If in doubt, leave it out. Realize that your lack of harmony with some idea may, indeed, be due to some blockage in you, rather than some evil being inflicted by your fellow human.  There is really no such thing as malevolence.  There are only varying degrees of unconsciousness.

We are your midwives, even as you shall also be midwives for generations yet to come!  The passing of history now grows very thin.  That which once took years will often be completed in days or weeks.  Breathe, open, and soon your time of travail will be over.  And then comes the morning.  Then comes the dawn."