Holidays are times of the year when those who love FAMILY feel most fulfilled.  It’s also a time when those who hate family, or who have no family left……try desperately to escape the magnetic pull of mass consciousness towards remembrance of childhood, and comparison of our lives today with what we had or did in yesteryear.  It’s a time of honoring (or resisting) tradition, of giving and receiving---of eating, drinking, and partying down!  In short, Christmas is whatever we choose to make it.  I’m also including Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanza, and many other events that are also celebrated during the months of November and December. 

“Out with the Old, in with the New!”  But hey!  Not so fast!  Some of us oldsters aren’t quite ready to go yet! 

Truthfully, the saying “out with the old…….”  is simply the flip side of another well-known saying, which goes like this:  “What do YOU know?  You’re just a KID!”  After 18-21 years of hearing that, a young person’s subconscious mind begins to rumble.  Especially the minds and hearts of these Children of the New Earth that are coming in now!  And with that rumbling, a young person’s heart begins to whisper a silent vow:  “I’ll get you for this, old man.  Just you wait and see!” 


And that’s a helluva story, isn’t it?  “He growed up just like me.”  And why did he do that?  Because he IS you, Daddy-o!  He is you, and you are He.  For years, I took this as song as a clear indictment of the Dad.  He was too busy to spend time with his kid, so he had to pay for it later.  In Oneness, though, there are no indictments---only reflections.  You see, it’s a two-way contract---being the parent and being the child.  Both sides of the transaction know, in advance, how things will turn out.  There are no victims, and no perpetrators.  There are only picture lessons of human dynamics, made manifest in human flesh.  As far as human drama goes…..holidays seem to be the most popular “production times” of any season of the year.  It’s a Cavalcade of Viewpoints.  

Even though human logic decrees that your grand parents came first, then your parents, then the grand kids, then the great grand kids…Universal Oneness reveals that, in each person’s perceived universe---it is HE or SHE that came first.  There is no past, there is no future. There is only Multiversal NOW.  Any sense of “linear continuity” is illusion---a magician’s trick---YOUR trick (on yourself and the world which surrounds you). 

The Guides have the following to say about those faces around your dinner table:

"Your race has developed tools, such as Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology, to assist you in understanding and identifying all of the relationship dynamics that have occurred in this fragmentation process---originating from a single icon at the top of your Windows Explorer.  As you know, we love to use computer analogies to illustrate the dynamics of human consciousness.

The question to be answered is:  which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Or more to the point:  Are you the product of your parents, or are they actually fragments that sprang from YOUR tree? When all the "defragging" is done, who will be the one icon at the top of your "See" Drive?  

On the surface, this may seem like an insane distinction.  And those who have not been exposed to "Multiverse 101," may be somewhat indignant about even entertaining this question.  After all, weren't your parents here *first,* before you were even born?  No, not exactly.   All occurrences in time and space are simultaneous.  All lifetimes are happening concurrent to each other, every context playing itself out within its own frequency of vibration.  Whereas a physical universe appears to be laid out within a linear sequence---past, present, and future---that is basically illusion.  Likewise, the relationships of all the players to each other are assigned IN THE MOMENT, and can be changed by a mere flick of the creator's pen.    

With all of this in mind, how shall you interpret and understand your own family tree?   To begin, you must realize that your parents embodied the masculine and feminine characteristics and tendencies that you brought in with you when you decided to become physical.  If the construct of your family was compared to a math problem, your parents were the "givens" for an equation in which YOU are the ultimate answer.  As you see and interact with them (and they with you), the entire equation changes.  When change occurs, it happens to the entire FAMILY UNIT, all of which are a mirror of YOU.    

The original icon in a programming tree is actually the *only icon* that was ever there.  All fragmentations that grow from it are branches of the same ONE TREE which is now, always was, and forever shall be.  All appearances of separation and division are mental perceptions that have been added for the purposes of learning and/or personal amusement.  Therefore, in your universe, your parents were "born" exactly at the same time you were.  You came in at age "0" and they came in at (for example) ages 28 and 33.  In fact, the *entire universe* came into being when you did.  And when your eyes close for the last time, all of them transition as well.  This is an age-old Kabbalistic truth, and if you haven't yet encountered it, you'd best deal with it now.  

In your parents' universes, each of them is the prime factor for their equations.  As you may know---a "prime factor," in mathematics, is a number that can only be divided by itself and "1."  Thus, the Multiverse contains a limitless storehouse of individuated universes---each of them honoring and embodying the personal history and expansion of ONE single icon."  

A child can say:  "My parents hurt me........."  And that may be true.  But *who* is ultimately the artist who was wielding the hammer and chisel that struck those blows and who carved his image in the stone?  Who was the WORD in your universe?  You can give away that power if you want to.  In Reconnections jargon, we call that "throwing your voice."  So a young adult grows up, resentful, believing that his parents really "screwed him up."  This makes a fun limitation spiral, so long as he can continue to sidestep the innate knowledge that ALL SEPARATION is illusion.  And then he gets old and looks in the mirror one day and notices that he has become the spitting image of his father or mother.  He says:  "Yipes!  I have been possessed!"  But really, he has simply DEFRAGGED those parts of his computer tree back into their designated source.  

Do you want to keep on fighting this?  Is there more you want to get from your Game of denial and separation?  Be our guest.  There's always time for more research.  Your father beat you up when you were 10.  Your mother manipulated you all through your teens.  Do you have a case against them?  Maybe.  But sooner or later, the child must realize that it is HE who carried within him the violence and abusiveness, and it is HE who tends to manipulate to get what he wants.  Your parents were just the tip of your iceberg---but it was YOU they revealed, even though you have managed to turn away from that knowledge for much of your life.  And you, within *their* individual universes are but a mirror of them---each person lending his image to the other for purposes of learning and growth in the Oneself.   

As the various branches of your family tree are broken off or defragged, the remnants have nowhere to go but to return to the prime factor from which they came.  In each perceptual universe, that source is YOU, manifesting yourself in all the ways you need to.  In more expanded levels of Being, there are Gods and Archetypes who will temporarily hold onto this realization for you.  But in the end, each fragment of the Greater Whole must admit----and must come to grips with----the knowledge that every Family Tree is really a Family ME.  And with that realization, comes the strength to let go of your excuses, finish your personal "saga," and forever dismiss your case against the powers that be."

(End Transmission)

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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