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"Feeling Good"

"Everyone in your society is focused upon the business of feeling good.   There are medications, meditations, workout protocols, and clubs.  There are books, seminars, tapes, religions, classes, and all manner of other tools to assist in achieving this one critical task.  You all want to feel "good."  But what does "good" feel like?  What are its inherent qualities?  

Although there may be variable answers to this question, depending upon who is being asked, it is fairly certain that included at the top of the list of its attributes is the requirement that "it doesn't hurt."    Yes, that is very important to you, indeed!  You do not wish to hurt!   

The root of pain, in all its forms, is RESISTANCE.  A woman is in labor, about to give birth.  As the baby pushes to get out, her womb contracts.  Push/pull, pull/push.  Her mind wants to hold that baby in her arms, but her body doesn't want to lose a part of itself into the world.  In later years, the mother will cry out in pain again---as her "baby" leaves home to become an adult. 

Resistance.  Pain.  It is a primal force that never seems to go away.    We are here to assist you in this quest for inner serenity and meaning in your life.  We want to help you feel better!  However, before that can be fully achieved, you must understand a foundational principle of emotional health:  LEARNING TO FEEL BETTER REQUIRES THAT YOU BECOME BETTER AT FEELING.    

In order to properly relate to the various "energies in motion" that are occurring in and around your physical body, you must be able to notice each of them and to distinguish them upon the palette of your senses.  The average soul is very dull in this regard.  In fact, having spent little or no time reflecting upon the matter, a "normal" person might move right past any other attributes for "feeling good," to focus simply upon remaining pain free.   

A masculine-dominant consciousness (one that majors in action and logic) does not want to be distracted by emotion---unless the emotions increase confidence, persistence, strength, or endurance.  The non-integrated inner "male" is a hunter and a protector.  He is all about achievement and action.  The last thing he wishes to do is bog himself down with what seems like the "heavy burden" of feelings and emotion. Therefore, his ideal e-motional body state could probably be best described by one short word:  NUMB.    

Your living thoughts and e-motions are entities unto themselves.  Mostly, they are transient in nature.  They move through you, arriving from or going to other destinations.  They are as children at play.  They have no consuming interest in you.  In fact, they are nearly oblivious to the fact that you (as a separate entity) exist.  That's what makes them so dear.  They have their obvious agendas, and they are assuming responsibility for realizing those goals.  It is you who must become interested in them.  They are your teachers, your guides.    

Walk alongside them and ask them questions.  If you find yourself getting bogged down with any one of them, quickly move on.  Dealing with an e-motion is like playing catch with a hot potato.  You keep the thing in the air and you don't get burned. 

Whatever "understanding" you may require, concerning a genuine e-motion, will be given to you as you move along with it.  It is as though you are a swimmer, hanging onto the fin of a dolphin, being pulled along in its wake.  You feel what it feels, even as its thoughts become your thoughts.  The ride is over when you begin trying to control this creature---or, when the dolphin's agenda goes too far afield from your own core vibration."    MORE 

"The best thing for being sad........." replied Merlyn........."is to learn something.   That is the only thing that never fails.  You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your may see the world  around you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honor trampled in the sewer of baser minds.  There is only one thing for it then--to learn!  Learn why the world wags and what wags it.  That is the only thing the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and dream of regretting.  Learning is the thing for you..........

                                           ~T.H. White:  "The Once and Future King"

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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