Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Financial Indebtedness"

My Dear Friends,

Now is a time of rearrangement, in many areas of your lives.....not the least of which is the area dealing with finances and stewardship of natural resource. The whole of your economic landscape is in disarray at this time.  The "haves" are scrambling to keep what they have (and to get more), while the "have nots" are scrambling just to stay in the Game!  Ha!!!  This is a natural by-product of random infusions of Chaos Energy on a gradually increasing scale.  You are UNRAVELING dear friends..... and this is ALL  part of the plan! sometimes feels quite unpleasant, does it not? 

Many who slip into "financial bondage," during these times of high transition, do so in order to attain a particular viewpoint.  What is it like to be a free man, living in a prison cell?  In a sense, you are JOURNALISTS for All That Is........working on "location," so to speak. You are sentient beings, living in close quarters with those whose sensibilities have all but gone.

"What am I doing here?" your soul cries out! 

And if it does, then realize that providence (and your own choices) have bid you to enter a "no-fly zone," having your wings still intact. 

Any awareness that cries out "I do not deserve to be here" is a gift to be carried.....if need be........right to the Devil's Doorstep.  For those words are Christ's Words, are they not? 

"Father.....Father........why hast thou forsaken me?"   Can you feel it?  In that moment, a work of atonement (at-one-ment) is completed.  For you have mixed and mingled the experience of "Sacred Sonship" and an experience of being "forsaken"..........and you have stirred them together within the same vessel.  They are no longer separated.  And you are no longer alone.  Shame has been turned to SAME.  THIS is the larger purpose for pain and suffering in your world at this time.    MORE        

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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