B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


Each time something happens, is the first time that it happens

The people that are seen there, we will never see again

Every blessed moment, is a monumental moment.

It happens in a place called NOW,

there is no place called THEN.


Every single action, drops a stone into the water.

It makes a single ripple that will last beyond all time.

Every loving gesture, brings warmth that lasts forever.

It wraps around a hungry heart,

and never has to end.


Every roar of laughter, is the height of my amusement.

It sits upon a mountaintop, and never does look down.

And every tear I shed this night, releases me completely.

There's nothing to compare them to,

these treasures that I've found.


But living in illusion, can stop appreciation.

It steals our comprehension of the wonder all around.

We have no time for THIS ONE, we're looking for the NEXT ONE

All nectar of fulfillment,spills wasted on the ground.


And every path to heaven, is the ONLY PATH to heaven. 

It's just a single step away, begin it and you're there.

It goes in all directions.  The only Resurrection,

is knowing that you've NEVER DIED,

and laying down your cares.


And each word that is spoken, means the silence has been broken. 

It brings a spark of wisdom, that will echo everywhere

And, if I dare to STAY HERE, and listen to the miracle,

I'll never feel alone again,

I'll never know despair.




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