Thoth, through Tricia Nobbs


Know that I am One with you in this essence of Love Light and Peace. 

I Am Thoth of the Inner and Outer realms of your Reality. 

I will begin with this: There are  7-5-12 clans on Earth because this allows for the interpretation of the All That Is...

As I refer to this in the Tablets---Man must adhere to the fact of Oneness, to realize the myth of separation and the legality of that which is in truth.   Be aware that this knowledge could cause some controversy, but in your world this can lead to great lessons being learned.

The first Clan to come to Earth was a class of Explorers and they came to seek wealth and to plunder that which was to seek on this new planet......Warriors.
They then brought the Workers, who came to do the bidding of the Warriors.  As the Warriors became impatient of the continual herding and managing of the Workers, they would train certain beings to be more superior than the rest.  This became a clan of Supervisors that carried out orders from their Superiors, the Warriors...
The next to form were the Caretakers and the Healers---brought in to care for the Workers......Also there
were Providers that allowed comforts for the physical Human to dwell in some comfort ( Food etc)....
Next the Protectors allowed some protection for the weaker ones whom needed some assistance in some manner from the Warriors.
The next was the Mother figure to console, to affirm Love to All , even in chaos.
The next were the Children, the innocence......... the trusting and benevolent to hold some manner of Hope in Longevity.
Know that this is one aspect of the configuration of the Evolution of Man.  There are many beliefs and directions you may wander into. But Beloved Ones........know that it is your personal journey, so allow your Soul to speak LOUDER and stand Taller when you seek to know All that YOU ARE....

I  AM  THOTH.     

DJ:  This channeling gave our Research Team the key to the Five Bridge Tones. 

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Channeled by Tricia Nobbs.

Copyright, 2005, by Tricia Nobbs.  All Rights Reserved.