B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


"All around you, in every place, there exist Energy Gates---portals in time and space---through which a person can pass to new life and experiences.  Some are visible, and some are of the mind and heart.  All of them are real.   Some portals exist as specific places.  Simply to visit these locations is to be transformed.  Other portals require energetic "passwords" or "vibratory signatures" to activate them.  Still others---those connected to the highest levels of transformation ---require passwords, along with "sponsorship" by an Etheric Guide, so that the unconscious or unprepared can not enter them unaware."

With the sharing of these above concepts, The Reconnections began our re-initiation back into the thrill of Multiversal Awareness and Multi-Linear Travel

With every breath we take, every blink of our eyes....with every beat of our hearts....there are aspects of us (pilot selves) who "go out" into the Multiverse---building bridges, forming alliances, exploring alternative realities.  They come, they go....leaving a "ground crew" back in 3D, attending to the body's needs, as it becomes a "base" for the entire operation. 

If a person is visually quick enough to perceive these "comings and goings".....it will appear that his vision is "flickering," like those newsreels of old, made popular during the silent era of film.  With one "flick," an aspect of self shows up HERE, and with another "flick," an aspect shows up THERE.  Is it any wonder that folks complain of feeling dizzy and disoriented?  If your Kundalini Fire is high, the STROBE EFFECT of these perceptions can become exceedingly intense.  In many lives, they happen so quickly that the Form Ego may not even know anything is happening. 

The goal here, with these "micro-journeys," is to determine exactly how much MULTIVERSE can be infused into a human personality before a person begins to lose individuality, and remembrance of Separated Self.  Energetic Measurements must be concise, and testing must be rigorous, if humanity (as a whole) is to attain the required focus to pass through the "Eye of the Needle"........ through the 4D Corridor and beyond. 

Participation in these tests is entirely voluntary.  Your Soul Self knows what you can handle!  Not all our journeys will be remembered as "newsreels."  Some are stories merely as TONES, available for conceptual download at a later date.  More will be said about this in later articles.  It's powerful and awe-inspiring to realize how truly BUSY we all are at this time.  




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