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"Form Egos and Entities"


My Dear Friends:

Understanding the process of fragmenting from an Expanded Self is crucial if you are to gain a workable perspective about yourself.  This includes a comparison of what it feels like to live and function "inside the fragment" and what it feels to view yourself from without. 
To say that this fragment of Self, projected onto the Earth Plane, is NOT REAL would be a gross misunderstanding of the process. EVERYTHING IS REAL---everywhere it appears.  This is because reality congeals into noticeable patterns at whatever level it is observed. 
Just as a cup of water from the ocean contains all the essences of the ocean but is not the entirety of the ocean---so a fragment of a Whole, made in the image of a God, contains all the basic attributes of that God--even though it is not the totality of Him.  This is especially true, because the entirety of God keeps expanding!  Therefore, any "limited expression" of God could not, by definition, be representative of that Whole.  What, then, is the purpose of this process called "fragmentation?"


Basically, the All That Is----for purposes of expansion, amusement and self-exploration----uses this process of physicality to focus upon various Aspects of Being that are contained within Us.  Like a shopper strolling through a huge department store, God "stops" at the various counters and examines the merchandise. 
Just as with your own experience at Macy's or Bloomingdale's is fascinating and extremely enjoyable for you, when you visit New York---so an Expanded Self "drops by" specific areas of 16th Century England (for example), enjoying what is there.  And, we might add, the consciousness of an Expanded Self achieves this just as easily as you might walk from counter to counter in those stores.  In the Multiverse, a person can find 16th Century England HERE----25th Century America THERE---just a few "steps" from each other. 
Now, My Dear Ones, in order for the store to actually be there when the Expanded Self "arrives,"  the Oneself must project a portion of Us (like an army might dispatch a "scout") in order to organize, assemble, and maintain the store before we focus there.  Now, understand, this whole process is actually SIMULTANEOUS within the Multiverse:  the store, the organization, the projection, AND the visit from the Expanded Self.  But, for purposes of linear explanation, we are portraying it thus so that readers still contained in Limitation Focus can interpret the concepts. 
So, if there are "projected portions" of God who are assigned the task of caring for and maintaining each individual OBJECT OF FOCUS within the Multiverse (like gardeners, if you will), they are as "cups of water" compared to the entirety of the ocean. 
Each cup contains water that is every bit as wet as any other water but limited in its essence to a particular expression of water which some Aspect of the Oneself wishes to study.  Some are fresh water, for example, and some are salt water.  So it is with individual Gods in Limitation.
For purposes of instruction, we shall label a single "fragment" present in physicality a FORM ENTITY, the complete expression of an idea conceived in the mind of an Expanded Self and projected or "broadcast" (like a TV program) into a certain vibratory frequency of existence. 
Each Multiversal "Program" has it's own writing staff, director, cameraman, actors, and production crew---a collaborative effort from beginning to end.  Just as the human body is not one cell, but many cells, working in concert to achieve an overall purpose, so a Form Entity is a unified body of "workers," brought together to portray a common expression. 
To better understand how a thought becomes solid, it may be of assistance to imagine the transformation that takes place when vapor becomes water and water becomes ice.  All three substances are essentially the same expression---but, as their vibratory frequency or RATE OF OSCILLATION decreases (slows down), they become more and more dense.  Thus, a Multiversal thought would be as vapor (pure idea), then it would slow down to water (energy or etheric substance), then it would eventually (metaphorically) freeze to become physical.  
Whenever a group of individuals (at whatever level they exist) gather for a common purpose, there is formed from that group another individual---which is the *synergy* of all those energies.  This individual comprises the "Group Mind" for all the workers.  He/She is the Summary Consciousness that represents the Whole.  We shall refer to this Synergy as a FORM EGO.  You may find it interesting to note that, within the Superstructure of the Multiverse, what would comprise a Form Ego within one Universe could also be considered merely a worker within a larger, more expanded reality. 
Each Entity exists as a universe unto itself and also as an aspect of a Greater Whole.  Its structure is very much like a State in your United States---having its own Governor, Senate, and ruling bodies (as though it existed alone).  And yet, simultaneous with the autonomous functions occurring at that local level, there is a FEDERAL LEVEL of each entity, which unites the various states to others functioning alongside. 
In the Multiverse, this collaborative, unifying relationship exists *whether or not* the Form Entity is conscious of the Greater Whole.  Truly, as it is with the concept of Separation---the idea of "Autonomy" is merely illusion!
Therefore, as yourself a Form Ego, you may utilize this information to begin to construct an updated, Multiversal Version of your Self Image.  If your tendency is toward pride and self-centeredness---there will be much balance in the realization that, no matter how *up the ladder* you seem to exist---there is always someone above you.  If, however, your tendency is toward introversion and meekness---there will be encouragement in the knowledge that you play a major part in the formation of many frags who exist "beneath" you---many who energetically feed off of your energetic "beacon." 
So, My Dear Friends, prepare.  There is much adventure in store.  We have many journeys to share together.  Do not bother to take your cloak.  There will be plenty of provision to sustain and nurture whatever level of Self you use in your travels.  Though even the idea of "travel" is a misnomer.  In actuality, there is no place but HERE.  There is no time but NOW.  And there is no "other" person but I AM.

(End Transmission)

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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